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  1. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    I already used it too! I like that design !! There is always something new that surprises, I like the project more every day, they strive to give their best.
  2. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    It is exciting the different ways to win onions in the contests, you just have to stand out by doing a good job to get juicy onions.
  3. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    Hello wow I had time without going through here, I've been full of work, but I'm already with you, I think the raffle is great, then that means everyone should have ready wallets !!
  4. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    What I like most about this currency is that if I am in a country with prohibitions I can operate there without any problem and without possibility of tracking.
  5. DeepOnion - What's it all about

    Hello! wow recently I made a small investment in DeepOnion, I really like the privacy coins, this I see a good omen, I really like the concept of this currency, since I see that the graph in the market and can go up, if it goes up I'll have a good benefit I hope it goes up!
  6. DeepOnion - Anonymous

    If I agree with you, DeepOnion is the future, and soon the wallet will come in Android version where from your smartphone you can check your onions, which you buy once you have them at your disposal, with deeponion your speed is the highest by the chain of blocks, its developers and moderators make great efforts to have the project in the cusp, as the community is very large, working hard for the onion to continue growing!

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