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  1. Thank you @Jimmy - I was following a sub-forum, so had to go into the forums and manually un-follow... I think this should be sorted now.
  2. I have no followed content, but I am still getting emails: Profile > Manage Followed Content Any idea how I stop them? Thanks
  3. I found an answer which is close enough..... So for people wondering whether to solo mine or create a pool and mine on their own pool (same result as solo, but loads of hassle) then Litecoinpool has a calculator that you can use to work out if it's worthwhile Currently, you'd need 40x L3+ miners (~20,000 MHs) to reach a 90% probability of finding a block in under 2 weeks. https://www.litecoinpool.org/calc?hashrate=20000&speedunit=MH%2Fs&difficulty=5033510.4290063&price=210.01000000&currency=USD&power=&energycost=0.10
  4. Can anyone give me an indication or calculation of when it's best to mine in a public pool vs mine in a private pool. By Private pool I mean one that I setup myself using generally available software. I'm guessing this also depends on the crypto being mined? Let's say LTC or BTC. Many thanks.
  5. Can anyone advise on any crypto exchanges with an autosell feature? Many thanks, Paul

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