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  1. KKN AIRDROP NOW LIVE! FREE TOKENS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 20,000 PARTICIPANTS — JOIN NOW Kakushin Ecosystem is a trading platform to maintain cash flow and easy conversion of funds and currencies and help maintain a healthy rotation of KKN (Kakushin Coin) in Kakushinomy. It acts as a liquidity provider for the Ecosystem, any Inventor/Buyer/Investor (Individual or Hedge Funds) can convert their fiat cryptocurrency to KKN token for their corresponding need. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10 A MILLION TOKENS WILL BE DIVIDED TO THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF PARTICIPANTS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our Telegram Group at https://t.me/Kakushin We are thrilled to announce our KKN airdrop (free tokens) and happy to share 10,000,000 KKN tokens with our first 20,000 airdrop supporters! To participate: Sign up by filling out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVxliTSx6lmjVDslsuXgyFfJKusrZhiKuhhUF2eAvtuhHRaA/viewform Join our telegram , like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and stay connected to the end of our ICO. Only participants who have registered prior to our 1 May to 31 May Pre-ICO including people who have participated in the Kakushin Private-Sales are eligible for our airdrop of FREE tokens. Join our telegram. These 10,000,000 KKN tokens are going to be distributed as follows: The first 10,000 participants to sign up will receive 600 tokens. The remaining 10,000 participants will receive 400 tokens. Thank you for your trust and support of Kakushin Ecosystem! Telegram: https://t.me/Kakushin Website: www.kakushin.tech Airdrop Spreadsheet Here JOIN 10 MILLION TOKEN AIRDROP! 1. Do I get confirmation from my subscription? - If you successfully Joined the telegram Group and filled the form correctly, you are fine. 2. Can I participate more than 1 time? - No you can't. We will delete duplicates. 3. How many tokens will I receive? - 10 million tokens will be divided into the amount of participants equally. 4. When will the tokens be distributed? - After the ICO, 2-4 weeks. 5. What address do I need to give? - Please give an Ethereum address that you have controls of the private key. JOIN TO THE TELEGRAM CHANNEL: https://t.me/Kakushin NOTE: ANY DISCUSSION REGARDING BOUNTY AND AIRDROP IN OFFICIAL TELEGRAM CHANNEL OF KAKUSHIN IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED APPLY TO AIRDROP: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVxliTSx6lmjVDslsuXgyFfJKusrZhiKuhhUF2eAvtuhHRaA/viewform For support and inquiries related to the airdrop please write to Info@kakushin.tech
  2. KAKUSHIN Ecosystem is the key, to unlock the doors of immense opportunities and potential by creating an ecosystem necessary for seekers, researchers, innovators, developers, and inventors. KAKUSHIN Ecosystem will prove to be the perfect environment to give birth, nurture, and flourish an idea/concept into a real and viable product, to be used by consumers.
  3. In the today market, TRON creates new hype increase approx 50 percent within 24 hours whereas corresponding currency feels downfall. Any Reason?
  4. Not Really the Game is Over because It's normal fluctuation. All the crypto market fell down.
  5. Hey…Guys Now the Crypto Investments are more trending topic today. Most of the people trust the cryptocurrency investments compared to the local stock investments. Is it true? How cryptocurrency win the heart of the people?
  6. Now the Crypto feels stress in the Crypto market. So can we say the Bubble will end now?
  7. Hello...Friends.. What was the first experience when you earn profit from Bitcoin.
  8. Kakushin Private Pre sale Started From 15th March. Get Participate through Whitelist. For more Info visit http://www.kakushin.tech/
    Now the Kakushin Private Pre-sale started From 15th March. Get Participated in Whitelist.
  9. I think this is the Right Time to Buy! All the Crypto goes down at least 10-15 percent whereas Bitcoin drop down up to $8K.
  10. With a very slow start of BTC, It's Jump higher After 2 months.
  11. After Facebook and Google, Twitter also bans the Crypto Ads. Is it true?

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