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  1. New wallet release, upated checkpoints, source updated on github Note to new users if you are downloading the blockchain from the start it may 'stick' around block 20,000 twice All you have to do is stop the client, restart it, at most two times. I hear there are some Blade Faucets ?? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz8503hoyr74WlJOYjlQSnNlQ3c/edit?usp=sharing
  2. No objections although the codebase only supports 3 characters ... I believe it can be tweaked in qt to show 5 ... If you want to code it or if anyone has helpful features to add please do a gitpull and I will test & merge asap. It may be a few days before i can brew it up myself. I am greatful to Hondo for the contributions made to the code. Blade may not have survived (as well or at all) without his help. Also Campeck has done excellent work in promoting Blade and should be recognized also ! Thank you both and ALL others supporting BLADE ! By 2019 Blade will rise to the top of the world of cryptocurrency for sure. It may happen sooner !!
  3. The Austin Exchange is closing , remove your coins if you had any there on deposit. Let's keep things rolling ! Lot's of other exchanges !!
  4. Remember you cannot mine Blade - You have to buy some if you want it or visit the faucets - proof of stake pays 20.19% per year.

  5. Lots of activity ! Thanks to everyone !! For anyone having issues with cloning the source on github I just merged the branches so you can use standard commands now. Sorry for any confusion Before you would have just needed to get clone -b bladec But I changed it -- Let me know how things are going !!
  6. Blade is starting to be recognized as one of the original most stable proof of stake only coins. Thanks to the new exchanges for adding the coin. I will get the main page updated soon with links to the faucet & new exchanges we are added to. Thanks to everyone who took part & continues to take part.
  7. Thought I would check in to see how everyone is enjoying the coin !! I notice it sees some action on the Xnigma most days...... Next step is reach out to Blade Runner fans and conventions to honor the greatest Sci Fi movie of all time. Thanks for all supporters of Blade, the network will continue to run. Big things await !!!
  8. RT @XnigmaExchange: http://t.co/9hQqbTBCHy back online for real this time. Sorry about that, issues with the DNS.

  9. Thanks to the efforts again of Hondo with a few snips added by me ...... Blade has an update with checkpoints and an important security patch. This is version The Leon Kowalski Version Download the windows qt wallet now available only with UPnP support (to help build connectivity around the network) http://www.mediafire.com/download/zwv6t4twz2cp306/Blade_4.0.1.1_The_Leon_Kowalski_Version.7z The source code is updated.
  10. Enjoy it, as the network is stable this week a client update is planned. It will be non mandatory. Fans of the movie Blade Runner have several events worldwide every year. Sooner or later Blade will be involved. Discussions have been started. Any news will be posted here.
  11. An excellent idea -- A customized client might be a good idea for the next release.
  12. Thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of Blade Special thanks to 'Hondo' a smart developer who I probably would not have been able to fix this without him providing code and tests. Now we can all reap the rewards --- many of you named and unnamed have helped with Blade Now just leave your wallet open and earn. I have resources to keep the network alive for the rest of my natural life and then some although in time I expect it to grow and not need dedicated nodes. Still since proof of work is over with I may not have much news here to post. We still have one exchange thanks to the community of support that got behind this coin. Eventually others will follow. No one can ever say they had no shot at Blade. It was no ipo like the scams you see all over now. It was no 3 day mine then stake only. There was plenty of time and promotion from a lot of people who I can never thank that made sure everyone was aware of it. If they chose not to mine it was their own doing. I think Blade to be worth .01 BTC by the year 2019 when the movie Blade Runner took place.
  13. All new wallets are available now on @cryptocointalk here https://t.co/ftJrknIhK2

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