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  1. Thanks, all coins sent!!' ' Will be closing the givaway now.
  2. set up a Redcoin p2pool

    it looks right, however ive never done it, let us know how you get on
  3. http://altcoingambling.com/16BitBet/RED
  4. redcoin bomb game

    invest and win!! http://coinbomb.biz
  5. all sent! now go an have some fun with your coins: http://redcoincasino.com
  6. over 2,000,000 has been invested within 12 hrs.
  7. hope you netcoin freeks are blackjack players... ill be adding NETCOIN to my coinjack game over the next few days!
  8. Redsters, http://coinbomb.biz is live again!!! still beta testing, so pm me if you find anymore bugs Its very easy to play and impossible to lose OBJECT OF THE GAME: Buy your investment, and hope like hell that somone purchases your investment within 3 days... If they do, you will win your investment back along with 15 - 45% interest. If they dont you win the Progressive Jackpot. HOW TO PLAY: Simply hit the buy Now button, enter the address you wanna be paid, send the funds, and wait for somone to buy it, when they do you will be paid right away. NOTES: You must send the funds and have at least 3 confirmations, within 10 minutes. House takes commission of 1% of all wins Progressive Jackpot takes 2% of all wins Wrong amounts, or amounts that arnt confirmed in time are refunded after 6 confirms, minus a 10% fee http://coinbomb.biz
  9. redcoin mining guide

    let me know if anything should be added
  10. Redcoin mining guide for noobs I'll concentrate on Windows, as all noobs use Windows. 1. Download the client from http://redcoin.pw/download.php unzip it, then run it for the first time. 2. Go to "My Computer", Tools/Organize => Folder options => View, switch on "Display the contents of system folders" and "Show hidden files". Then switch off "Hide extensions for known filetypes". You can aslo find this menu by doing what's written here: http://windows.microsoft.com/is-is/windows7/change-folder-options 3. Go to C:/Users/YourUsername/AppData/Roaming/Redcoin, make a new text file, rename it to redcoin.conf, paste this sample config and save the file, feel free to modify the settings to your likings, just don't call me if it doesn't work: Code: listen=1 daemon=1 server=1 rpcuser=user777 rpcpassword=pass777 rpcport=11632 rpcallowip= user777 AND pass777 can be anything, its what you would enter in the GUIminer for SOLO mining. 4. Shutdown and Restart your Redcoin client to make use of the new config 5. Get GUIminer-Scrypt from here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=150331.0 , unzip it to a location of your choice. Be sure to use an external unzipper as the Windows built-in unzipper has problems with the file (at least in my experience), then run it. It may come up with a virus warning because it contains a server, this is not a virus. 6. If you want to mine solo, add the following values into their respective fields in GUIminer, also note that your redcoin client must be running while mining solo: Host: localhost Port: 11632 Username, Password: user777 and pass777, or what ever you specified in the redcoin.conf Device: Choose which device you want to mine on GPU Defaults: Choose your GPU, the default values are rather optimal Extra flags: none if the time between blocks is close to the intended time, -s 1 -E 2 -Q 0 if blocks get solved very fast. Use stratum: No If you want to mine on a pool, change the following settings from their counterpart above, you can close the redcoin client if you want to: Port: The port the pool runs on, normally shown on the how to page of the pool or in the address bar if it's a p2pool. Use stratum: Depends on the pool, some use it, some don't, check the how-to page. P2Pools always have stratum enabled. Username, Password: On P2pools use your wallet address as username and x (or anything else) as password. On normal pools use the worker name and password, which you can specify on the worker page of the pool. 7. Hit start! 8. I recommend you install MSI Afterburner or a similar tool to check the temps of your GPU. If it runs too hot (above 80°C is too hot), set the fan to a fixed speed (85% max, above will ruin your fan) or you can try to undervolt your card (must switch on voltage control in settings first). You can also downclock it, but this will make the card run slower. 9. Keep watching your redcoins fly into your wallet.
  11. they are but the issue is most coins are specifically pump n dumps, trading on an exchange is all that can be done with them.
  12. nLoB53nhvyn3Q4RpESPGfihWmqWWCSnP9M 5x for being first

    sent, you can give it away however you like

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