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  1. Cryptocurrency info, quotes, charts and news
  2. South Korean banks are further distancing themselves from bitcoin following the government’s ”emergency” regulation which bans them from direct involvement in cryptocurrency-related activities. Shinhan Bank and KB Kookmin Bank have announced that they are discontinuing their points for bitcoin exchange services in January. Read More
  3. Satoshi Nakamoto is the original hodler, having left the bulk of his coins unmoved since day one. The theoretical wealth of bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator is a hot topic, and one that the mainstream media are especially fond of pondering. In recent weeks, bitcoin’s record highs have propelled Satoshi into the billionaire league, making him one of the world’s 50 richest people. There’s another reason why Satoshi’s digital wealth is growing however: people keep sending him bitcoin. Read More
  4. Following in the footsteps of CBOE, the CME Group launched their own highly anticipated Bitcoin futures on Sunday evening. Come Monday morning, cryptocurrency’s overal market cap reached another milestone at a $600bln valuation, making this jump from its $500bln worth in just five days. Read More
  5. A growing number of Japanese retail investors are switching from leveraged FX trading to leveraged cryptocurrency trading, thus driving the crypto market, according to a recent Deutsche Bank’s research. Operators of Japan’s largest FX platforms are launching their own crypto exchanges, offering leverage of up to 25x. Read More

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