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  1. HMUD21qQUUf5pYcCDcJPertwZHbke2niQN Thanks
  2. Its down to 30861 blocks now. what is the correct number?
  3. cant sync the wallet.. 1335 of 128581 is that correct? already mined 128581 blocks? and it says it is zero hours behind.
  4. It cant be that big asic when he/she aint getting that much blocks at 2k diff.
  5. Hint: Some users report an error like winspool.dll not found. Solution: Copy winspool.drv from C:\Windows\system to your shilling-qt path and rename it to winspool.dll.
  6. Added listen=0 to the conf file and now it works
  7. I cant even start the windows wallet? says it kind bind
  8. We need to start voting on mintpal and keep voting on cryptorush. https://www.mintpal.com/voting https://cryptorush.in/index.php?p=vote
  9. Ohh this is one great wallet dude! Great work, looking forward to start using it! Love the stats and the market info!
  10. Okey, we are close to get added to mintpal now after a little payment. So please vote more
  11. 10m donated from me. txid: af9d45d1b122bcab14610bad2308f3b01d02a85b304cbdfe3726195c9c802b92

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