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    Looks like just one person is starting all these groups--and offering to "shill" for them. Just my impression. Judge for yourself:
  1. Brought to you by the same folks who have been pushing the below site. The really great part is it says "you don't even have to be a member" to join their "Affiliate Program" which pays you 10% for each soon-to-be-former friend you persuade to join. If that sounds like a "PONZI" scheme, they wouldn't be the first to try it.
    Quote from website at http://bit.ly/2oHeSGv: "earn 2%-3%-4% every day and wait for the price to skyrocket again - as you may have seen Bitcoin is capable of breaking $15000 per coin and considering its amount is limited the price will likely rise again in the near future." A wildly optimistic "pitch" which doesn't guarantee anything except amusement for experienced investors (hence 2 stars) and revenue for its creators.
  2. When my Norton Suite complained recently about www.grcpool.com having an "unknown" reputation, I entered the following review: I don't know how much "weight" (# of reviews) is required to influence their product, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Errata: (1) "thousands of it's members" should read "thousands of its members" (2) "none of which" should read "none of whom"
  3. With respect for your experience, I find that surprising. I had been led to believe that "nothing is ever really 'lost'" due to the underlying architecture of the blockchain itself. I had the same concern when I first started in the pool. On several occasions it appeared that I had lost money, but it turned out to be just a display issue with the JAN 2018 version of the wallet . Other people have reported similar problems since when, for example, migrating wallets among machines--the appearance of losing money. In all cases I've seen, the money was easily recovered. Given these examples, I believe that if you earned the money it is still there (tagged to your CPID) and hence recoverable. Keep your new wallet if you like, but please consider reaching out to [email protected] if you haven't already, to recover your "lost" funds. I'd also appreciate it if you'd "tag back" eventually with the result--I'd like to know.
  4. We are the Shepherds. When the others left, we stayed behind in this forum to repay the help we initially got ourselves. We live in different time zones and respond quickly to messages, as well as posts. [No question too trivial or insignificant.] We suggest that pool mining (in www.grcpool.com) offers a number of advantages over solo mining, particularly to new members, including two easy setup videos and daily payments when your earnings exceed 1 GRC/day. If you elect to join the pool, we ask you to consider donating some percentage of your earnings to the pool itself to defray costs. There is a box for this as part of the pool setup, and donations range from %0.01 to %10, but only you can decide what is right for you. Do not hesitate to call upon us with any questions or issues--we understand. -- The Shepherds
  5. I have updated to running so this issue might pre-date the update, but regardless, does this recent wallet log indicate a problem? I'm seeing INVESTOR Invalid Beacon, Using 0.01 age bootstrap in the log for about half of all Received block entries. Is it talking about my beacon, or the one associated with the block it just got? Any corrective action needed by me? Thanks in advance for your suggestions! 09/12/18 21:01:30 Received block 5794a43311b23a2be950397e56bab0c9337250f8a15d39ab46f69c2e2237477b; 09/12/18 21:01:30 ComputeResearchAccrual: INVESTOR Invalid Beacon, Using 0.01 age bootstrap 09/12/18 21:01:30 ComputeResearchAccrual: INVESTOR Invalid Beacon, Using 0.01 age bootstrap 09/12/18 21:01:31 {SBC} new best {5794a43311b23a2be950397e56bab0c9337250f8a15d39ab46f69c2e2237477b 1362845} ; 09/12/18 21:01:31 {PB}: ACC; 09/12/18 21:10:28 Received block e62b3102b78e8be5c6e206e2e574db46c4bf668d50348f1f1ef5df13b1f7bcb2; 09/12/18 21:10:28 {SBC} new best {e62b3102b78e8be5c6e206e2e574db46c4bf668d50348f1f1ef5df13b1f7bcb2 1362846} ; 09/12/18 21:10:28 {PB}: ACC;
  6. @Lilifa Here is the link to the chart I recently posted: https://gridcoin.io/#magmon I didn't find it to be very useful for project selection, so I'm curious to find out what it means to you. All the best--and hugs for returning to us!
  7. @Lilifa Wrote: Good chart, is it your own analysis?, how often do you make it? No, not my own chart. I found it on a GroidcoinStats page, and am having second thoughts about posting it because I don't find it to be particularly. The Y-axis isn't labeled, and several of the colors are much to close to other colors to meet human factors standards. I think at the time I was using it more to demonstrate to newcomers that "data does exist" in several places, you just have to track it down. I still believe there is no substitute for experimentation to identify which projects run best on various machines. Separately, each of us is free to decide which projects are "worthy" of our time and use both factors to decide what we ultimately run. Thanks for the comment. From now on I really should provide a link to any material I've copied from another source.
  8. I read a while back that SPARC would be converted to equivalent DCC, but they also mentioned a deadline of 16 JUL, so I hope they're not serious about that. Like you, my SPARC has been building quietly in the background with no cash value so far that I can determine.
  9. Wow. Nice trend for you--probably not even close to leveling off at new rate!
  10. That's exactly the kind of experimenting which leads to the best results. I looked at project RAC vs. #users until I was blue in the face, but wasn't able to make good predictions based on them. The theory is great. But it's hard to argue with empirical results. For me, that starts with one's magnitude, because 9/40s of that is always GRC earned. Sounds like you and @additude are on a similar quest, although the hardware details undoubtedly differ. If this works out as expected, guys like you might just be the future of mining. I run power-hungry GPUs and without even measuring them I've seen my electric bill rise by at least $80/mo. This is the fun part, for me. Getting a peek at other peoples' approaches and being able to compare them to each other. Yup. So true. I've also found that "certain projects" for unknown reasons, actually "hog-tie" my i7 machines--badly. Responsiveness (as reported by Process Lasso) takes a nosedive only when running Enigma--otherwise it reads a steady 100%. My best guess is that Enigma is generating a ton of Deferred Procedure Requests (DPRs) but I'm inclined to blame that on sloppy code rather than on the problem domain. Regardless, I won't be running that project again anytime soon! As soon as I get the time, I'll attach my Kill-A-Watt meter with my machines running in steady state and get some better numbers for watt-hours per magnitude unit. Then we'll have an apples-to-apples basis for comparison. Personally, I can't wait!
  11. Hey @Ecotech, good show! Looks like a max increase of about 2grc/day and shows no signs of slowing down. Yes, it typically levels off after a few weeks. I'm a bit surprised you're not seeing signs of that yet, but hey, in the meantime "rid'em cowperson!"

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