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  1. My friend: 0x0A6B6853244a397Fb481927556A882BB8b3Fc4dc 1900 RTD Robot Trading Token for only 0.10 ETH investment 0.008225108225108225 ETH received for only 0.10 ETH investment Transaction: 0x32df75edb1e1ea8369d296e84fb17def6a49ded92ff5b0081b1100ec1e852750 = 0.1 ETH on December 17, 2017 This is mine: 0x58a1dF9F525a38C83c6f103E809a1cC4a41FE245 2000 RTD Robot Trading Token for 0.20 ETH investment 0.008658008658008658 ETH received for 0.20 ETH investment Transaction: 0x46e732b2f823d70f3c4d3210da505645f305547cd849f4a8e4c44a17d346ff82 = 0.2 ETH on December 18, 2017 So I am missing 1800 RTD tokens as I invested 2X more than my friend. Also, I am missing 0.008225108225108225 ETH payment as I invested 2X more than my friend.

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