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  1. RT @CCT: 5 DeepOnion coins (current value $20+) https://t.co/uGSRflTrKt #crypto #blockchain #news #fintech #Bitcoin #giveaway #free thx @De…

  2. The MASSIVE Tether Ticking Time BOMB https://t.co/j802y5Nszt #crypto #blockchain #news #fintech #cryptocurrency

  3. Bitcoin watchers, running out of explanations, are blaming the slump on the moon https://t.co/jSWRsJZYdI via @technology

  4. Bitcoin pops above $14,000 for the first time https://t.co/e82PtV6qL7 via @CNNMoney

  5. Square is taking on cryptocurrency exchanges — and it represents a $30 million opportunity https://t.co/hbhsePvGIG via @clusterstock

  6. What Will Happen At The Time Of The Bitcoin Hard Fork? via @forbes https://t.co/sWYQ2GSS2N

  7. Biddercoin - Decentralized Auctioning Blockchain Bidder Coin is a decentralized bidding engine that brings peer to peer buying and selling for everybody at no cost. It serves as a platform that isn’t controlled by any single individual, board or other central entity. Armed with self-executing smart contracts, Bidder Coin aims to remove middle man and trade fee when it comes to buying and selling by means of auctions. Website https://biddercoin.com/ Whitepaper https://biddercoin.com/images/pdf/WhitePaper_Bidder_Coin__English.pdf Twitter https://twitter.com/biddercoin Facebook https://www.facebook.com/biddercoins/ Telegram https://t.me/biddercoin Slack https://biddercoin.slack.com/messages/C6AGP64HE/ Medium https://medium.com/@biddercoin
  8. STUBBA [STUB] - The New Standard In Ticketing We believe that commission based-booking fees are a thing of the past, and that customers should be entitled to a seamless cross platform ticketing experience without having to pay the price. With Stubba event holders simply have to pay a small monthly fee to host their events on Stubba and tickets to their events will be available to customers with absolutely no booking fees. Website https://stubba.com/ ICO Website http://ico.stubba.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/stubbacom Instagram https://www.instagram.com/stubbacom/ Telegram https://t.me/stubbacom Slack https://stubbacom.slack.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Stubbacom/
  9. [HLTH] SimplyVital Health - Powering True Care SimplyVital Health are powering true care and propelling the healthcare infrastructure forward. With an increasingly connected world and a global shift away from payment based on volume in healthcare, providers and patients are seeking more efficiency in care coordination. When providers work together across clinical boundaries, patient care is better, more streamlined, and less expensive. However, existing siloed infrastructure creates a massive barrier, crippling the providers’ ability to improve care. SimplyVital Health is a blockchain oriented distributed system specifically designed for Healthcare. Existing blockchain distributed systems are not adequate for healthcare, the goal of SimplyVital Health is to create a blockchain system that can pass the security expectations and requirements of healthcare by ensuring better data integrity, encryption, and by providing a validation system to ensure the miners running this network are compliant entities. Website https://tokensale.simplyvitalhealth.com/ Whitepaper https://docsend.com/view/cuufmc5 Twitter https://twitter.com/SimplyVitalHQ Telegram https://t.me/HealthNexus Discord https://discord.gg/2Wfg524 Blog https://www.simplyvitalhealth.com/blog
  10. ABR | Augmented Bionic Limbs from Decentralized Labs ABR is a chain of decentralized labs conducting research into the field of human-machine interface and bionic engineering. Collaboration with the best specialists and laboratories, fast hypothesis verification/hypothesis testing, using flexible methodologies help to shorten the new technology development process from 5-7 to 1,5-2 years. The “RECONSTRUCT” project is a set of technologies necessary for creating/making/developing augmented bionic limbs which are as close as possible to the original ones, given to human by nature. The “RECONSTRUCT” project uses the principles of bionic engineering to ultimately recreate/restore a limb. Not only is the external view reconstructed but also the structure: bones, muscles and tendons which altogether provide fluency and accuracy in movement. Bionic augmented limbs are used in prosthetic repair, science and astronautic/space field. Website http://abrlab.com/ Whitepaper http://abrlab.com/file.pdf Twitter https://twitter.com/ABR_lab Facebook https://www.facebook.com/abrlabs/ Medium http://medium.com/@abr_lab Telegram https://telegram.me/abrlab
  11. Check out our NEW YouTube Video NOW! https://youtu.be/J5F8KBv6cE0 Masternodes Footy Cash is the only Fantasy Sports Coin with Masternodes! This is great opportunity for investors looking for a big return on their investment. With just 5,000 XFT you can set up your very own Footy Cash Masternode and start earning FREE rewards! It's among the most affordable on the market to set up. With a rare supply of 4.5 million coins, Footy Cash promises to earn a substantial return on investment as the price continues to grow. Fantasy Sports In 2017, it's estimated that over 100 million people will participate in fantasy sports competitions worldwide. What started out as a small niche category of sports enthusiasts participating in weekly competitions with friends, has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. DraftKings and FanDuel are the industry leaders in the daily fantasy space with nearly 15 million combined users. Privacy Concerns As the player and prize pools continue to increase, so does the need for better payment options. The large fantasy sports websites use archaic payment methods like Credit Cards and PayPal that require users to provide their name, address, phone number, credit card information, billing information, and even social security number to make a simple deposit. Do you really want to give a 3rd party all this information so you can gamble on sports? Withdrawal Process You entered a NFL competition with 500 other contestants and won $10,000. Congratulations! You quickly select the Cashier function and go to make your withdrawal so you can go out for some beers on Friday night and celebrate your victory with friends. You enter all the required information, and notice that it will take 2-8 business days for your to receive your funds. That's a long time to wait for YOUR money. There must be a simpler way! Anonymous Transactions Footy Cash is the payment solution for Fantasy Sports. Our cutting-edge wallet includes the DarkSend and InstantX features that help alleviate privacy cocerns in the fantasy sports industry. DarkSend mixes the coins so that can trace the IP address or wallet address while InstantX allows you to send your transaction instantaneously. Footy Cash is a huge improvement over Credit Cards and PayPal that have added features, require personal information, and often take 2-8 business days to be credited to your account when you win. Link to old thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1374929.0 Scrypt 0.5 XFT POS Block Rewards 2/3 Masternode/Client Split Diff Re-Target: 2 Blocks Block Time: 60 Secs Maturity: 188 Blocks Min Stake: 8 Hours 40MB Maximum Block Size Rare Supply: 4.5 Million XFT + PoS/Masternode 2016 Fair Launch! - No ICO or Pre-Mine https://github.com/FootyCash/FootyCash.git Masternode Instructions: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@hearmespeak/footy-cash-the-fantasy-sports-coin-with-masternodes https://join.slack.com/t/footycash/shared_invite/MjE5MTU2ODE5MTQyLTE1MDExMTY3NDQtOTAzYjgyNjRkOQ http://xft.dblocks.io/ https://twitter.com/Footy_Cash https://www.investfeed.com/Footy https://discord.gg/mqsHJ5D https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=XFT_BTC

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