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  1. 1Pz6gZqbWXYWZuYS8TpHNoHKNWZsnpX79x Thx!
  2. New Altar here : http://cthulhu.tk/faucet
  3. Wallet Feature Requests

    Sort Recent transactions by date (now orphaned blocks are always at the top) Add new columns to Coin control window (min age date, max age date, predicted stake value)
  4. BeJ4BnwX4LM8h6e1x8y7Jug3pG28PrvoLb Thanks!
  5. 773dy9zx32Ts2PJ3pc1pMqEfvSoH8bJgyj Thanks
  6. [KED] Klingon Darsek Giveaway

    DBg9hzRETWaGZ4BavunLUREFUuuxRmd6J4 Thank you sir
  7. Rehq4oVNDkjcBbThk5FL6x5gSCZQFfSqQQ Thx!
  8. L3VMQGSLW5PZmrvZ5CG4aoGXbLQ7imdNRs Thanks!
  9. Giveaway of FFC, 2 FFC /address [CLOSED]

    FhLF4541TKgd8EqQKWcD8s5h93k7GowBoK Thank you!
  10. Luckycoin giveaway 1: Get Lucky!

    L3VMQGSLW5PZmrvZ5CG4aoGXbLQ7imdNRs Thx!

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