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  1. I regret to announce that it takes a lot of time to update the system than Ori's expectation. The system needs more time to maintain and upgrade. Thus, they will pause OriBand. And OriBand will be back at 2:00 on 25th April 2018. Best regards,
  2. According to the notification from Ori, the duration of Band Game will have the change from 20th April 2018. And they will open a new time frame for Users from 8:00 to 10:00 on weekdays. You please master the time of Band to join in the program at http://band.oricoin.co on time. Good luck!
  3. As far as I know, Ori just notified that stakingclub.co is the ecosystem of the Ori community. The accounts and the system from manager.oricoin.co will be officially operated at stakingclub.co So you pay attention: To log in the Ori system, you please go to stakingclub.co.
  4. The yesterday's reward for the winner in Band Game is 6.5 ETH. But there were not any winners. And of course, the reward for the winner will increase 10% in the next day. And today, the reward for the winner will be 7 ETH. This is a valuable reward. And it's a pity if we miss the precious opportunity.
  5. THE RULES OF BAND GAME AS FOLLOWS: The backward clock runs from 10 seconds to 0, which ID takes the lead first (ID is unique) will be the winner. The player bands continuously, there are no bands of the other players in 10 seconds. In 10 seconds, anyone clicks band, it will automatically reset at 10 seconds. It's an easy for you to receive the valuable rewards in Band Game. Is that right? GOOD LUCK FOR ALL! THE CHANCE WON'T WAIT FOR ANYONE. QUICK HANDS TO RECEIVE THE VALUABLE REWARDS FROM THE PROGRAM.
  6. THE BASIC PRINCIPLE THAT WE NEED TO REMEMBER IF WE WANT TO INVEST IN THE ELECTRONIC CURRENCY! Start with a small amount. The first thing we need to keep in mind that we should start investing in electronic currency with a small amount. We buy a small amount of coin and then use them to get acquainted with the transaction method, transferring money and storing our coin safely. After we feel comfortable, we can increase the amount of holdings. The process of buying and selling, transferring from this account to other account and finding the place to store the electronic currency is totally different from the traditional investment method or the traditional banking transaction. In the world of the electronic currency, only need make a mistake, we can lose money at once. If we enter our wallet address incorrectly, we can also lose money. There are no any selections "Forget your password" for us in the world of electronic currency. Thus, let's get acquainted with the mechanism of electronic currency market from a small amount before we pour our all money into here. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR SELECTION!
  7. Today is the last chance so that we can convert from Ori into OriBiz with the ratio of 1 Ori = 10 OriBiz. Tomorrow, the conversion price of Ori and OriBiz will increase with the ratio of 1 Ori = 5 OriBiz. And i would like to notify a good news for you that the today's reward will be 4 ETH for the winner in Band Game. It's a great thing, isn't it? Quick your hands to join in Band Game at http://band.oricoin.co/ in 2 hours from 13:00 to 15:00 on weekdays to own the valuable rewards from the program.
  8. The conversion price of Ori and OriBiz will increase tomorrow. So I have to convert from Ori into OriBiz right now.
  9. There were no any winners yesterday. Thus, the reward for the winner has increased 3.5 ETH today. Quick your hands to join in Band Game to own this valuable reward. This is a chance once in a blue moon for all of us. Wish all we the win!
  10. A-Z GUIDE FOR THE BEGINNERS AIM TO LEARN ABOUT ORI TO PLAY ORIBAND GAME! Necessary condition: You must have OriBiz (OriBiz is a coin to play OriBand Game). The convert from Ori into OriBiz as follows: 1 OriBiz = $0.05 The first 2 million OriBiz: 1 Ori = 20 OriBiz The next 2 million OriBiz: 1 Ori = 15 OriBiz The next 2 million OriBiz: 1 Ori = 10 OriBiz If you want to buy Ori, you can buy it at the exchange: https://token.store/trade/ORI Sufficient condition: You must have ORI ID (ORI account) Register at: https://oricoin.co If you want to play Band Game, you please access on page: http://band.oricoin.co and then log in by this ID. How to play Band Game? You press the button "Band now". If the yellow spin runs out the seconds that Ori stipulates, there are still no other IDs which press Band up on you in column Player, you will be the winner and get the valuable reward by ETH. If the yellow spin doesn't still run out the seconds that Ori stipulates but there are other IDs pressing Band, you press the button "Band now" again so that you are the leader in column "Player". When having other IDs pressing Band, the second number returns to the original point and runs backwards. In sum, you will be the winner if you are the leader when clock runs out the seconds that Ori stipulates and you have to play continuity in 2 hours from 13:00 to 15:00. If there are no winners, the player who is the leader in Big Band (ID has the most Band number) will receive 100 OriBiz. And the ETH reward will be stored and increase 10% in the next day. ORIBAND- an exciting and inspirational game which belongs to serigame Ori is the indispensable part of the Ori ecosystem.
  11. Have you ever heard any information? There was the first winner in Band Game. The winner is Orihoanminh. He won 1.764 ETH. And as far as I know, they will send him the reward that he won as soon as possible. Congratulations to Orihoanminh! Great!
  12. A GOOD NEWS FOR ALL PEOPLE! Ori said: "To continue the success of OriBand Game with the current ETH reward, we are pleased to inform you that the system will add the BTC reward. Please wait!" It's a great thing, isn't it?
  13. Let's welcome the surprising and exciting moment in the OriBand game. There are many attractive things awaiting you. Today, the reward has been up to 1 ETH for the winners. And as usual, there are no any winners, the reward 100 OriBiz will be donated for the player having the most Band number. You please play full in 2 hours from 13:00 to 15:00 to own the valuable reward from the program. To start playing OriBand game, you need: Convert Ori into OriBiz. To convert Ori into OriBiz, you go to exchanges at https://oricoin.co. And then do the form. The convert as follows: 1 OriBiz = $0.05 The first 2 million OriBiz: 1 Ori = 20 OriBiz The next 2 million OriBiz: 1 Ori = 15 OriBiz The next OriBiz: 1 Ori = 10 OriBiz Access OriBand game at: http://band.oricoin.co Log in by your ID (Ori account), not your E-mail Press the "Band now" to play The rules of the games as follows: The backward clock runs from 20 seconds to 0. Game ID taking the lead in the list of players will be the winner. This player will continue to band. There are no Bands of other players in 20 seconds. In 20 seconds, anyone clicks on the backward clock, it immediately resets at 20 seconds. PLAY WITH ORI TO EARN MORE ETH! GOOD LUCK FOR ALL!
  14. A NEW NOTIFICATION FROM ORI Ori has notified that OriBand Game has officially been launched on 1st April 2018. The official opening time of Band game is from 13:30 to 15:30. If you are interested, please join at: Band.oricoin.co. The reward for the winners in Band is 0.2 ETH. If there are no any winners, the reward will be stored and increased by 10% in the next day.
  15. Have you ever heard about OriLobby game? Do you know how it is? As far as I know, OriLobby is a warm-up game aim to welcome the release of the Auction Game system being expected by many people. That's OriBand game. You can understand that Lobby is an easy game for everyone. It's the experience of the system features and is the first step to acquaint with the Ori game ecosystem. In fact, Lobby is a lucky spin. When joining in this warm-up game, you will have the different spins. You will have the chance to get the valuable gifts for each turns from the system. The rewards that you receive can be ETH, Ori and Biz. It's more important that you will have the exciting experience in this game program as well as relaxation along with the high entertainment. One can say that Game is one of the ecosystems of Oricoin. And each game has the different rules. So what is the rules of OriLobby game? Do you know? The rules of OriLobby game as follows: Lobby is a lucky spin for everyone. You will have time to experience through 8 boxes on the spin with the different rewards. You can spin at any time. Game gives you unlimited turns. Coming to OriLobby, you not only can relax comfortably but also have the chance to receive the attractive rewards from the program. Good luck with the program!

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