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  1. The Fast and Furious : Tokyo Drift is a cult classic movie. It started of something amazing. I don't like movies with parts but the whole Furious Franchise is one of the best. The main theme music of the movie is the picking point. How highly do you rate the Fast and Furious Franchise.
  2. Christian Bale is one of my favourite actors. The best thing i like about him is his dedication to the role. He always studies the role of the character and delievers an amazing performance. The way he portrayed Batman is commendable. I was really happy with all his Batman movies.
  3. The use of Artificial Intelligence is a very debateable topic. There are some valid points on both sides of the coin. The biggest wary i have of using A.I is that who will control it. I mean what will happen if a rival competitor tries to manipulate the entire system.
  4. I am sorry to say that Zack Snyder has once again let me down. I was really excited by the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice but it wasn't upto my expectations. Don't get me started on the whole Martha story. DC Universe needs to sit down and think carefully where they are going.
  5. It is very hard to explain why i like Coffee. I can't live without it. The taste of Coffee is one of the best things in life especially in the morning. I drink about two to three cups a day of it. Thank God to the the person who invented the way of making Coffee. What do you say Coffee lovers?
  6. I watched the Supernatural season until the fifth season. Then, i stopped watching. They have prolonged the series too much and they should have stopped till the fifth season. I don't know what is happening now. Can someone fast track me on what is happening. I would be real thankful.
  7. I don't know how many spiderman remakes are they going to make. I love the original Spiderman with Toby Maguire in it. They should stop making any more of them. And another big problem is that they are making Spiderman more younger with each part. They should go for a mature look.
  8. I was really disppointed by the Deadpool 2 movie. The first part was something amazing. I was not in favour of a Deadpool sequel. because the first part was perfect. I hope that they will finish here. I want to see the Deadpool character in an another movie like a collaboration.
  9. You should invest in Cryptocurrency, if you want something interesting in life and have some money lying around. Forex trading and Cryptocurrency investing is the business of the future. You should be surprised to know the capital volume of both the business. Just see the stats for yourself.
  10. Suicide squad was one of the best movies ever made. The entire cast had a real good chemistry among each other. Margot Robbie and Will Smith were the outstanding performers. However, i was slightly disappointed by the performance of Joker. But over-all thw movie was really good.
  11. To be honest, i did not have much expectations with the movie. But when i watched the entire movie, i was really surprised to how awesome it was. Gal Gadot delievered an amazing performance which was good to see. I hope that they will make a sequel real soon.
  12. Thor : Ragnarok was a decent movie but not the best Thor movie. The movie was full of light comedy and the whole storyline was weak. The worst thing i like about it was that Hulk was talking. It was really awkward. I hope that they understand this and will not make such mistakes in the next movies.
  13. I don't that it will be feaseable for small-scale business. You have to implement a lot of things. The best thing i like about cryptocurrency is that it has created an alternative to mainstream currency. You can carry out any sort of financial transactions. What do you think guys?
  14. For becoming a successful forex trader, a good forex broker is required. It is easy to find anything in this age of internet. You should see the reviews and comments on forex brokers before selecting anyone. You should not haste things for this matter and think thoroughly before choosing one.
  15. One of the best places to go for a honeymoon has to Switzerland The entire country is full of beautiful and exotic locations to spend the time with your loved one. Another great destination is Paris. The city of love. Honeymoon is a special time. You should not be miser at such a precious time.

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