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  1. PrimeGrid

    Yes: Ryzen has 512kb of second level cache for each core. Compare that to older core 2 quad For comparison, 2 of my systems with older cpus: MSI Platinium & X5470 has only 4 cores but 6mb of level 2 cache for a pair of cores and I get about %13 cpu utilization for each of 6 tasks running on a total of two GPUs Dell Z400 & X5680 has 6 cores 12 threads but only 256k level 2 cache for a single core. I get %96 cpu utilization for each of only 4 tasks running on a total of two GPUS I suspect my MSI Platinium is sharing 6 mb of second level cache on each GPU among the 3 Einstein while the Dell is thrashing.
  2. To stay solo or switch to pool mining?

    One of the video guides I watched mentioned another video guide for how to switch from pool to solo. I cannot find that video. If anyone has seen it please post the url to it.
  3. I am interested in voting in a poll. I read where I can do it manually by entering "execute vote" in the debug console window Is there another way to vote such as a GUI for voting? I understand there is a small fee. Is there a way to see the fee before I vote? Thanks for looking!
  4. PrimeGrid

    Except for PrimeGrid, all my other projects easily download multiple WU for my GPUs and I maintain a queue of about 8 hours of work for all other projects. Unaccountably, after I had a discussion with a PrimeGrid staff member, I could no longer download any tasks other than cudaPPSsieve and only a single one at a time, one for each GPU in a system. I am not sure if this is something they implemented or if I have screwed up something on my end. I had complained to them that when I attempted to exclude some of the problem "genefer" sub-projects that the sub-project (like genefer) was being downloaded and then deleted. I said that was a waste of bandwidth to allow BOINC to download a work unit and then immediately delete it. I did some checking against my "wingman" on a PrimeGrid genefer 21 task that I had to abort as it had been running for several days and had several weeks left. What I noticed was that 5 other systems "wingmen" had also either aborted the same task or had generated an error. One of the systems had the newer titan and I suspect that if a titan could not finish the job in 2 weeks that my really slow gtx670 could run for several months on the same low credit "genefer" tasks. Typically genefer tasks take days to weeks to complete while those pps_sr2seive take only minutes for the same credit amount on my gtx670 systems. I no longer download any genefer type PrimeGrid tasks but yet I do not have any exclusions to prevent their download. I find this suspicious.
  5. PrimeGrid

    Are you crunching for grcpool? I am doing the pool until I get enough coins to solo. Following that discussion (above) with a PrimeGrid staff member, I found I was unable to download any sub-projects other than pps sieve (cuda). In addition I can only download no more than 1 WU for every gpu in a system. If I set <gpu_usage>0.5</gpu_usage> (or ngpus) on a system with 2 gpus, I can get 2 PrimeGrid WUs but they run only on one gpu with the other gpu empty. I didnt have these problems when using BAM! The staff member made it clear he didn't like grcpool's "random" distribution of hosts. However I read that PrimeGrid had given away 5000 in gridcoin from their own wallet so some of the staff must like them: http://tinyurl.com/yakxzcnk You might do better with gpugrid as primary (set its resource=100) on your 1080 paired system and use einstein with resource=0 and 0.25 for both cpu and gpu as a fallback as gpugrid runs dry occasionally. I cannot put more than a single 1070 in one of my systems as most are core 2 quad and dont have enough cores to feed a full up nvidia system. Attached to this post is the cc_config from my gtx1070ti and gtx770 system. The file allow 1 gpugrid to run on the 1070 but also allows 4 einstein to run if gpugrid is out of data. It also allows 3 milkyway to run on the 770 as that board does not work well with gpugrid or einstein and milkyway uses very little % core which is a perfect match for a Q9650. BTW, I attempted to buy another 1070 from newegg over new years but my order was canceled by them. The 1070 was going for $435 and I already had a matching evga hybrid cooler for it. When I checked a week later the price had more than doubled and anything under 800 was out of stock. I still have the liquid cooler but no video board for it. cc_config.7z
  6. Need help on how to change to "Investor Mode"

    joining the grcpool makes you an investor. read here
  7. Boinc Hardware Porn Thread - Show Your Rigs

    pics show 3.5 of my 11.5 rigs. Most recent were 2 Z400 $30 motherboards that require a "dell" mod to a standard ATX power supply. Video boards shown: 4@1050TI, 1@770, 1@7950. Other 7 rigs are in regular cases with 7850s, 570s, 670s, 1070s. Dual xeons run ubuntu. Z400s came with win7 slic and free upgrade to win10
  8. are risers for mining usb3 in name only?

    I see x1 mining risers advertised everywhere and they all seem to have a usb3 cable and four x16 sockets. Some are soldered directly to the x1 tab that plugs onto the PcIE slot. Others have a connector to that tab. Are these just usb3 cables or are they real usb3 and run usb3 protocol ? The reason I ask is that I have a pair of USB3 adapters that are Pcie X4. ie: one provide 4 independent lanes of USB3 at 5 gbits each the other 2 lanes at 10 gbits a pair. Both have a total of 4 USB3 connectors. I was wondering if each of these could support 4 risers each riser then having another 4 of the x16 sockets. Just wondering as I do have some motherboards with available x4 sockets. It would be a shame to just use an x1 adapter in them.
  9. PrimeGrid

    If you are using a GTX-670 or better you may not be able to feed data to it efficiently using the project default of <avg_ncpus>0.078836</avg_ncpus> <max_ncpus>0.078836</max_ncpus> I do not know what the minimum cpu requirement is, but changing the cpu% from ".078836" to "1.0" caused my time to complete to change from 2 weeks to hours or less on gennifer prime work units. To fix this put the bottom text "app_config.xml" into your primegrid project directory. If that does not work then you will have to edit sched_request_www.primegrid.com.xml and do a mass substitution for that .0788 This problem is discussed here http://www.primegrid.com/forum_thread.php?id=7776 Possibly this is a windows 10 scheduling problem and if you are running Linux (or whatever) maybe your scheduler does a better job. app_config.xml follows <app_config> <app> <name>genefer</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> <app> <name>ap26</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> <app> <name>pps_sr2sieve</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> <app> <name>genefer15</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> <app> <name>genefer16</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> <app> <name>genefer17low</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> <app> <name>genefer17mega</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> <app> <name>genefer18</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> <app> <name>genefer20</name> <gpu_versions> <gpu_usage>1</gpu_usage> <cpu_usage>1</cpu_usage> </gpu_versions> </app> </app_config>
  10. Absolute beginner needs help

    I am in the same situation and interactive help is hard to find, especially here. You have to use a project manager and be a member of the gridcoin team, cant just add a project. Suggest you get started using a pool register at grcpool for an account which give you a GRC Address: use consistent email and password everywhere put that address into your wallet: "Gridcoinresesarch" (I didnt event know it was a wallet) go to your boinc manager and delete / remove / detach whatever you have so it is clean (no projects) add the grcpool account manager with your email and password into your boinc manager and verify it logs into your account ----the url for the account manager is https://grcpool.com go to your grcpool account, verify you got a host (your mac book) and sign up for a project sync the boinc manager to the project to get some work. you will have to sync twice to ensure your settings get recognized -----------if you set "no cpu" that is ignored on the first sync and you will get a cpu task, the second sync works in your wallet, click on "receive" and "new" and get an address for coins to go use that address to get some free coins to get started. You need at least 1 GRC. After a while 1-2 days, the beacon is sent out and you will start earning stuff. If a problem getting free coins create a "new" receiving address named "free stuff" and post the address here I probably left out something important, maybe a god here can help.
  11. team foundership request ?

    I noticed there is 10 days left in the 90 day wait for ownership to change for team gridcoin. i would not want a spammer to get ahold of the membership list.
  12. [EDIT] SOLVED - HAD TO DETACH FROM ALL PROJECTS BEFORE CONNECTING TO POOL. Was not necessary to boot to safe mode to remove retired projects but I did let the exiting tasks run to completion before detaching. I have serious problem connecting my 10 systems to the pool. Reading the information for that problem (listed in the title) makes little sense to me. For example: This could be a problem if: (1)The BOINC client is not property synchronizing with the pool (2)Projects in BOINC are not under the pool's control. In otherwords they still may be using your personal account instead of the pool account. (1) I have synced and can verify by looking that the host list which shows how many seconds or days since the last sync. (2) I assume you are referring to the boinc manager or BOINC.EXE that is running on my systems and not projects such as gpugrid or einstein on the web that I alone have control of. My systems have more projects available than are listed at your pool including some retired projects that are too much trouble to remove from my systems. By "too much trouble to remove" I mean uninstalling boinc, bringing up safe mode, going to ProgramData and doing rmdir/s boinc in elevated mode, then reinstalling boinc. This is what I did and it didnt work on any project: I created an account at grcpool using my boinc email but a different name, not "BeemerBiker". I got 3 free coins to make sure thing were working before I added hosts. I made sure that each host was running projects that were supported by grcpool. At each of my systems I stopped using BAM! and started using grcpool. I checked at grcpool and all 10 of my systems showed up but there were no projects listed. I waited over 24 hours but no projects were listed so I assume I need to add projects as grcpool did not pick them up. I picked one host and added gpugrid, Einstein and skynet since that particular host was working those projects and got that error message shown in the title of this post. After 24 hours I see the same errors so I put an X in the [ ]Detach box for one of the projects on that host. I sync my client but nothing detaches although grcpool reports the sync. Surely, someone here was able to transfer his/hers systems to grcpool without going through the hassle of reinstalling boinc as that appears to me what I have to do.
  13. Subject says it all.
  14. Question About Sharing CPID

    I have the same question
  15. Unaccountably, there is nothing in the FAQ , possibly a result of the "Chrome Blocked" that I posted about a few days ago here. (nOOb here of course) I wanted to know what my "wallet address" was and how to find it in the first place, so I clicked on ADVANCED then FAQ and observed the FAQ was totally empty. Poking around I clicked on "Add a question" and obtained an "Unhandled exception" that was not possible to escape from. This forced me to terminate the gridcoin app which had been running for 48 hours straight. Terminating the GRC app actually had a benefit because when I restarted the app the overview actually listed something besides all zeros "0.0" and my CPID showed up for the first time. Well, it seems my CPID is actually my Wallet Address according to the faucet I was trying to sip from. I assume I can sip enough to send my beacon out although I don't know the cost. [EDIT] I brought up program manager and repaired the GRC app, but the FAQ is still empty after rebooting. It would be useful to me if someone were to respond to this post and inform me if the FAQ is supposed to be empty or not.

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