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  1. Doge: DAeoQHL32fKjoGHJXFpigbYcGzxgK2XnqH GCN: GePumxoMwMYtN3RQ697KGWFfpeBMwsjur5
  2. NYC - RDnDp13b3haANDbMZt14pdUGsovTbCJqeb
  3. Doge DAeoQHL32fKjoGHJXFpigbYcGzxgK2XnqH https://twitter.com/cryptolotto1/status/678546561345961984
  4. https://seigneurcoin.co/register/dmza SEI: ae3cfd12cf8a228190a9d4da46b6e03e
  5. https://www.facebook.com/dmatthysen/posts/212667555972091:0 Waves: 3P33vrzzmaU96HZD4MhVXw4GtQZthXCfLgh
  6. Did anybody get BAT tokens ?
  7. BAT - 0x50d3af9d543518e36a1cf9263e8b5ad42278e9f2 ER20 - 0xfA6059924F0fE9cD926BFcdd12d3Af56C792215F
  8. Waves: 3P33vrzzmaU96HZD4MhVXw4GtQZthXCfLgh
  9. Waves: 3P33vrzzmaU96HZD4MhVXw4GtQZthXCfLgh
  10. Twiiter @dirk_matthysen TTC: TELAUjT9SnQKyT6RRjRyW5wEDVUwKpoV5e
  11. Doge: DAeoQHL32fKjoGHJXFpigbYcGzxgK2XnqH GCN: GePumxoMwMYtN3RQ697KGWFfpeBMwsjur5 Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/dmatthysen/posts/10154989333152651?pnref=story Twitter Follow & Retweet
  12. Doge: DAeoQHL32fKjoGHJXFpigbYcGzxgK2XnqH Followed & Retweeted

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