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  1. I think that new coins and token are always appearing on the market but not everything is good, only 1-10% like very few coins have managed to get up and stable. Now how did you ask, what kind of platform do I choose on the token basis? Well, I'd like something that's definitely based on an already existing thing like Etherum, but it needs to come up with something innovative, different and stable.
  2. The year 2017 triggered a real madness of crypto-coins, especially due to the spectacular evolution Bitcoin had on the virtual coin market. As some predictions put Bitcoin on an ascending train as spectacular as in 2017, estimating a value of 50-60 thousand dollars per unit at the end of 2018, more and more economic operators change the traditional paradigm and accept that cryptocurrency payment number one in the world. In this situation, there was a luxury car dealer in California who sold a Chiron and a Pagani Huayra with a combined value of about $ 6 million in Bitcoin. It is not known exactly how Bitcoin has cashed the American dealer, but at today's rate it would be about 450 BTC. Basically, it is the first time a car sells by paying a cryptocurrency, although such private sales on the second-hand market have been recorded in the past.
  3. This really is a problem that needs to be taken seriously. Energy consumption is a very damaging thing for the environment. If we do not make decisions now, this madness of crypto and mining will get to put their mark on life more than we think. Who was thinking crypto would get here?
  4. I have never been hacked and I didn't realized that there are so many ways to hack or steal a steam account. Thanks for this useful information!
  5. Yeaaaaah I'm very excited to hear that! Grab the popcorn now! 😂
  6. Many say that what was necessary to invent was invented and that there is no innovative idea that could make the difference between what is currently in the crypto world. I think that at any moment there can be something totally different that draws attention and deserves the investment.
  7. I think that Etherum, Ripple and Logancoin will be in the top of trend crypto's. If it will appear another one, that can get my attention, I will put in on the list.

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