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  1. https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/43284 add PIVX pivxtoshis don't miss this great faucet
  2. [BCN/GRS/DGB/SYS/PINK/STRAT/MNX/RDD/BCH/BTC/BTX/DASH/DOGE/ETH/LTC/POT/PPC/XPM] Faucet Crypto-----5min https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/43284 Great Faucet support Direct payment(Low withdraw limit) and FaucetHub (no withdraw limit and instant)
  3. 2018/05/17 Payment proof----CoinMix https://coinmix.biz/?ref=eQo3OX
  4. 2018/05/17 Payment proof [BTC/LTC/DOGE/ETH] Instant Seies (like ang Faster than moon)-----5 min~ https://www.instant-btc.eu/ref/uNPEDRstG https://www.instant-ltc.eu/en/ref-fNm506h https://www.instant-doge.eu/en/ref-ZWoaCjwgb https://www.instant-eth.eu/en/ref-asiwxTMy
  5. Invite your friends to join our community to get a reward of up to $2,000 Linfinity Token. On this basis, there are six tiers of token reward. M1 level invitation reward: 50 Token M2 level invitation reward: 40 Token M3 level invitation reward: 30 Token M4 level invitation reward: 20 Token M5 level invitation reward: 10 Token M6 level invitation reward: 5 Token
  6. ALFmine https://alfmine.com/?r=149800 Sign up for free 100GH/s Cashmine https://cashmine.pro/?ref=1855973876 Sign up for free 100GH/s
  7. Dual Mine https://dualmine.com/?ref=1802 Sign up for free 100GH/s BTCcontracts https://btccontracts.info/?ref=1309 Sign up for free 50GH/s
  8. [ADA]FreeCardano-----60min https://freecardano.com/?ref=20105
  9. Sorry, I don’t know your mean? u want me to help find your account?
  10. Linfinity Candy Air Drop,350 LinfinityToken = 10 USD, Next IOTA Linfinity Candy Air Drop Linfinity Candy Description: 1.Exchange rate with Linfinity tokens is 1:1. 2.Linfinity token will be listed on the on-line exchanges in June. 3.Share the invitation link to your friends to get more candy rewards. 4.The maximum candy reward is up to $ 2,000. 5.Total token reward is 60 million tokens(2% of the total amount). 6.Not allowed to obtain candy through cheating. 7.Token withdrawal will be enabled after the event is over. You can withdraw tokens to your eth wallet.

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