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  1. Minercluster https://www.minercluster.com/?ref=b461736077d2f275fc413d61728a5f05 sign up for free 135GH/s min. Withdraw 0.00025 BTC
  2. HashZed https://hashzed.com/?ref=29211 sign up for free 150GH/s min. Withdraw 0.0015BTC
  3. 2018/03/15 Instant-DOGE Payment proof [BTC/LTC/DOGE/ETH] Instant Seies (like ang Faster than moon)-----5 min~ https://www.instant-btc.eu/ref/uNPEDRstG https://www.instant-ltc.eu/en/ref-fNm506h https://www.instant-doge.eu/en/ref-ZWoaCjwgb https://www.instant-eth.eu/en/ref-asiwxTMy
  4. Cointiply Update(2018-03-13) https://cointiply.com/r/DB7M Cointiply Mining Game is Live - March 11th, 10:30 PM EST The Cointiply Mining Game is now open for business. Please read the Instructions and the FAQ to learn how to play! We'd love to hear your feed back so please freel free to open a support ticket if you experience any bugs or issues, or even if you just want to suggest a feature! Bigger Coin Pool & Coin Rewards! - March 12th, 9:30 PM EST We have increased the hourly bonus coin pool and we added new random bonuses each hour! - Every hour the top 3 users will receive an additional coin bonus of 500 Coins, 300 Coins and 200 Coins respectively. - Every hour 5 randomly selected users with active mines will be awarded a bonus of 200 coins. The top 3 users will not be eligible to win this bonus.
  5. Hashbitmining https://hashbitmining.com/?ref=21624 sign up for free 150GH/s min. Withdraw 0.0003BTC
  6. https://profitablemorrows.com/?ref=cless951215 Daily plan This investment plan runs for a term of 34 business days. The interest rate is 4.5% per day – paid from Monday through Friday – and will apply to all deposits regardless of how much you’ve deposited. During that term you should encounter 34 payment days, and that means by the time of expiry your total payments should have accumulated to 153%. That will mean your net profit is 53% as this investment plan include your principal. Upon expiry the interest would stop being credited unless you invest further. Example: if you'd start with $1,000 deposit, you'll be credited $45 interest every 24 hours for 34 business days. After 23 business days you'll pass break even point with 100% back and upon expiry your balance will amount to a total of $1,530. Fixed plan The second plan is less profitable but does have the advantage of paying you the profit it does offer a whole lot faster. You will receive exactly 112% return in total (even on non-business days). We require the same $25 minimum deposit in order to join, and the plan’s duration runs for 12 calendar days. On expiry of the term you are paid back 112% on your investment, principal included. Or to put it another way – your own money back plus 12% profit. Simple example: If you'd start with $1,000 deposit in this plan, you'll be credited a total return of $1,120 after exactly 12 calendar days. Your net profit $120 and your principal of $1,000 will be automatically added into your account. You can then choose to withdraw or re-invest to increase your profits at anytime.
  7. https://gift.one/i/91086491815 Gift Box Gift.One is the world's largest airdrop agency for encrypted money. Gift.One works with various projects, including Telegram locking its airdrop tokens into Gift Box and distributing Gift.One Token (Gift). Gift will be distributed in succession to potential holders by several manners such as airdrop, gift, lottery and second-kill. Currently Gift Box locked alomost 20 tokens include TON, ETH and EOS, reaching total 100 million USD. Gift.ONE, the global biggest airdrop organization of cryptocurrency, is airdropping million Tokens. plenty of Gift is giveaway... 1Gift=US$0.2 Each registered users of Gift.ONE will get 100 Gift as reward and gain extra 100 Gift when join the Telegram group. Not enough for above? Invite friends to register, and get 1000 Gift reward now.
  8. Ryse https://ryse.cc/ref?id=cless951215 sign up for free 100GH/s Crypto BTC Miner https://cryptobtcminer.com//?ref=362f58d534cc809e559d3f2482940e9e sign up for free 200 GH/s S-Bitcoin https://s-bitcoin.info/?ref=cless951215 sign up for free 80 GH/s Seed Hash https://seedhash.com?r=5765371236 sign up for free 1MH/s
  9. Hash Perium 3/8 payment proof https://www.hashperium.com/?ref=21696 https://www.blocktrail.com/BTC/tx/357bedab23f65a88b4d0012d88efe78b25706f22ef937056984d68e6fd98a19f
  10. Oktiq Mining https://oktiqmining.com/?ref=cless951215 sign up for free 180 GH/s min. Withdraw 0.0005BTC
  11. 2018/03/05 Instant-ltc Payment proof [BTC/LTC/DOGE/ETH] Instant Seies (like ang Faster than moon)-----5 min~ https://www.instant-btc.eu/ref/uNPEDRstG https://www.instant-ltc.eu/en/ref-fNm506h https://www.instant-doge.eu/en/ref-ZWoaCjwgb https://www.instant-eth.eu/en/ref-asiwxTMy https://live.blockcypher.com/ltc/tx/b01aa9f67061e68e6f748b109c8294a0ac1be10f431e80633214aec094c86dba
  12. Hash Perium https://www.hashperium.com/?ref=21696 sign up for free 135 GH/s min. Withdraw 0.0003BTC EKEN Mining https://eken.io/register/cless951215 sign up for free 15USD= 0.5 TH/s
  13. House Mining https://housemining.net/rf/7301 sign up for free 100 GH/s min. Withdraw 0.0002BTC DarkHash https://darkhash.org/cless951215 sign up for free 9 MH/s Seeneve Mining https://seeneve.cc/?ref=cless951215 sign up for free 100 GH/s
  14. https://hashflare.io/r/FC15088F HashFlare Spring Sale!!!!! Scrypt: $3.2 SHA-256: $1.2 EQUIHASH: $2 ETHASH: $2.20 10% discount Bonus Code "HF18SPRNGSL10"

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