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  6. Join Game here Exit Scams and You! Keys are your stake in each round, think of them as your own personal bits of the private keys to the contract! Buying 1 or more Full Keys -Adds 30 seconds to the timer for every key purchased, up to a hard-cap of 24 hours. -Lets you exit-scam the contract if time runs out and you were the last player to buy a full key. - Every Key you own also siphons and locks up portions of all the ethereum that flows through game and deposits it directly into your vault - At the end of the round your keys automatically guarantee you a sizable chunk of the exit-scam, come back when it's all over! - Lastly the price naturally scales upwards in value the longer a round runs for, encouraging a race to buy in first, every time an exit scam ends! You can ensure you're the final winner, or buy a large sum of keys and simply rake in dividends as the round continues. Bet on how greedy the other players might be Get Metamask chrome extension
  7. cause now BTC price is too low , most cloud mining web can't payout the cost by mining even GM HF GGC are very low profit now I think the BTC price should be over 9K USD, the profit will be better
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  15. I think BTC is too cheap My HF and CCG are no profit now

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