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  1. I set up an ETH wallet as suggested, using myetherwallet and got an address and a password. Unaccountably, I am getting the error message "Your authorization for this change failed" here which would indicate my password is not good. AFAICT I have the correct password and it unencrypts my keystore file (wallet on my USB chip) correctly. I changed the wallet address slightly and the error message indicated an malformed address so part of the dialog box is working. I assume I am doing something wrong. That page has a listing: "SPARC contract address" I assume that is contact, not contract. Anyway, I am guessing that is not needed to GET paid but would be used to transfer INTO.
  2. This may have been reported elsewhere but I could not find a report. Collatz is shut down until they find a way to stop a grcpool_3 user who has run up impossible "points" gaming the system. Check this host http://boinc.thesonntags.com/collatz/show_host_detail.php?hostid=829951 a single valid task got 320,000 credits. Normal credit is 299 points. discussion here https://boinc.thesonntags.com/collatz/forum_thread.php?id=1574#24917
  3. It is difficult to exactly answer your question from the data provided. A eyeball test indicates Collatz pays more than Gpugrid. That can be misleading as the graphic boards are different and the caculated avg may include credit from both graphics boards for the same project. In addition the magnitude (payoff) depends on the competition between miners. If you are using the pool then each host is broken down by project and the GRC is shown for each project which is convenient. Since you know the number of graphic boards on each host you can get a good figure for the efficiency of the board for the project. You can then switch to a different project (gpugrid to collatz for example) wait for the RAC to stabilize and you will know which project pays better. This is not available when solo mining. I have found that gpugrid is one of the better paying projects but you are looking at using CUDA on a high performance nVidia board. Milkyway pays very nicely but you need a good double precision board (Titan or ATI 7950 class). Einstein pays more than milkyway on boards with poor double precision arithmetic. Collatz pays well on all boards as it uses integer arithmetic logic. Complicating all this is the downtime for various projects. The scientific projects occasionally run low on data unlike math project (collatz). The following might work better for you A: Run gpugrid on Titan and 1060 with resource set to 100% B: Set resource to %0 for collatz for the system with the 1060 and it will run your 4 collatz tasks when gpugrid is out of data. You could run Einstein instead of collatz. C: Set resource to %0 for Milkyway on the titan system as it has good DP arithmetic. Unfortunately, Milkyway goes offline frequently (Tuesdays for sure). Setting Collatz or Einstein to %0 resource will compete against Milkyway but provide tasks when Milkyway is down. Unfortunately, when Milkyway comes up it does not gain priority since it is also "0". I am looking into this and one solution I am working on is to use a boinctask "rule" to either allow or disallow new work. I ran into a few problems when investigating this and asked Fred at boinctasks for a few changes to his rules algorithm. Setting resource to 1 for Milkyway and 0 for those others MAY not have the intended effect as gpugrid will not start while any milkyway are running and with 10 milkyway tasks there will invariably be one still running in the Titan. This depends on whether the scheduler does a task switch from the "1" priority to the 100. AFAICT there is no request for new work and the switch occurs only if a gpugrid task has been downloaded. I copied and pasted my statistics into excel but after doing some calculations I realized that the RAC for the same project will have contributions from so many really different devices that one cannot calculate an exact value for performance of a device.
  4. That is a very good question. if you get an answer elsewhere please return and post it here. AFAICT the only way that I know of is to stop solo mining and join grcpool. After a few weeks the credit transactions will stabilize and you can examine the projects you signed up for and compare your average GRC income to the average credits reported to you by the pool as shown below. Looks like 14235 credits got 0.21 grc daily on Einstein.
  5. got my first mining reward even with all those "invalid" messages, duplicate cpids in neural network, and even showing "0.0" at stake i raked in 500 grc. about what i would have made if i left all my systems in that pool and not gone solo. but HEY I get to fiddle and tweak projects since i am now the owner. [EDIT] Solved my question as to why I had an invalid CPID. It seems that my original install of the wallet set up a config file with PrimaryCPID=xxx. Should have been "cpid=xxxx in order to pass the diagnostic test. Took a while to find out. I downloaded source, poked around, found "diagnosticsdialog.cpp: std::string cpid = GetArgument("cpid", "");" and realized it was not looking for PrimaryCPID to run the diagnostic. I am not sure how PrimaryCPID got into the config file. I left it there and simply added "cpid=" and was able to run the diagnostic correctly. Since it showed my CPID value I assume that was why no one wanted to post theirs. On the other hand, maybe no one knew how to even run the diagnostic.
  6. I have double checked my gridcoinresearch.conf file and cannot find anything wrong with it. The CPID in the conf file matches the boinc one and I looked in the neural network and it is there (in there twice actually) Yet, I fail the diagnostic test. Can someone with a windows system ( who is solo mining verify they pass? Is it possible this program is reading the conf file but reporting a problem when there is none? I found one other person with a similar problem but they are on grcpool. What is strange in their diagnostic is that the program (mac version) stated the CPID could not be found but then reported it was a valid CPID on the very next line. If this problem is unique to the windows wallet version I can switch to a Ubuntu system. My wallet says I should be able to stake in 23 hours or less but it has been a week already.
  7. Well, reading that the wallet cannot find the CPID but yet it shows a valid RAC for a valid CPID I would say the Artificial Intelligence in the wallet code has a bad case of Cognitive dissonance. I am tempted to download the code and look to see what error checking they did after opening the config file. Looking here it seems that I and 294 other people are using 3770-unk but a few others built their own wallet. Maybe they know something I don't. I once built boinc but it was a mess and a huge undertaking to figure out Visual Studio (2005 back then as I recall) I suspect the wallet likes GCC and not VS but that is just a guess.
  8. Something strange is definitely going on. I just clicked on "diagnostics" and was told my wallet cannot find my CPID. My CPID is supposedly not in the neural network, but the last time I looked it was in there twice which I thought was suspicious. If it cant find the CPID usually all the rest is going to be wrong anyway. What does your diagnostics show? I just checked my sons computer and he has the same results. I install in my D drive as I have a small SSD "C" with a large D and he has a single large C do he does the standard install and I have to do a lot of fixing up. I have no idea why that errors message shows up as my CPID is definitely in that file and all seems well at both grcpool and at bioncstats as I do both.
  9. That is a huge RAC. Looking at the top participants that value appears to correspond to the entire gridcoin pool #3. I assume the CPID you deleted is actually yours and not the pools. Go here and put in that CPID and see if it is actually you. AFAICT this site is just about the only forum for grcpool so as long as you don't badmouth anyone you should be OK (unlike DELL community where my posts get deleted with no warning unless I put dots between letters of competitors names such as n.v.i.d.i.a) something is not set up correctly with your wallet I am afraid.
  10. I brought up the neural network (newbies like to poke around) and observed that my CPID was listed twice, Rank "X" and rank "X+Y". All the other values were identical. In the same "screen shot" I noticed 4 other individuals with duplicates. Scrolling around, there appear to be more "couples" than "singles" I did not see any "threesomes" or higher. It is easy to spot them since all the values are duplicates except the rank. I googled "how to tell if on a blockchain fork" and got really off the wall technical info that was a waste of a good explanation. It seems to me I can just check for duplicates in the neural network to spot a fork. yes? no? [EDIT] Since the CPIDs and addresses are shown publically on the Neural Network, that pretty much answers the question " should I hide my CPID" [EDIT-2] I just checked at gridcoinstatus.eu and my blockcount shows I am on the latest node along with "Shadow" and "Silver" which are "OK". Since I show up twice on neural network that could still mean my CPID might also be on another node with rank "-Y" behind?
  11. I got enough GRC and started solo mining. My main system that has the wallet shows my correct CPID, and that CPID is shown in the beacon report and my status is "Boinc MIning" with "unlocked for mining" done. I show 0.00 GRC at stake and full coins available so I assume I am not staking and it had been 3 or so days. Anyway, sure enough windows 10 wants to update and probably apple, adobe, and McAfee will want to fix things after m$soft messes with them. So, I assume if I stop "trying to stake" to do that windows upgrade I might miss out on a block that might come my way and have to wait a while for another "lucky" block for me to get on? I hate to ask anyone to make a computation for me, but if my Coin Weight is 3338 with available 3412 and magnitude of 15, how do I calculate how long I might have to wait. My magnitude (15) is much lower than what grcpool shows but not all of my systems have been moved from the GRCPOOL to BAM! and it may take a while for those that have to start showing up mining under my CPID instead of the pools. I assume that once I start staking I can shutdown my system for PM and also lock my wallet? [EDIT] It appears I am staking and the reward will be in one day. I would have thought that if I was staking that my "stake" would be taken out of my wallet else nothing is "at stake". So why does Stake show 0.00 grc? So, can I lock my wallet now? Insert other media
  12. I got confused by the posts here recommending BAM! as an account manager and assumed it was needed when not using grcpool. When mining, the wallet uses info from the projects and not from the 3rd party Boincstats (correct me if I am wrong). In any event, problems on bonicstats where large changes in "points" seeming take place for no explained reason do not affect the "project" and thus have no affect on mining. At least that is what was suggested at gpugrid Yes, that particular host has been offline since 22 Dec. Even at gpugrid they could not account for the huge drop in gpugrid "points" from an offline system. It does not seem nefarious like I thought originally, just "strange".
  13. I switched from BAM! to GRCPOOL mid of December. I now have enough coins to mine on my own and brought back up my original Boincstats account to edit so as to get ready to switch back. Unaccountably, there was a huge loss of "current credit" on one of my hosts over a 3 day period about Feb 9th. This particular host has been inactive (on BAM!) since Dec 22. The only thing I can think of that caused this lost of 113 million credits is that I had run a "merge" command on GPUGRID previously. This host used to be a core 2 duo running vista for a long time and I upgraded (not all at once) to a X5470 and "10" and much later did a "merge". I assume the merge added all the points from my old systems to the new one since the names and MAC address were the same. I would have thought that the old points would be subtracted from the project at the same time. The project has to inform BAM! about the change in points and I am guessing it took several months (???) to get around to fixing the credit imbalance. Maybe there is some other explanation. I posted a question about this over at boincstats but no answer yet. It seems to me that an unscrupulous miner could take advantage of this credit differential to game the system during the weeks or so before the credits are deducted. GRCPOOL has no "merge" command and possibly not the security problem that BAM! might have but this is just a guess about BAM!. Maybe there is some totally different reason for the loss and it is not from a "merge" that I did.
  14. I have a new system with a small SSD boot drive and a large "D" data drive. I installed both BOINC and the GridCoinResearch client to the D drive. I then used the location property to move ProgramData\Boinc to the D to conserve disc "C" space. I did not attempt to move AppData or Roaming after reading that warning about using the location property to redirect folders. So far, things look good. I am mining using GRCPOOL and my wallet is synced and it all seems to be working. I would like to start mining solo in a week or two. Some questions: 1. Has anyone redirected their AppData\Roaming\GridcoinResearch folder to another drive? That folder has over 4gb of data. I would like to relocate just that folder, none of the other Roaming folders. Any advise? Possible problems when soloing? 2. I read here that one should have two receiving addresses for staking. The idea being that there may be a few hours or more of wasted time while the block matures and a second stake generally overlaps that time thus allowing continuous staking which is more efficient. I and others had questions about that and there was no response on that thread so I am asking it here. How do i got about staking separate blocks with 1/2 of my available funds (or all). Maybe the few wasted hours is not important and not worth the hassle?
  15. ODLK

    I read through this thread and have the same problem understanding what is going on. Currently I am on grcpool and they show only odlk. I am planning on going solo in a few weeks and when looking at BoincStats (BAM!) I see odlk and odlk1. The whitelist shows odlk. So, if I switch to from GRCPOOL to BAM! which odlk do I chose? I am not using either one of them right now.

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