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  1. What is going on Here!!

    Good luck!
  2. Litecoin mining - why no payout for over week?

    Yes Dottat, something is amuck. Wasted two weeks of mining lite coin with no return. I moved on and doing much better else where. I don't know what they are doing but maybe trying to raise money for upgrades. Who knows. Don't mine litecoin here if you want any payout. Good luck.
  3. Litecoin mining - why no payout for over week?

    I read your message. How much are you talking about to upgrade the mining pool?
  4. Can anyone explain why there has been no payout for Litecoin in over a week. Does it take that long to find a block?
  5. Trouble mining with Antminer D3 (November batch)

    X11 has been working on Prohashing. Still no LTC block completed on Multipool and been mining for a week now. Got too much in now to jump ship. Hope we see something soon.
  6. I am seeing the same thing. I believe payout will come once the block is completed. Due to high difficulty it is taking a long time to complete a block. I am not 100% sure on this but believe it to be the case. I am not used to that way of getting payout. Most of the sites I have used pay per share. I have been mining LTC since last Friday night and no payout yet.
  7. what is going on with long block finds

    I have not received anything for LTC coins. I have been mining since Friday night. All other coins show, but no LTC. Anyone can explain this?
  8. Trouble mining with Antminer D3 (November batch)

    That is exactly what is happening here as well. I wrote to tech support but nothing heard back. I was on Prohashing with X11 and they are down today on x11. Also Granat is down as well. I am now on Antpool but that only mines DASH. Hope thing come back up soon. I understand there has been a lot of hacking on the networks so that may be the problem. Even the stratum servers being hacked or attempted to hack.
  9. I have not been able to successfully mine X11 coins with the Antminer D3. Seems that it will login but as soon as I attempt to start mining, connection goes Dead. I am wondering if anyone else is having this difficulty. Any special settings required for the D3? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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