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  1. Website | Medium | Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram | About: Thecoinrepublic provides you with the latest Bitcoin news, including other cryptocurrencies, and Latest Trending updates and blockchain news. Subscribe to our New Announcement channel for latest Cryptocurrency news just join here: https://t.me/thecoinrepublic
  2. Viewo (VEO) Tokens is the best option for long-term hodl. Now the Private pre-sale is going on. For more details visit: https://viewo.com/
  3. Website | Whitepaper | Medium | Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram | Bounty [glow=Teal,2,300]-:WHAT IS VIEWO:-[/glow] Viewo is a hybrid P2P video sharing network backed by over 150 influencers with millions of followers. Viewo operates on a unique blockchain-based rewards system. All participants in the Viewo network are rewarded for their actions, big or small. Rewards come in the form of VEO Tokens, a blockchain-based utility token that has value in both the Viewo network and outside the Viewo network. Unlike current video sharing websites that operate on a self-serving basis, Viewo operates on a user-based approach, rewarding each individual user for actions completed and giving incentives to both viewers and content creators. Viewo is the only incentivized video sharing network that has the support and backing of a significant number of contemporary influencers. [glow=Teal,2,300]-:WHY VIEWO:-[/glow] Viewo was born as an answer to the problems currently facing today’s video sharing industry. Whereas today’s industry ignores the needs and voices of participants, Viewo will reward every participant for actions they take, big or small. On a reward-driven platform, users will be motivated to share content, comment, and generally be more active watching content. This, in turn will increase the popularity of their rewards (VEO Tokens), which can be used to make on-site purchases. Additionally, Viewo has existing content agreements in place to use millions of the most popular videos on the Internet. [glow=Teal,2,300]-:UNIQUE VIEWO TECHNOLOGY ALREADY IN PRODUCED:-[/glow] DEMO OF ALL TECHNOLOGIES COMING SOON • Specialized GPU hosting for delay free, “buffer-less” instant video playback; including live streaming events • Ability to encode videos on the fly allowing content to play immediately after upload; no more delays like on competitor websites • AI and Machine learning algorithms for visual and audio analysis in real time • Encoding of localized ads within the video stream; even if the video is “ripped” from the site, the ads will always remain in the video • Live streaming of events with no buffering or delays • Editing software utilizing AI technology to enable content producers to improve videos • Custom off-chain micropayment technology integrated with a web wallet [glow=Teal,2,300]-:STRUCTURE:-[/glow] [glow=Teal,2,300]-:Token Distribution:-[/glow] [glow=Teal,2,300]-:TECHNOLOGY & PARTNERS:-[/glow] [glow=Teal,2,300]-:Roadmap:-[/glow] [glow=Teal,2,300]-:Cap & Proceed Utilization:-[/glow] [glow=Teal,2,300]-:Token Details:-[/glow] [glow=Teal,2,300]-:Token Price Model:-[/glow] [glow=Teal,2,300]-:Team:-[/glow]
  4. Website · WP · Telegram · Medium · Twitter · Facebook AirgeadCoin.io Announcement Thread Tokens will be distributed within 4 weeks after the end of the ICO. Tasks Set your Social Media privacy settings to Public, so that we can check your posts! 1.Post Proof of Authentication in this Thread: #Proof of authentication BitcoinTalk Username: Telegram Username: 2. Join our Telegram Group - AirgeadCoin Telegram Group Introduce Yourself on Telegram(Optional) 3. Share our Airdrop on Social Media 4. Like and Follow our Facebook Page(Like & Share our latest post)- Facebook Page 5. Follow Us on Twitter (Like & Share our latest post) - Twitter 6. Follow Us on Linkedin (Like & Share our latest post) (Optional) - LinkedIn 7. Follow Us on Instagram (Like & Share our latest post) - Instagram 8. Follow Us on Medium (Clap on our latest post) - Medium Subscribe to our Newsletter (Optional) - Website Participation Form Spreadsheet
  5. Yes! Of course, Ratings and reviews are the main concern for successful ICO.
  6. You can see the updated link here: https://coinpredictor.io/icos/kakushin
  7. Touted as the most advanced technology of the following decade, blockchain is rapidly moving past cryptocurrencies into some real-world applications that have an enormous incentive for the Fintech world. As we’ve seen, blockchain is being expanding its capabilities as a secure, anonymous, and decentralized technology into several industries. Fintech industry is disrupting numerous markets. Yet, blockchain remains one of the most buzzed terms for the industry. There have been many early applications of blockchain technology in fintech, but how can blockchain improve the protection of intellectual property (IP)? Blockchain Based IP Protection One of the most obvious applications of blockchain technology is as a registry of IP rights, to catalogue and register unique innovations/ideas/patents. Registered patents which can be recorded and seen on different registries around the globe, there is frequently no sufficient means for innovators to index their works. Thusly, ownership can be difficult to demonstrate. It can likewise be troublesome for a innovator to discover the already enrolled patents and shield his invention from being stolen and similarly troublesome for third parties using a work to know who to seek a licence from. The consequence of this is Innovators are frequently unable to stop encroachments or to make the most on monetising their works. Utilizing blockchain as an IP registry may help offer clearity to copyright innovators, proprietors and clients. By enrolling their Ideas to a blockchain, creators could wind up with tamper-proof evidence of ownership. This is because a blockchain transaction is permanent, so once a work has been enlisted to a blockchain, that data can’t ever be lost or changed. In principle, outsiders could utilize the blockchain to see the entire chain of ownership, including any patents, sub-licenses and assignments. Blockchain and IP protection platform Kakushin Ecosystem, is a Australian based company offering blockchain based solutions for intellectual property management. Kakushin allows innovators to search and register for any patent on Kakushin’s IPR, Kakushin has greatly reduced the difficulty that innovators face in establishing basic copyright protection for their innovations and for reducing the ill-effects of copyright violations. Kakushin’s blockchain based incubator is powered by a community driven blockchain approach. The all encompassing ecosystem touches all the participants in the entire innovation lifecycle. Kakushin Incubation and Nursing Centre takes a 360º approach to ICOs, from disseminating knowledge, facilitating investments, launching ICOs to providing the ability to track existing ICOs in innovative and eco friendly ideas and products. Kakushin’s approach is essentially centered around efficient market validation and risk mitigation. The integrated exchange, which accepts the Kakushin Token (KKN) allows investors, buyers and inventors to access the entire innovation ecosystem. Visit us — www.kakushin.tech https://t.me/kakushin Follow us — Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KakushinEcosystem Twitter : https://twitter.com/kakushineco Steemit : https://steemit.com/@kakushin Medium : https://medium.com/@kakushinecosysytem Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/kakushinecosystem
  8. Hello…Freinds. There are so many ICO’s running successfully. In your point of view which one will go to the Moon Soon. Please suggest any three with their website.
  9. Here we Go the #Trending ICO’s of the Month Ontology Network: https://ont.io/ EOS: https://eos.io/ Obits: https://obits.io/ Zilliqa: https://www.zilliqa.com/ Kakushin: http://kakushin.tech/
  10. Here is the Good Opportunity to more earning with Kakushin Referral program. Here is the link where you can get full information about Kakushin Referral program. Join now https://medium.com/@kakushinecosysytem/how-to-participate-in-kakushin-ico-referral-program-b7e117d7ae49
  11. Informational Video: How to Buy KKN token as a best ICO investment
  12. When will the main token sale starts? The main token sale started on 1st Jun 2018.
  13. Yes! I think it's a Good step taken by Korean Banks. Appreciate it!
  14. How to Participate in Kakushin ICO Referral Program The Kakushin ICO (KKN) Referral program is live! In this article we explain all the information you need to take part in our referral program with Kakushin. Kakushin ICO Referral program is free to join; it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. In order to receive additional KKN tokens, if you believe in our project, you can promote us by posting promotional materials regarding Kakushin ICO throughout the web and on social media. We’ve launched a Kakushin token sale referral program to reward our community who are just as excited about the project as we are and spreading the word about the Kakushin token sale! The Kakushin token sale referral program is open to anyone who participates in the Kakushin token sale and referral tokens will be distributed within a week of participation. Reward: Additional Bonus tokens for both parties Every participant will have an individualized referral link. This link can be shared with friends and family, colleagues, on social media, forums, via email, etc. It will direct the potential contributor to our token sale page, and if he or she purchase Kakushin’s token (KKN), you will receive a commission reward of the total amount of KKN bought. · The referred party can earn 1% bonus tokens by using the link provided by referring party and also referring party will get 5% bonus tokens based on referred party’s participation amount. I.e. the person who uses the code, not the person who owns the code. · It is not mendtory for referring party to participate in token sale. He/she will generate the code by filling the personal information form. · Referring party will get 5% bonus tokens based on referred party’s participation amount to be eligible to receive bonus tokens referred party need to participate in the Kakushin token sale. · Referrer code needs to be entered during registration and is locked after entry. · Only a valid referral code will qualify and be accepted. · Circular referrals are not permitted and won’t qualify for the program. · The Kakushin team will make the final decision on any disputes. The reward will also be paid in KKN. There is no limit to the number of people that can register to Kakushin’s token sale under your referral link, so the more you share it, the higher is the chance for you to generate quite significant rewards. How to generate your unique referral code To get you referral link you just have to register on our ICO website at Kakushin.io To register for KKN referral program, Click on Buy KKN tokens, Fill the personal information, Please ensure all the information is correct in your profile. Incorrect information can lead to disqualification of referral bonus program. After submitting the Personal Information click on Register Me, you will receive an email with your unique referral code to share with your friends and family and you could earn 5% bonus on your referral. Where can I publish my referral link? When you join our token sale, you will be supplied with the referral link that you can place within your websites, social media profiles, forums, telegram groups, tweets and other platforms. Referral code sent to friends and contacts via messengers or email Referral code in your accounts on social media Articles and blog reviews YouTube videos about the project Mentions of the project in social media groups Attention! You will receive the KKN tokens commission within one week of participation. We will provide commissions on a first-come-first-served basis. After the ICO starts and Kakushin has received the ETH transfers through referral links, we will track and send referral bonus tokens to the addresses who participate, while supplies last. This is a limited promotion only! Kakushin reserves the right to cancel this promotion at anytime. Please do NOT spam your referral link! Please respect privacy and be careful sharing referral links. Thank you! If you have any questions join us on telegram.
  15. Hello...Guys. Which is your best Altcoin which grows faster b/w 2018?

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