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  1. Not to worry. Just sent you a few coins to get started. No need to be secretive about your wallet address--it's intended for public consumption. To learn more, follow this thread back 5 or 6 pages. You'll find a lot of good "starter questions" already answered there. CLIFF NOTES: If you're just starting out, I suggest you join the pool (make www.grcpool.com your BAM (BOINC Account Manager)) and play the two introduction videos on the grcpool.com home page. For some reason a lot of people skip right past them and then have endless questions about how to get started--99% of which are addressed in the videos. You won't make any more money by solo mining than by pool mining and the pool pays daily. Unless you have at least 1000 GRC already, you could wait days or even months for your first payout. And you can always switch from one to the other at any time. That should be enough to get you started, but if not, please reply (or better, message me or my partner @Lilifa) for additional help.
  2. That's really good news. I only mentioned it in case it had ramifications for you down the line. "Deprecated" sounds right. So I guess it's only a matter of time before they drop it entirely. The question is "how much time?" I'm assuming you'd rather not be over-stocked with 32-bit units when they eventually phase that work out. Is that a serious concern for you, or do you already have a Plan B for that? [Not being critical, just curious.] I guess if only the Wallet becomes 32-bit there's no problem. Maybe I misunderstood when I though it applied to the BOINC tasks themselves?
  3. Guys, I'm confused. I keep hearing that either now or soon support for 32 bit is going away. I didn't think solving was as simple as running an old wallet version. Am I (hopefully) wrong about this?
  4. @additude Thanks for the description and picture of your rig. Very impressive! Sorry--I should have asked which version of the wallet you were running. Good catch on your part! And yes, you only need one wallet for all of your BOINC projects. Did you finally get the coins I tried to send to you? Are you comfortable using the pool as your BAM (Boinc Account Manager)? I guess you know by now that your RAC (Recent Average Credit) will continue to build over a period of two weeks--hence the word "average". [Some newcomers are confused by why they aren't getting a bigger GRC return from the first day they join.] I was playing around with some cost figures trying to compare your approach with the more traditional GPU-intensive designs (like mine). I run NVidia 1060 GPUs on a mixture of Intel i3 and i7 processor-based desktops. For each of the eight-logical processor i7 machines, about 2/3 of my income comes from the graphics card, and the remaining 1/3 comes from its eight processors running CPU-only tasks. Since I don't buy "bleeding-edge" hardware, my collection probably cost me around $2500 (including the GPUs) and I'm getting a total daily RAC of just under 100,000 credits. However, I'm also consuming about 1000 watts, last time I checked, so I think your rig is probably much more efficient from that standpoint. In the US, electricity costs about $0.15 per kilowatt-hour. I believe that in the EU it costs up to twice as much. So when I'm running full time, it adds $110 to my monthly electricity bill. Taking that into account, I'd say there's much to be said for your design! That's part of the reason I read these forums. Without judgement, it's fun to compare and learn from other peoples' experiences. Thanks for the insights!
  5. Well yes, but not starting from zero! All you need to do is initially "catch up" and it seems you are about 70% there. After that, "keeping up" should be a breeze (a few minutes tops) each time you restart your wallet. Also the pool shows the current block as 1,302,985, so that tells you how far you need to go. Like Lili said, you've already done the hardest part. Also check out gridcoin.us which would have saved you some time if you had "downloaded" a snapshot for the majority of the early blocks as a zip file. Probably a bit late for that now, but just so you know it's an option. Hope that helps.
  6. You have an interesting setup. I'd be curious to know how it performs for you. With those kind of credits, I'd expect you to make about 10 GRC per day (hopefully higher). I'm basing that on my own experience as a member of www.grcpool.com. We highly recommend that as a starting place, because unless you have at least 1,000 coins already, you could be waiting a long time between payments. With the pool, payments are made daily provided the payment is 1 GRC or more. It sounds like you have a "farm" of these small machines. If you don't mind me asking, what SBC type are you using, and roughly what does it cost? Also, I'm not an expert on CPU-only projects, but I see a lot of CPU-rich users gravitating to Latin Squares. But it really does pay to experiment with projects--I've found payout differences of up to a factor of four depending on which BOINC projects I run. Maybe it's just due to having a good match of hardware to project, or maybe BOINC's recent attempt to "level the credit award playing field" across projects wasn't as effective as they had hoped! Certainly, watch the two videos on the grcpool homepage (if you join the pool). Most of the questions we get are from people who skipped them in a rush to get started. The Shepherds
  7. I use Norton, and every time I try something new that's crypto-related it complains. I just wait for the complaint to pop up, then I approve it.
  8. @additude Wrote: I still do not have any Starter Gridcoin ... Now you do. Please keep in touch! The Shepherds
  9. FULL DISCLOSURE As far as I know, there is no such thing as "free easy money". If somebody tells you there is, they are probably promoting a scheme which primarily benefits them, not you. There are literally thousands of people out trying to exploit people who want "free easy money". But remember the old saying: "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is." What we do here is donate our spare computer cycles to scientific projects hosted by BOINC. Many of us have been doing it for a decade or more--long before Gridcoin was even invented. We continue to do it not to get rich, but for the same reasons we started doing it--we believe that the advancement of science is worth our time and resources. Without our support, most of these projects would not be running because they would require paying for a supercomputer that would cost too much. The millions of people who support BOINC have turned it into the sixth most powerful "computer" in the world. [Gridcoin is just an additional incentive that repays some of our costs (e.g. electricity).] If you like our adventure and want to join, we welcome you with open arms. If you're looking to make "easy money", you should probably try something else. Please let us know if you have questions (either by post or message). The Shepherds
  10. @Warren61889 I sent you a few coins to get you started. But please read back a few pages in this forum to better understand the pros and cons of solo mining. Unless you have a few thousand GRC, you might be better off starting in the pool (www.grcpool.com). Entirely up to you. Feel free to message me with any questions, and best of luck! The Shepherds
  11. Just a footnote to anyone who'se interested. People have asked "who owns how much" so I pulled 1600 recent data points from GRIDSTATS to find out. My quick evaluation is that: Plotting straight GRC across this large a range is hopeless. Hence both of these graphs plot log10(GRC) whereby a "3" indicates 1,000 GRC. and a "4" indicates 10,000 GRC, etc. A few folks own a lot. The top value in Graph 1 is 7.734 or about 54,000,000 GRC. [The next highest value is about half of that.] The middle zone is a simple exponential function. If we discount the 300 wealthiest and the 300 poorest members, the "middle-class" 900 or so members own between 1,000 and 32,000 GRC. The wealth histogram is reasonable Gaussian. In fact, according to Graph 2, the center bar covers a log10 range of 3.64 to 3.92 (equivalent to a range of 4,300 to 8,300 GRC). Judging from it's roughly symmetrical shape, it appears that geometric mean of the ensemble is roughly 6,000. So for each member who owns proportionally more (e.g. double), there is somebody else who owns proportionally less (e.g. half). As always, I welcome your input and comments!
  12. Hi and welcome to all! To start, you need to have 1 or 2 GRC in order to send your beacon, then we recommend you to join the pool until you have enough coins (near 1000 GRC) to crunch solo. The net reward is about the same, but in solo mode you will wait longer to be paid. Best of luck here!
  13. @barton26 Bravo! It installed on W10 x64 effortlessly. Really nice job. Many thanks for this to all involved!
  14. image.png.b4370974ce95c50d3765f7220842ae57.png


    Congrats!  Well deserved.

  15. KLiK, just a few observations, my opinion only: You are obviously bright as well as knowledgable about cryptocurrencies. You have raised some good issues in this forum. But you've also done a lot of "whining". I see many people trying to help you, and I see several posts from you where your frustration seems to have gotten the best of you. Sometimes you talk like your own problems should obviously take top priority, and that Gridcoin management doesn't always make the same decisions that you would have made. You have threatened to leave and "go somewhere else" hoping maybe that the top people here will give you more attention. Or maybe you're just venting your frustration. Either way it's not fair to the many people here who are only trying to help you. Personally, I hope you don't leave because I think you have worthwhile observations to contribute. But if you fell the need to complain, critisize, bitch, moan and whine, then you are disrespecting the community as a whole and eventually people will get tired of you. You sound young, and being a bit "self-centered" as well as impatient is a recognized and accepted part of that. But it's never too early to learn some humility. Yes, you've had problems here. But you've also had a lot of support by people who are also trying to help hundreds of other people. If you really believe that the path GRC is sympathetic to the "wrong people" and "sad" then your only honorable choice is to "back off" and let the project somehow survive without your help. It's always easier to throw rocks from the outside than to be in the center of the development trying to please everybody. I think you already know that.

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