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  1. Dash remains 'low' at around $1,200 over the last few days and I wonder if it can jump to $1,500 again anytime soon... https://www.tokens24.com/coin/dash/
  2. The Crypto Ecosystem by Tokens24. https://www.tokens24.com/cryptopedia/the-crypto-ecosystem/ Good Job!
  3. Hello to all potential miners, this is a simple and quite straightforward guide for ETH mining. It explains the most basic ideas and I really think it is a good starting point.
  4. @bobbyYeah I agree with you, but only if you are an active user who trades regularly. If you are a "keeper" then Paper Wallet seems to be a more safe option.
    I think IOTA is a good choice for 2018. Check out all info available here Stellar seems interesting as well, but we are talking about a much more cheaper coin, so i cannot compare them. Personally, i hold both coins (not so many IOTA, even though i really trust this coin!)
  5. Hey guys, Litecoin is still dropping since yesterday.. That was a bad day!!! LITECOIN (LTC) latest price trend Last week was a highlight for LTC but i think it will drop more before goes up again. I think i will get more coins if price drops under 285-290$

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