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  1. I appreciate you concern; and if you are really out here solely to warn people about potential scams then I can only applaud that. Granted I didn't follow up on XXXcoin which Edward and the rest of the team did, the point I was making is that they are only showing one side of the story on that graph and that it is therefore not something I would consider proof. Personally I don't get the point of delivering so-called proof by claiming that some coins have partners while we apparently don't, it is not necessarily a good thing to have 100 of partners. As mentioned a long time ago and a few times in between. We are aiming for one or only a few big partnerships that make a difference, not a whole bunch of small ones. The claim that we don't have partners is by the way, simply not true. There are partners listed on the website. I am certainly not the most active member of Titcoin team which is mainly due to a heavy job on the side. I am simply here to take over a bit of work from the core team who is working every day on this and is a bit too busy to answer timely. I am sure however that Edward and the team will give you a more correct answer if you insist. The reason why I thought that you could be from another coin (but you might as well be not and you might be really concerned about people who start in cryptocurrency) is that the proof seems to take only one perspective into account that suits another coin and simply say that another perspective which is strong in our coin is irrelevant.That is not proof, that is an opinion. For my opinion (and not necessarily the rest of the team their opinion) on your statements: - All this press and still no merchants accepting TIT... I think I handled this one. - You guys really think the adult industry doesn't know about the benefits of crypto-currency? No, we think they are perfectly aware of it's existence and how it works. However, some of them are afraid of it and we give them the possibility work with us and give them an advantage. If you read back you can see that this was already on our pre-launch announcement one of the first strategy points.Some of them are very aware and even know how it works technically, others are simply not. Some of the companies we talked to only accepted Bitcoin after we talked to them which we think is an example that there are certainly opportunities to make the industry more aware of cryptocoin possibilities and form partnerships. In our presentations we explain them how it works and how they can benefit from it. Some pornstars work on their own and are still very suspicious about cryptocoin currency. About your 3 questions, I don't see how I can give a decent comment on that. You make insinuations that 2 achievements are worth nothing while ignoring the rest. Then you claim that we don't share any other news. I would invite you to follow facebook or twitter since there has been far more news than that. I also mentioned a few times that posting information on a potential contract that is not agreed on yet only scares away potential partners. Yet we recently did share news about an upcoming contract so I don't see how your point is even valid. The fact that we were not the first is true and I will never contradict that. If you go back in the forum you could read that I mention about 2-3? times (would have to go back and count) that SexCoin was the first and where we explain why we think we are different. The only thing we saw is that during our marketing period there were other coins suddenly popping up with a similar name like TittieCoin that also suddenly starts to post things on our forum. We never said we were the first, we said we were earlier than WKC and Tittiecoin and were announced way in advance as it should, we also said our premine was way smaller than WKC. About the stealing ideas, we simply 'had the feeling' that when we made a move, other coins sometimes followed. While this might be a coincidence we prefer not to announce our moves in advance. That still doesn't mean the news doesn't come out, as mentioned earlier, we are quite open about everything we do.
  2. I would kindly ask you to keep your insults for yourself from now on, if you want to express your frustrations, that is fine, but do so in a decent manner and don't do it over and over again. This doesn't contribute anything to anyone. If you don't like Titcoin, then go post on a forum of a coin you do like. You made your point, that's that.
  3. I enjoyed reading this, this is exactly how I feel when these kind of events happen. Before I got involved with Titcoin I followed several coins, bought several coins, mined quite bit, talked to developers, designed logos and these patterns are often there. The people who are the most aggressive on forums are often the ones who are trying to draw the attention to their scamcoin(S). Some indeed have been expecting of us to spawn contracts as if it is done by having a casual drink with someone in a bar at 7pm and confirming the contract with a handshake at 8pm. Others have sent us messages threatening to crash the market if we don't move soon. We can only keep telling those people that we are not going to pump this coin, we are going to make it last and make it grow. And for that we adopt the necessary technologies, not the most fancy ones that are hot. The fact that we are still here and working hard shows one thing, we are here for the long run and we are determined. This venture has been quite an investment for all of us and I must say it is good to read that people can see that, you sir, made my evening.
  4. Look it isn't the first time someone from another adult industry coin comes to our forums and starts doing what you are doing. I am not even going to remove your post since anyone with brains won't fall for it. On the contrary, it shows how low some people go to try to break competition. You have the right to have your opinion but if you believe that site that is only slightly biased you make yourself a suspect of being an affiliate of another coin. This site is created to promote Wankcoin and the sites they list are part of a chain. Even speaking in the defence of SXC and XXX, they are not doing as bad as this website tries to represent. How easy is it to make a website with a matrix where you only list your positive points and put some checkmarks on them. I have been in research for a while where people use the same crooked strategies to 'prove' a point and that is exactly why I left this world behind. Let us now each continue with our work and behave ourselves towards competition as gentlemen.
  5. Of course you can, we appreciate the concern of our supporters. Gaining support and gaining traction takes a lot of work and is done one step at a time. When we have news, we will release it. At the moment you can already use your Titcoin with 3 performers and sites listed on our website under 'partners' ( we are looking for bigger partners as we speak. We are still working hard to push Titcoin further)
  6. I'm sorry I missunderstood. This is indeed our official pool however we are not running it. The owner of the pool stopped communicating with us and it appears he has shutdown his pool. He is currently not responding to Edwards e-mails, we are looking into this, I'll let you know when we have more news.
  7. https://www.mupool.com/ is still online if I surf to it. Issues with pools should be directed to the pools as you were doing. All we can do is ask them the same thing that you already asked. It is wise never to leave too many coins on a pool since anyone can host a pool and build up a good reputation. I don't see why you are so aggressive towards us since we have nothing to do with this and insinuate that we would dissapear. I assume the mupool admin is doing everything to solve your problems, if your problems persist and are not dealt with in a reasonable time let us know and we will remove the pool from our website.

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