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  1. Hello, As far as I know, The VCH price is now $0.02 and it's being bought and sold on X5Exchange. You can buy and sell VCH at https://x5finance.com/exchanges
  2. Hello everyone, I have converted Ori into VCH and now i want to buy investment package in X5Finance Investment Program? So where can i buy it? Please guide me, thanks a lot
  3. Hello everyone, Are you ready for a big boom from the Ori project in the next time? 😍😍😍
  4. It's a great thing. Thanks for your feelings to us in general as well as the Ori project in particular. I believe that the Ori's return will bring you the most enjoyable experiences. Let's wait and wait for appearing of X5club. Once again, thanks for your trust and support to our Ori project.
  5. Let’s welcome X5Club. This is a special community program from the Ori project, promising for a big boom in the next time. Let’s wait!
  6. Ori is pleased to announce the members who have won the prizes in the past month: User No-1: Solitary: 5.25 ETH User No-2: Orihoanminh: 3.75 ETH User No-3: Khodrislimzee: 3 ETH User No-4: Anatoly711: 2.25 ETH User No-5: Marcos: 0.75 ETH Please contact via Email: : [email protected] to receive the equivalent prizes. Congratulations to Solitary for the first prize of month with 5 ETH. Please contact: [email protected] to confirm information. Once again, Congratulations to you!
  7. Origame is one of the important ecosystems of the Ori project. And Ori is developing this ecosystem with the exciting, unique and attractive games. COME AND TRY EXPERIENCING THESE GAMES AT: http://bandeth.origame.club http://plinko.origame.club http://keno.origame.club http://carrush.origame.club I make sure that you will have the wonderful moments and unforgettable experiences from them. Besides, there are many the valuable rewards awaiting us. PLAY ORIGAME TO EARN MORE ETH. WISH YOU LUCK AND WIN!
  8. ORI Game will release games in two forms: Freedom Game and Redemption Game. Let’s try experiencing and playing Game comfortably in freedom form with two games: - http://plinko.origame.club - http://keno.origame.club
  9. Ori said: "OriBand game is an exciting and inspirational game. Although it has just been released, it has captured the hearts of the majority of participants. There were many players won 0.1 ETH with the most Band number of the day. There were also players won 2 ETH with the most Band number of the week. Even, there was the winner in OriBand Game. It shows our seriousness in the Ori project. And at the same time, it also further boosts the Ori community's trust in this project. We hope all members will always trust in Ori and always be companion of Ori in the project. Your belief is the greatest encouragement so that you can continue to develop better project. Hopefully we can jointly take Ori to new heights. Once again, thank you for trusting us". So great! We always trust in the Ori project. Hope that this project will increasingly develop moreover. Best wishes for the Ori project.
  10. The first time frame of today has ended. Let's wait for the next time frame to join in OriBand Game. This is a simple game but it helps us make a big profit. The reward for the winner in Band Game is a valuable reward. And the reward for the winner in the next time frame will be 11.5 ETH. I think that this is a good chance for everyone who has invested in this coin. Earning ETH is not too difficult. It's important thing that you dare to invest in or not. Let's join in OriBand Game right now so as to have to chance of making a big profit. DURATION OF GAME + Time frame 1: 2:00 - 4:00 (UTC + 0) + Time frame 2: 6:00 - 8:00 (UTC + 0) + Time frame 3: 13:00 - 15:00 (UTC + 0) JOIN AT: bandeth.origame.club GAMING CONDITION You need to have OriBiz (OriBiz is a unit of Origame and is converted from Ori with the ratio of 1 Ori = 5 OriBiz). If you haven't still Ori, you can buy it at: https://token.store/trade/ORI. GOOD LUCK FOR ALL, GUYS!
  11. OriBand Game is becoming more and more attractive and interesting. There were many participants in this game and there were many players won the valuable rewards from the program. The reward in OriBand Game is so great. The reward for the winner in OriBand Game is ETH. If there are no any winners, the reward will increase by 0.5 ETH for each time frame. If the reward is up to 15 ETH without having any winners, the reward will be put into the fund. Monthly (Minimum cycle of 30 days), they will use the maximum of 15 ETH from this fund so as to equally divide the reward for the players with the ratio: + The player with the highest number of bands: 30% + The player with the second highest number of bands: 25% + The player with the third highest number of bands: 15% + The player with the fourth highest number of bands: 10% + The player with the fifth highest number of bands: 5% Besides, to create the fairness for the players, Ori will also apply the achievement reward for the players as follows: + The player with the most Band number of the day: 0.1 ETH + The player with the most Band number of the week: 2 ETH + The player with the most Band number of the month: 5 ETH This is a good chance for all of us to own ETH. WISH YOU LUCK!
  12. Telegram channel has officially been implemented. Let's join at: https://t.me/joinchat/G8efpE1FAffieWS5t8nMnA so that we can receive the support from the global ORICOIN Support Team.

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