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  1. Hi and welcome to all! To start, you need to have 1 or 2 GRC in order to send your beacon, then we recommend you to join the pool until you have enough coins (near 1000 GRC) to crunch solo. The net reward is about the same, but in solo mode you will wait longer to be paid. Also, help us to help you. 99% of people here write "I'm new here. Can SOMEBODY give me a few coins to get started?" The short answer is yes, we will help you. But you can also help us. PLEASE read a few pages back, return after to tell us how was your way and consider later donating what you received to the pool or to other starting people. Also, send us a private message once in a while and/or give one of our posts an up-vote if we have helped you. So that you don't have to wait any longer, for @Hillsidechief @Steven Lim your coins are on the way. @Maxerature, you need to supply a wallet address to receive starter coins. Welcome! The Shepherds
  2. Coins on your way for all of you above. Please read some pages back to know some about our experience. And some days later comeback to tell us how was your start. Later, donate to the pool or here, for other starting people. The Shepherds
  3. Welcome Resha! We have sent you a few coins to get you started. Also, please read back a few pages to get to know the players here, and maybe even grant us an "up-vote" using the gray star icon contained in this post if you feel we have helped you. Meanwhile, enjoy and happy hunting! [The Shepherds]
  4. Zyjisdog, we are The Shepherds. We offer sincere help to sincere new members, which we presume you are. Please check your wallet for starter coins and please up-vote our post if we've helped you. We donate, not loan, so there is no need to repay us. However we encourage you, once you get rolling, to help those who arrive later, or better yet, donate a percentage of your earnings to the pool. Please keep in touch with us, either in the public areas or by messaging to us privately. Voytec21, we are The Shepherds. Welcome to the pool! Your request is very modest, and hence humbling. You are therefore awarded more than you requested to get you started and encourage you, we hope, to participate fully once you are able. Gridcoinian, welcome. You will find what you seek. We've all mis-posted at one time or another, so no big deal. The admins here are very understanding and helpful. We ask only that you find some way to contribute to the pool--once you are comfortable here yourself. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us. We also suggest that you read back a few pages to see who we are and learn what your fellow inductees are up to. Finally, we always appreciate up-votes obtained by clicking on the "star" icon in any of these posts--but only if we've helped you! TO ALL NEW MEMBERS [ABOVE] The coins you will receive will help you to send the beacon. But first, please take a look a few pages back to learn more about the team. Joining the pool will help you to start and don't forget to use the faucets daily. If you have doubts just ask at these forums, this is a friendly community, everyone is happy to help. And please, later you can help other starting people or better yet, donate a percentage of your earnings to the pool (many people don't, so you'll make a big splash when you do). Good luck to all of you and happy crunching! David (Shepherd and @DC7D Disciple)
  5. Introduction We are The Sheppards. We are here to help you! Post, or better yet, message us for advice, coin, or whatever else you need to get started. How We Help You We donate coins to help you get started. We notify you of important changes (e.g. #2809) We publish informal pool statistics (e.g. #2764, #2772) How You Can Help Us We always appreciate "up-votes" but only if you feel we have earned them. [Vote by clicking on the in any post.] Once you are comfortable here, help the people who follow you, as best you can. Consider making a percentage donation to the pool. Many before you have given 0.0% or 0.01%. Be the exception and make us proud. ;) Feedback Tell us what we can do better. We're not sure how to improve, but maybe you have some suggestions. Touch back with us. We love a good success story. Maybe that's you either now or a month from now. We'd like to hear from you. Join us. We're always looking for "a few good men" -- of either gender. As the Peace Corp used to say, "It's the hardest job you'll ever love." The Sheppards
  6. @Darkox said, I think, I'm new to GridCoin and I do not have the initial GRC needed. Uscore tells me it will take up to a week. I was wondering if someone would be willing to give about 3 or 5 GRC to start extracting. I also noticed that there is no thread dedicated to a simple exchange type of "I need start coins". I know you can buy them in exchanges, but with all the security problems I have trouble trusting any of the ATMs exchanges. So I'm waiting for 1. someone to give me initial GRC and 2. that this thread becomes a place for beginners to ask for initial GRC. [Not true. This is the correct thread to do exactly that.] [No es verdad. Este es el hilo correcto para hacer exactamente eso.] My address is S3J5ezBa4PxzrBGxJzb8CHQmjEp2NA1B6b. Thank you! I will pay some other beginner once my machine is extracting. You are in luck. Please check your wallet. We just sent some to you to get started. Please consider "voting up" one of our posts if we've helped you! The Sheppards Estas de suerte. Por favor revise su billetera. Le enviamos algunos para comenzar. ¡Considera "votar" una de nuestras publicaciones si te hemos ayudado! Los Sheppards
  7. NEWS FLASH -- New wallet (version 3.7.8) is available. This is a mandatory update, so we suggest that you download and install immediately! -- The Sheppards
  8. @Chaplin Not to worry, we (The Sheppards) have your back! Message me immediately if you don't see a deposit within the next hour!
  9. Welcome! @Nano13 SG5G83xvtG18QvDGwXas3vemKqjHf6Wi6s @Hagelslag S2EZ2cJXAShDDLxVFqyUa1UsTpRawS32yv @Alaaris SFzhyygHGPmcoKSCymRNvxx3hmUx1no5tt You now have some coins coming your way! they will allow you to send your beacon which is necessary to start. I recommend you also use the faucets. And to join the pool at least until you have enough money to stake. Later when you have enough coins, you can return here and donate to someone starting like you, or donate them to the pool. [Some of us donate a fixed percentage to the pool instead--it all depends on what you're comfortable with.] Best of luck to all of you! (The Sheppards)
  10. NOTE TO NEW MEMBERS We are the GRCpool Shepards. Our unofficial mission is to aid and abet new members in any way we can. That means greeting, answering questions, and even donating our own coins to enable new members to send their first beacon needed to launch their mining enterprise. We started here in the same state you now find yourselves--essentially broke but eager to get started. Like you, we tried a combination of faucets, ponzi sites and charity appeals (begging) to garner starting funds. But after the others drifted away, we stayed behind to help the folks who came after us. On the whole it has been a very rewarding experience. HELP US TO HELP YOU Please understand that we (The Shepards) are vastly outnumbered. For every one of us, there are maybe two dozen new members per week with near-identical requests for starter coins. That's fine--it's what we signed up for. But there are a few things you can do to make life easier for us, and thereby more effective for you. (1) Please read back a few posts, get to know us by name, and consider messaging us directly before you post "Can somebody help me ..." because the "somebody" will most likely be one of us. (2) Don't apologize for "begging". That's how we got started too! (3) Consider donating to the pool. Only 8% of members give 1% or more back to the pool. [We'd personally prefer that to being repaid ourselves!] NEW SHEPARD HAS JOINED Finally, I'd like to give a warm and grateful welcome to our newest Shepard, Lilifa. If she has already helped you, please show your gratitude with an "up-vote" to one of her posts. [For those of you who don't know, you can vote by clicking on the the star icon located in the lower right corner of each post.] Best wishes to all, and happy mining! -- DCB (Shepard and disciple of DC7D)

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