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  1. Researchers should have more, they are the core of Gridcoin. Gridcoin will always survive even without investors. because the people who make this thing happen are crunching right now. "90% to Research, 8% to Neural Network, 2% to Stake"
  2. Can you please consider to enter here.
  3. Hi guys, I'm a blogger in Steemit in needs of help and support. I started many initiatives to promote Gridcoin and its values. in many languages. I wrote a lot of decent posts about Gridcoin and designed many decent images that can be used in social media. and there are one project undergoing promote this coin. but I must say that I received a low support, so if someone can help me, it will be very kind and encouraging. This is really about encouragements to keep doing this. You can see my posts here: 1- Manually back up your Gridcoin wallet. 2- Gridcoin Advertising. 3- Gridcoin Ascending # 1.0 (AR) 4- Gridcoin Ascending # 1.1 (EN)_(FR) 5- Gridcoin Ascending # 2.0 [En] _ [Ar] 6- Secure Your Crypto Wallet [Ransomware] _ [Autobackup] 7- Gridcoin Ascending # 2.1 [En] If anyone can support me, here are my addresses: GRC : SLQNhkNGt9bwmCpWCrQuCToSBR99M7U2nQ BTC: 1Pevj9khsZm97hfTsbqwUpR69yGDiUhDAk Thank you for your read. Good luck.
  4. Hi guys, I started with GRC before a week or 2 now, and I'm now in grcpool as I was advised. If anyone can help me with some Grc it will be great, I know that you need like 2k before you go solo, but It will really encourage me to keep it up. SLQNhkNGt9bwmCpWCrQuCToSBR99M7U2nQ Best of luck everyone.
  5. Hi guys. I have the a problem with the wallet, the thing is that when I want to save a backup.dat it give me this error. https://imgur.com/a/msGr0 Can you please help. thank you.
  6. @Earl Thank you for you help man thanks a lot.
  7. @Earl Thank you man. I want to ask you a question. is there a must have amount to start with or 1GRC will be enough ?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm as much of you here, new at Gridcoin. and If anyone would help me to get a stater amount this will be most appreciated. SLQNhkNGt9bwmCpWCrQuCToSBR99M7U2nQ Thank you.

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