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  1. @dc7d Thank you for starting coins and for great advice:-) I signed up to a pool and will pay you back as soon as I will get results:-) So, thank you again!
  2. How is it possible? I've already (actually yesterday, after reading your messages😀) switched to grcpool.com. And yes, my hosts have the same CPID's. But, I'm new to Gridcoin and maybe I just don't understand something - my balance on gridcoin.co is lost, right?
  3. Hi, guys! I'm new to GridCoin too. This is a great concept and I want to take a part of it. Can someone send me some GRC to start staking please? I'll be very grateful😀 My address is SKVQVDUzEy5ycENuynLozjaN9hYmUye46S Thank you in advance! With best regards, Alexander

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