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  1. Trinity Assembly?

    Soros is ready to do something in crypto-currencies. ... Rothschild (a few months ago) through Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and on Friday Rockefellers announced the entrance to the crypt through its Venrock. Trinity Assembly? Profit and the smell of big money? Yeah, they have a professional flair...
  2. Japanese online broker Monex Group buys cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. On Friday, 06.04.2018, the Japanese online broker Monex Group announced that it was buying the local cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. The transaction amount will be 3.6 billion yen ($33.6 million). As a result of the transaction, Monex will have access to the trading platform and client base of Coincheck. The head of Monex Toshihiko Katsuya will become the President and CEO of Coincheck. "We believe the blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and next generation platforms, which will fundamentally change the way people approach money».
  3. The Central Bank of India has banned financial institutions to make transactions with cryptocurrencies. The reserve Bank of India today issued a statement on new regulations of the financial market in the country. Among other measures published by the Central Bank— the ban on financial institutions to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies. https://rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=43574
  4. Thai authorities have decided on taxation of cryptocurrencies. All transactions with their use, according to the law published by the Ministry of Finance, will be subject to VAT (value added tax) in the amount of 7%, as well as 15% on capital gains. https://cryptocrimson.com/news/cryptocurrency-taxation-in-thailand
  5. Steven Seagal left the Bitcoin project with Its leaders after receiving $ 75 million from investors... Famous Hollywood actor Steven Seagal in February 2018 became the Ambassador of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin project. Recently, the company managed to successfully complete ICO and to obtain from investors of $75 million in the form of tokens. Today on the website of the startup there was an announcement that all the management of the company leaves the project. Steven Seagal is leaving him. As they say in the message, further the project will be completely decentralized and nobody will operate it. As for the funds received, the organizers of the project assure that investors will receive their Bitcoin coins within ten days, as they were promised. Many media outlets have now accused former Bitcoiin leaders of trying to create a financial pyramid, and the securities commissions of the States of new Jersey and Tennessee ordered to stop the activity of Bitcoiin, as the founders of the project are anonymous, and users are offered to buy unregistered securities in it. However, investors are not scared away, now they are left to themselves.
  6. Social network Twitter is going to introduce a ban on the advertising of crypto-currencies. On Sunday the TV channel Sky News referring to sources in the company. https://news.sky.com/story/twitter-to-prohibit-range-of-cryptocurrency-ads-11293387
  7. The crypto currency exchange Coinbase has received a license from the British financial regulator and made a deal with Barclays. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume, Coinbase, was the first who managed to make a deal with the British Bank and gain access to the Faster Payments Scheme system, which is aimed at faster interbank transfers. Partner Coinbase became the Barclays, in which the exchange has got its own expense. This will make it easier for British users of crypto currency exchange is the process of depositing and withdrawing funds from the accounts — until now, they had to resort to the services of one of the Estonian banks. In addition, Coinbase has been licensed by the UK financial supervision Authority, which allows it to issue electronic money and provide payment services in the country. Thus, the activity of the exchange in the UK will henceforth be subject to the same requirements as the rest of the financial institutions of the country. For example, from now on, the clients ' savings of the exchange in cryptocurrencies will be stored separately from deposits in Fiat money. In addition, the license will be extended to another 23 EU countries.
  8. The head of the technological development Department of the investment Bank Goldman Sachs Sheba Jafari informed the organization's customers that if the price of bitcoin does not hold short-term support at $9 210, the probability of falling to a February low of $5,922 and below will increase, Business Insider reports. In the report, analysts stressed that the changes in the rate can be caused by excessive influence on the part of investors. Most likely, the new users will have a great impact on the price of cryptocurrency. However, the Bank's forecasts do not always come true. The Jafari Department has already issued a warning to customers, urging them to monitor the value of bitcoin, predicting a decline to $7198, the Cointelegraph reports. In the January report Goldman Sachs said that the growth of cryptocurrencies has already gone "beyond the" bubble "and cryptomania outshines not only the" bubble " dotcom, but Tulip 1634-1637. However, this statement Goldman Sachs supported the General mood among the majority of bankers who hold the same opinion. The cryptocurrency market has been growing exponentially since the beginning of 2017. At the same time, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market as a whole and bitcoin dominating on it, in particular, is largely based on expectations and hopes. Experts compare the current stage of development of the cryptocurrency market with the beginning of the XX century, remembering the banking panic of 1907, and the creation of the US securities and exchange Commission (SEC) in 1934.As today in the cryptocurrency market, the financial world was then shaken by scandals with insider trading, novice investors invested money in extremely dubious projects, and all this confusion almost led the US to bankruptcy and became the beginning of the great depression. Goldman Sachs, however, recognizes some benefits of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain: "the Concept of digital currency, which uses blockchain technology is viable given the benefits it can provide: ease of transaction at the global level, to reduce transaction costs, reduce corruption and security". Goldman Sachs does not see prospects for cryptocurrencies in the future, but also argues that even if there is a crisis in the bitcoin system, it will not significantly affect the economy: "we believe that the collapse of bitcoin will not have a negative impact on the global economy or financial markets. At the peak of the "bubble" burst in March 2000, the total capitalization of the shares of information technology companies the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 was 101% of US GDP and 31% of world GDP. The total capitalization of cryptocurrencies is 3.2% of US GDP and 0.8% of world GDP." The head of the Department of investment research Goldman Sachs Steve Strongin said that after the January and February correction, the majority of cryptocurrencies "will not survive" in its current form. In his opinion, most digital assets have no long — term prospects-partly because of the low speed of transactions, security problems and high maintenance costs.
  9. Google updates its advertising policy, and introduces a ban since June of this year is all speculative and risky financial instruments. These will include cryptocurrencies, as well as everything connected with them: cryptocurrency exchanges, online wallets and ICO. In January of this year, Facebook — Google's main competitor in the online advertising market-resorted to a similar step. The social network banned advertising of financial products that are associated with"deceptive methods". Under this definition, according to representatives of the social network, falls and advertising cryptocurrency.
  10. It is reported that purchases made for cryptocurrency will not be taxed on capital outflows, as is the case in the United States. The user who purchases goods or pays for the service in bitcoins will have to pay value added tax. The German government noted that cryptocurrencies become the equivalent of legal means of payment, as these virtual currencies are used by those who participate in the transaction as an alternative contractual and immediate method of payment. It should be noted that earlier in the Central Bank of Germany declared the need to strictly control the development of the industry at the international level. Director of the organization Joachim Würmeling pointed out that the digital currency has "infinity", in this regard, it is difficult to regulate it.
  11. Judging by such news here, it becomes very clear why bitcoin rolled down again...
  12. The largest crypto exchange users passed to the tax authorities. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Coinbase, will transfer data about 13 thousand users to the us Tax office (Internal Revenue service, IRS). It is reported by Cointelegraph. We are talking, among other things, about transaction records from 2013 to 2015. Coinbase sent notifications to Clients on February 23, asking them to seek legal advice from lawyers. In November 2016, the IRS appealed to the California court for permission to request information about customers from Coinbase, CoinDesk reported. Authorities suspect that some users will not have to pay tax on cryptocurrency transactions in the amount of 20 thousand dollars. The California court in November 2017 ordered the site to transfer to the tax authorities data 14 thousand users, reported to the Verge. Coinbase pointed out that the IRS required data about all users of the site, the exchanger managed to protect 480 thousand customers from disclosure.
  13. Baltic (Lithuania-Estonia) company WePower attracted forty million US dollars for further development of its trading platform within the framework of ICO (Initial Coin Offering initial placement of tokens).WePower task is to help projects in the field of wind and solar energy on attracting capital to the construction of facilities by the monetization of future production of electricity in the form of a unique draw of the digital "coins" (energy tokens). The company believes that its technology will make traditional paper agreement on the purchase of electricity (power purchase agreements – PPA) are more flexible. Once the manufacturer of renewable energy connected to the platform WePower, its future energy production "tokenservice". One energy token is equal to 1 kWh, which will be released in the future. When a renewable energy producer needs capital to Finance a project, it can sell a portion of the energy that will be produced in the future on The wepower platform. The buyer / investor acquires this energy in the form of energy tokens. Each token acts as a" smart contract", which reflects: 1) the type of energy, 2) the term of production and delivery of energy; 3) the price. This "smart contract" is essentially a standard electricity purchase agreement between a renewable energy producer and a buyer. The company hopes that this technology will create a wide and liquid market for trading energy units (energy credits). In addition to ICO, WePower also received "regular" funding from a number of investors: Galaxy Investment Partners, DNA Fund, BlockchainIL, LDJ Capital, Science, OGroup / Kryptsu, PrimeBlock Capital, AlgoLedge, Connect Capital and Everblue Capital. WePower is now concentrating its activities on developing relationships with electricity companies to integrate its technologies. The decision Blockchain WePower now recognized as Elering, one of the most innovative operators of the electricity networks in Europe.
  14. Unknown trader bought bitcoins for $ 400 million during the collapse. An anonymous trader made a large-scale purchase of bitcoins at a time when the value of the cryptocurrency reached a minimum, and now his condition is approaching $1 billion, MarketWatch writes. The purchase of more than 40 thousand bitcoins took place in several transactions during the period from 9 to 12 February. As a result, the investor's account balance increased from 55 thousand to 96 thousand bitcoins. Taking into account the fact that during trading on Monday bitcoin rose by 3.5%, to $11146, the anonymous trader owns a cryptocurrency worth more than $1 billion. On February 6, the rate fell below $ 6000. "I don't know who this big player, but many purchase bitcoins during the last recession and got a great deal on the background clarify the situation with regulators in the U.S. and Asia," said founding partner of the company Capital Tetras Alex Sunnarborg.
  15. It was received by the" daughter " of the investment company Regal Assets. The firm also offered services to investors for safe storage of crypto-currencies. The company specializes in investments in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, as well as trade in bars of precious metals. Now in investment tools there is also four cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, eth, RIPL and litecoin.

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