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  1. What cases WELL can be used for? We will try to give you examples of health conditions when patients can easily and effectively use WELL Telehealth Platform. Here is an example #1. Chronic Disease Management For instance to deal with such illnesses as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, asthma and etc. (Of course, here we are not talking about emergency cases). WELL Telemedicine empowers chronic disease patients so they can: - Make less visits to the hospital and their doctor for regular appointments - saving time and travel expenses - Have a appointment via his device at comfortable time and being in comfortable place - Pay around 30% less in fees - Have better access to first-class doctors and specialists (or to his favorite doctor if he's on Platform)
  2. Attention, guys! We have 2 pieces of exciting news for you ::) WELL announces partnership with MicroMoney For those who don't know MicroMoney is a global fintech company and a market pioneer blockchain credit bureau that recently completed a very successful ICO. Now the company is reaching out to others in the blockchain arena to provide partnerships and professional help. “We’re looking forward to our collaboration, and what we see as a good start on our path to a new era of an equal society, with transparency and trust,” said CEO and founder of WELL, Ildar Fazulyanov. “MicroMoney is providing us not only with different kinds of financial instruments, but it is also sharing with us its global business contacts, which will go a long way to help WELL in the popularization of telemedicine.” “We consider WELL to be a strong prospective partner, and we’re pleased to see our financial tools and instruments integrated into the WELL platform. Following MicroMoney’s successful ICO, we’re eager to share our knowledge and experience with other projects that possess a strong social mission, such as WELL has. We fully support WELL’s token crowdsale,” said Anton Dzyatkovskiy, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer MicroMoney Int. WELL announces partnership with Хena Exchange Xena Exchange will be listing the WELL token soon after the exchange is launched (currently it's scheduled for March 2018). “We are really inspired by the Xena Exchange’s values. We hope that our collaboration means both companies can be leaders in a new era of an equal society, where everything is transparent and worthy of trust,” said CEO and founder of WELL, Ildar Fazulyanov. Surely more news on the collabs is yet to come! Stay tuned!
  3. Hello, people:) We are creating WELL Platform - where patients can connect with doctors via different devices and get medical consultation (telehealth solution on blockchain). Here is our site if you'd like to see more info https://joinwell.io. And that's our WEB PLATFORM for a test: https://www.tele.joinwell.com Our plan is to develop a great, really global, network of clinicians and doctors who will present on our Platform. Do you know any doctors/ clinics that can accept cryptocurrency as a payment for their services? Any countries are welcome!
  4. Hello, WELL supporters! We will be holding our second WELL webinar on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 7:15 AM PST. The topic is "WELL platform for patients, doctors, and clinics. Perspectives on telemedicine and blockchain". Join our conversation with WELL founder Ildar and Alex! We anticipate lots of interesting questions from you! a Follow the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfUxk90SQRc to set a reminder to the webinar. No any chance you'll miss it:)
  5. Hello, guys! We are developing WELL - a global marketplace for healthcare based on blockchain. You can visit our web-site https://joinwell.io In your opinion, what is the best blockchain platform for tokens: Ethereum (token standard ERC20) or maybe something else (NEM for instance). Tell us what you think
  6. WELL Founders at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami This Thursday and Friday, January 18th and 19th, Ildar Fazulyanov and Alex Prokhorov are going to attend the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. This conference as a part of the World Blockchain Forum covers a broad range of topics including ICOs, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with a special focus on investing. Ildar and Alex will be on hand for the full two days during the conference to answer any questions potential investors may have. So if you're there, come to WELL booth and talk to our the founder directly ;) Would be happy to see you! If you would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting with WELL at the show, please send an email to either ildar@joinwell.io or to alex@joinwell.io. Stay tuned for the updates:)
  7. WELL launches Web Platform Guys, we are happy to announce that from now on you can access our Web Platform! FOLLOW THE LINK: www.tele.joinwell.com What can you do there? - sign up as either a patient or provider (doctor) - simply view the demo of the platform using the email addresses patient@demo.com or provider@demo.com along with the password: password - connect with a doctor/patient 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! What patients gonna get with WELL? - immediate appointments at the price up to 30% less than the cost of in-person visits - access to interpreters, pharmacies, labs, and medical equipment suppliers. - patients’ medical and financial data safe and protected - easy, cross-border payments without high exchange rates, processing fees or third-party fees. If you are a doctor (healthcare provider) WELL Web-Platform gives you: - remote monitoring and connectivity with patient devices - video and conference capabilities and integration of various records systems. Invite you all to see and try our Web Platform! Give us your feedback!
  8. Guys, we have something interesting for Russian-speaking people! ;) An interview with founder and CEO of WELL Ildar Fazulyanov. Follow the LINK
  9. `KYC procedures

    Hello, everyone. We are developing WELL project - a global marketplace for healthcare services based on blockchain. Since KYC compliance is a very important issue, we want to ask you: how it's better to organize KYC procedure?
  10. Ildar Fazulyanov, Founder and CEO of WELL, delivered his speech during on Crypto Economic Forum’s (WCEF) in San Francisco. He highlighted the problems that healthcare faces today and presented WELL platform - innovative project that plans to make a breakthrough in the way healthcare services are delivered. Take your time to watch Ildar's speech and tell us what do you think about that.
  11. In 21st century people no longer want to lose their valuable time in the doctor’s medical office. Being on the go mobile users they require more convenient care to fit in with their active lifestyles. Companies, such as WELL can cater to their needs. The WELL program is set up to help everyone, no matter which country they are in, so they can receive an immediate telemedicine appointment from a high caliber doctor or specialist, whether they are in the living room at home or on the go, out and about. Cheaper, convenient and high quality healthcare - anytime and anywhere - that's the driving force behind WELL telemedicine.
  12. Hey, who wanted to see the winners of WCEF crypto hackathon? Here they are! ;) WELL was honored to sponsor this great event, where blockchain enthusiasts and hackers met together to collaborate, work and create their own solution for making healthcare more secure and advanced. And if you're more into videos - jump to our YouTube channel and watch the award ceremony
  13. When medicine has no boundaries No doubt over the 25 years the healthcare industry has made a real breakthrough: changes in medicine are as great as in the banking sphere. What seemed to be impossible at the end of 90-s have already become a reality. What now? Only go forward, we say! With WELL. Making telehealth even more advanced and useful for you and your loved ones. Think your way into good health. Find out more on MEDIUM
  14. Blockchain is Renaissance of software That should certainly become a quotation, agree? The hackaton is officially over. If you missed a chance to be there, don't worry. We are glad to share with you some videos:)
  15. HOW WAS WELL CREATED? That's a story indeed! And we want to share with you what inspired WELL founder to start this great journey. When WELL founder, Ildar Fazulyanov, broke his leg in a snowboarding accident, requiring surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, he quickly came up against the shortcomings of the medical system. Unable to find a physical therapist for four weeks, by the time he finally stepped into his first appointment, he had re-broken his leg. The result was a second surgery, an additional $50,000 in expenses for Ildar’s insurance company, and tremendous pain and frustration for Ildar. That frustration led Ildar to create WELL, a global decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace for healthcare. Full details of the story and more interesting articles you can find on our MEDIUM BLOG

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