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  1. Asicboost Mining Technology is a carefully ‘worked-out hoax or trick’. The expertise of Bitmain attracted a big storm in 2017. Most people, including Gregory Maxwell, Chief Technology Officer of Bitcoin, believe that Asicboost mining has a non-competitive feature; it took advantage of an error or weakness that had occurred within the Bitcoin’s mining system giving the company a huge upper hand against its competitors. Thus, this notes an important factor; Asicboost mining is just an upgraded version of an existing technology. This technology appeared in March 2016. Dr Timo Hanke was involved in its white paper as well as in its official patent together with Sergio Lerner. Read More: https://www.tokens24.com/cryptopedia/mining/asicboost-mining-technology-how-does-it-work
  2. Bitcoin experienced one of the highest peaks in December last year where it hit the $20,000 mark. It has since dipped, hitting $6,000. As to why this fall happened, Chainalysis has dipped its hands into data to determine what really transpired. Chainalysis is a respected team of analysts who have previously worked on why Mt Gox wound up. There report called “The Great Bitcoin Price Dip: Its Causes and a Way Forward”, Chainalysis discusses the price of Bitcoin over the past three months. While the discussion lacks graphical presentations, its observations are interesting and they are backed by evidence. Check out the full report here: https://www.tokens24.com/news/chainalysis-bitcoin-dipped/
  3. Quick Guide by Tokens24: Poloniex: Getting Started
  4. The Most Valuable Crypto Market Insights for 2018 by Tokens24!
  5. 2017 turned to be one of the best years of digital currencies with BTC creating a global media storm. Its popularity benefited other altcoins, ICOs, and tokens. Therefore, we should expect something new in 2018... https://www.tokens24.com/news/blockchain-changes-2018/
  6. "The numbers of pages available to search for on the internet are limitless, with one keyword potentially leading to millions of pages. However, those pages are only visible pages, and there could be countless other pages that are beyond the scope of search engines and browsing. These are the invisible pages, the Darknet, Deepnet, Deep Web, Invisible Web, or Hidden Internet..." DarkNet or DeepNet: What is it and how can you Access it
  7. 2018 will be the year of Litecoin. I just don't understand why it has such a low value at the moment, but i see this as a good time to invest more money in this coin. It will reach $300 in January which will offer a 25% profit if you buy now! Not bad at all huh? https://www.tokens24.com/coin/litecoin/
  8. In short, the Bitcoin mempool (an abbreviation of memory pool) refers to the ‘pool’ of unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions that have been verified by the Bitcoin nodes but has not yet been added to the Bitcoin blockchain. To be added to the Bitcoin blockchain, transactions in the mempool must be collated by Bitcoin miners. In order to be accessible to miners, Bitcoin nodes have to communicate with each other until the entire blockchain network is aware of the transaction. Once it has been verified, the collection of unconfirmed transactions taken from the mempool is called a block, which is added to the Bitcoin blockchain by miners. Read full article: Bitcoin Mempool
  9. Yes ADA seems very promising! Unfortunately, I bought late and $0.48 is not good enough for me.. Let's hope it goes up to $1 in 2018!
  10. I would say Litecoin, Neo, Monaco, Iota and Zcoin. What do you guys think about Zcoin? Can it reach $100 in 2018? I enjoyed this month's substantial increase but I'm concerned with the latest drop in price.

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