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  1. Now another edition to Asia Live Tech's Live Games is Fan Tan. Fan Tan is one of the Asia Live Tech Live Dealer products which is in high demand from Asian Players. Here is the good part, Asia Live Tech being the First Bitcoin iGaming Software Provider in Asia, all our live games are Cryptocurrency supported and enabled thus whichever is your preference of playing be it Fiat Currencies or Cryptocurrencies. Our games got you covered. Live Fan-Tan is the ideal game for the Chinese market. The players must bet on a number going from 1 to 4 or a combination of them then set their stakes. The croupier, using beads, remove them from the table 4 per 4. The number of beads, between 1 and 4, decides which number wins. As this game brings a bit of complexity on the table, we bring two versions that can be enjoyed by different players according to their gambling habits: the traditional version and the simple version. The simple version consists of three dices when the tradition version follows the classic rule set. Live Fan-Tan is available through our Live Dealer and Live Player products. Read more at www.asialivetech.com or get in touch with me on Skype at live:erwin_1763
  2. Asia Live Tech prides ourselves with our Live Sic Bo (Tai Xiu) games, most platforms that have integrated our live games have received an immense demand as it a game that is truly based on Chance as it is live right before your eyes. Secondly our Sic Bo offering is 100% cryptocurrency supported as well, so you can enjoy this games using your favorite Crypto Coin. Sic Bo or Tai Xiu this original Chinese dice game became immensely popular once the Chinese started to travel and settle in other continents, bringing it with them. Now Live Sic Bo (Tai Xiu) is widely enjoyed in Asia, North America and Europe, sometimes under the Tai Xiu or Big & Small names, this game of chance appeals to anyone with the simplicity yet great fun it gives. More than 50 bet options with various odds are available, with a dealing speed the operator can modify. English and American variants are also open. Sic Bo (Tai Xiu) is available through our Live Dealer, Live Player and Live Studio products. Give the best dice game experience to your customers with Asia Live Tech! Read more on www.asialivetech.com or simply add me on Skype at live:erwin_1763 #asialivetech #altgames #dicegames #livetables #whitelabelcasino
  3. One of the Coolest part of having or playing Asia Live Tech's Live Tables is our one of a kind Disco Pit. This is a perfect blend of fun and games. Disco Pit is the product that gives to the players what they really want. Combining thrilling table games with heart-stopping music and beautiful exotic girls from South-East Asia, the Disco Pit offers a full package appealing to eyes and ears. Table games currently available for the Disco Pit are Baccarat and Sic Bo. Any game that is part of our current catalog can be added to the Disco Pit. If there is a demand, we are here to deliver. Remember, all our games are Cryptocurrency supported and we would love to here from you. Read more at www.asialivetech.com or add me up in Skpye at live:erwin_1763
  4. Asia Live Tech offers a whole range of games on our live dealer and casino products. Roulette is one of them and the best part is all Asia Live Tech games are Cryptocurrency supported so that you can get the best of both worlds. The ever-lasting roulette does not need to be presented anymore. Our Live Roulette shows the European version with a single zero, with more than 140 bet options available for players, allowing many strategies that require patience and tactics to succeed. Each table can have around 40 games per hour. Our system provides players with a birds-eye view of the wheel as it spins and of the ball when it drops, ensuring fairness and contentment. Roulette is the proof a casino is real, as there can be no casino without one. It is what defines gambling entertainment. This game is available through our Live Dealer and Live Studio products. Thinking to integrate it to your own online casino or maybe you would like to start your own online casino?. You can read more at www.asialivetech.com or simply add me on Skype at live:erwin_1763. #asialivetech #alt #livecasino #roulette #whitelabelcasino
  5. From all of us at Asia Live Tech - The First Bitcoin iGaming Software Provider in Asia, we would like to wish everyone a blessed Lunar New Year. With the dawn of The Year of the Dog, we wish you prosperity and success in the coming year. Happy Lunar New Year !!!
  6. @BTC Jon Great effort mate, more sites like this would definitely help boost safe crypto gambling out there. In terms of comments, i think you need to have more sites reviewed and displayed on the site as it will not only help in increasing your traffic but would be extra helpful to players across the world. I would recommend that have some Asian Casino that support crypto reviewed as well. I would love to have a discussion with you, do hit me a PM. Cheers mate.
  7. Best Paying Sites To Win BTC

    @gamenation i think you can find a fair bit of good sites these days. Coming from the industry those are good sites. you can also check out the following : 1. https://www.club178.com 2. https://edgeless.io 3. https://bitcasino.io/ 4. https://www.coin178.com These site are pretty decent in my opinion when it comes to gambling with cryptocurrency but hey the rule of the thumb. Never take anyone's opinion, you have to see it for yourself if it suits to your liking. Cheers Mate.
  8. Truly intrigued about this games, the concept is very fresh and authentic. Definitely will be checking this one out.
  9. One of Asia Live Tech's top products are our Asian Lottery Games. It has vowed everyone across the world whom come across it. lets get into the overview. The Asian continent is no exception to the lottery craze. For a meager entrance price, lotteries provide to their players a chance at winning a prize that is far greater. This low barrier at the entrance means the popularity of lotteries stayed intact once they went online. There are lottery games available in almost every country in the world, followed by millions of players every day, the definite proof of their enduring attractiveness. Sometimes, players just want to try their luck without investing themselves in a table game. Asia Live Tech understood them, bringing its products as explained here. We provide players with lotteries coming from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia, operated by the best licensed companies, ensuring the environment is secure for betting. Each country has their own betting rules, betting variations and winning odds. Nothing is left out, bringing the most precise details as well, reproducing lotteries as they have been witnessed in real life. We pride ourselves in centralizing and bringing to people all the draws and odds for each particular province in those countries. We plan to expand in the near future our lotteries services to other countries so feel free to give a call if one of them interests you. Read more about this at www.asialivetech.com or chat with me on Skype, just add me at live:erwin_1763 asialivetech #alt #cryptocurrency # whitelabelcasino
  10. If you are reading this post, you probably have this simple question: How do I rent a call center office in Cambodia to support my iGaming business? And most importantly: why? Well, you came to the right place, as we are going to answer to these two questions today! How to Rent a Call Center Office in Cambodia? To do so, you have to call the right company offering call center solutions in Cambodia. It is not as simple as renting an office space and the hotline personnel. Far from it actually! First of all, said personnel needs the equipment: phones, computers, headphones, fast Internet and so on. It’s costly, to say the least. Second, they need the training and try as you might, you will have difficulties to find an experienced yet affordable training center specialized in customer service. Googling those keywords will definitely bring results, but it’s not going to be cheap. Third, you need a legal authorization, which might be long to get. The solution, therefore, lies in renting a call center office inside the facilities of authorized companies who are well versed in this, ideally with years of experience, providing the furniture, equipment, staff, training and other resources necessary to be operational right after the opening. Why Renting a Call Center Office in Cambodia? Not only Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries in South-East Asia, but it’s also one of the easiest way to settle in for your activities. Authorizations can be processed and approved, without any administration to bog down the registration. Besides, Cambodia is located at a crossroad, close to most of the big markets in the area, such as China, India, Singapore or Thailand. Finally, many Cambodians speak English and Chinese very well, if not fluently, as it is necessary for them to integrate the global market. It means that once you chose the right company where to open your call center in Cambodia, you just have to focus on running your business operations successfully! In conclusion, renting a call center office in Cambodia is nothing to hesitate about. You won’t have to waste a lot of time on finding your furniture, equipment and needed training, as they can assist you on these. There is an abundance of cheap yet qualified staff, which means you can expand easily. It’s only a matter of selecting the right company to collaborate with in order to help you get started. As it is, we can help you for that. Please visit www.asialivetech.com to get more info or simply add me on Skype at live:erwin_1763. asialivetech #alt #callcenter #support #whitelabelcasino
  11. Live Dealer Casino is an ideal solution for online gaming websites who want to provide the thrill of real games to players. It is the most dynamic, absorbing and engaging entertainment of all, operated 24/7 from our land casinos and therefore accessible from any country around the world. With Asia Live Tech, you will bridge the gap between land and online casinos. Another aspect here is that we are fully Cryptocurrency supported. Live Dealer Casino is the fairest entertainment product in iGaming compared to other games. There is no doubt for them that cheating or any other foolery could have taken place when the dealing and results happen in front of them. Live Dealer Casino products are thus the edge any iGaming website must have to show its commitment and honesty to its players, assuring their fidelity and trust. Our Live Dealer Casino has the following features: Unlimited number of players in each game; Full-screen view; Game statistics updated in real time and shown on players’ screens; Cards shuffled live and always in front of the cameras, to ensure fair gaming and transparency; High/Soft Definition video streaming; A strong and stable Back-Office System (BOS) to manage the system; Delivered in High Definition with fast streaming and instant winnings confirmations, on Windows, iOS Android platforms, by Asian and European dealers alike, Asia Live Tech Live Dealer Casino makes a point to cover all your needs. 1. Live Dealer Table Games The ultimate iGaming entertainment, shortening the gap between online gambling and real gambling. It is the best product to involve players the most in their games. Playing Live with a real Dealer, they are going to show the behavior most real-life clients have: willingness to play for hours, high raise ratio and high retention as they come back for more. Live Dealer Casino is available for the following games (You may check our demo here – www.12macau.com): Baccarat - a. Baccarat (Punto Banco), b. Baccarat Squeeze Card, c. Baccarat Insurance Sic Bo Dragon Tiger Xoc Dia Belangkai Fan-Tan Roulette 2. Live Player Table Games This is Asia Live Tech’s latest innovation. Live table games with a twist, as real players join the real dealers. They will really believe they are inside the casino itself. It is available for the following games: Baccarat (Punto Banco) Sic Bo Dragon Tiger Xoc Dia Belangkai Fan-Tan 3. Live Studio Table Games Our Live Studio Games could also have been named our VIP Dealer Games. If the atmosphere of a real-life casino feels too crowded or too dense, the Live Studio product is there. With no people around but the Live Dealers (from Asia and Europe), this product gives to high rollers a classy experience they will not forget. It is available for the following games: Baccarat - a. Baccarat (Punto Banco),b. Baccarat Squeeze Card Sic Bo Roulette 4. Telephone Betting Usually, betting is done thanks to Windows computers and Mobile Applications. However, even them may not be enough sometimes, especially if players have a slow connection and cannot validate their bets on time. Make sure every player is reached with our unique feature: telephone betting, also known as proxy betting. Through phone calls, the player can instruct a casino operator alongside the live dealer to place wagers, monitoring the progression on the web, thanks to our live streaming cameras. As the operator confirms wins or losses, betting has never been safer. Well this will be something that will be good to have in your online casino and definitely something good to start out in if you are new to the iGaming industry. Read more at http://www.asialivetech.com/products/live-dealer-casino/ or you can always get in touch with me on Skype at live:erwin_1763
  12. Affiliate Program | Bitcoin Casino Affiliates

    @Haylee Wilson I think there may be something that interests me here. Lets chat in private.
  13. Asia Live Tech prides itself to being the FIRST Bitcoin iGaming Software Provider in Asia. This statement alone brings a lot of weight to the context as it means that our games and offerings through ALT Games ( Live Dealer Casino & Slot) are fully supportive of Cryptocurrency payment methods as well as standard Fiat (Normal Currency) payment methods. Asia Live Tech constantly in the background work to innovated and improve our products to ensure that our clients and their platforms are always receiving the best. Lets take a quick view on Asia Live Tech's product integration : Integrating Our Products To Your Existing Gambling Sites Products Integration is for those who already own a gambling website, Asia Live Tech can provide the edge you need against your competitors, setting up the games you require to ensure customer satisfaction and entertainment diversity, as the trend these last years has been valuing quantity. More content, more options, more possibilities and ultimately more profits await the casino operators willing to surge their results with our solutions. PRODUCTS INTEGRATION Asia Live Tech - Live Dealer Casino In addition of the traditional table games such as Baccarat and Roulette, we also have Asians favorite table games: Belangkai, Xoc Dia, Dragon Tiger, Fan-Tan, Sic Bo and many others are at your disposal. Asia Live Tech - Live Studio Live Streaming solutions. Table games have never looked so alive on the Internet until we arrived. Your players will feel like they are inside a real casino. Asia Live Tech - Slots More than 20 slots developed by our certified programmers. Asia Live Tech - Keno & Lottery Asian lotteries coming from every country in South-East Asia, plus keno, a bingo-like lottery extremely popular around the world. Asia Live Tech - Sportsbook Sportsbook betting for any championship, for any sport. No matter where you are, you can answer to your customers’ demands on sports betting. Their favorite tournaments will be one click away. Asia Live Tech Platform Integration principles of Asia Live Tech: 1. respect of your own infrastructure 2. flexibility 3. ease to use 4. scalability 5. accuracy. This solution is also open for aggregators who wish to implement our products in their catalogue, bringing more advantages to their own business. For sure these information is something that will interest you but at the same time im pretty sure that you will be having more questions as well. So there 2 ways browse www.asialivetech.com or add me up in Skype at live:erwin_1763 and we talk more. asialivetech #alt #productintegration #casino #online casino
  14. Asia Live Tech's Tour in London has come to MASSIVE SUCCESSFUL END through our participation in ICE TOTALLY GAMING 2018 and the LONDON AFFILIATE CONFERENCE. ASIA LIVE TECH which is the First Bitcoin iGaming Software Provider in Asia, truly has set a new benchmark in the way iGaming providers help cultivate new operators in the market. We have been through it all and we understand what a new operator needs when they venture into the iGaming world. That is the very reason that Asia Live Tech provides a platform that is user friendly as well as the newly introduced iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool, in which qualified new operators will receive a certain percentage on top of their total gross winnings. Its just a lot of juicy details to just say everything here. So the best way would be to get in touch with us directly at www.asialivetech.com or add me up on Skype at live:erwin_1763 Here some cool moments during the final day of our tour.
  15. Asia Live Tech live from London Affiliate Conference on its 2nd Day. This was truly a huge success for Asia Live Tech. Asia Live Tech has brought a concept that is new to the affiliate industry but at the same time it is the dream of every affiliate our there. What is it? Promote Your OWN BRAND & BE AN iGAMING BOSS. Check out some of our live footage below and talk with us soon by visiting www.asialivetech.com or you can talk with me on Skype as well at live:erwin_1763 #igaming #asialivetech #alt #affiliate

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