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  1. What is the advantage of BMCHAIN over other social networks? Now it's impossible to imagine modern life without social networking. It is where we communicate with each other, find groups of interest, buy and sell things, do business. And there are many different websites for it, so what distinguishes have BMCHAIN from others? To answer this question, at first we will try to describe what we usually do in social network? For example, while watching the news you may see a very informative post and click Like. Then author receive your gratitude, but that’s all. Or we can complement the author's thought with the comment under the post, or even refute the original text with it. All of this affects only to the abstract reputation of the author and the commentators. But for the monetization of his authority, the author will be forced to publish promotional articles paid by the advertiser, which may disappoint some of his followers. At the same time in next generation networks, which include BMCHAIN, every Like or a comment will give some value for the author. So the good author is able to monetize his usefulness, getting benefits from being interesting and useful to others. Also the new model of social networks contains a visual representation of the "reputation" of the author. And BMCHAIN also stands out for its new scheme of assessment of reputation, which will not depend directly on the amount of bonuses earned (or purchased on the stock exchange) by the user. With every action your reputation will grow, and the higher it is, the more bonus tokens you will receive. Suggest your usefulness to other members of the system, write interesting articles, work instructions, business plans, share valuable experience, implement it efficiently and get an assessment of your work, which consists of the reputation of voting members. In the future people will be able to choose the best qualified and conscientious executive and to seek the services of a particular company on the base of reputation. The implementation based on the popular nowadays BLOCKCHAIN technology makes the accrual of reputation and bonuses absolutely open and transparent and the whole system in general both economically and technically decentralized. What could be better than to do what you love and get rewarded for it? Feel useful and want to share? Join us! https://testnet.bmchain.io/ https://t.me/bmchain https://www.facebook.com/BMChain/?ref=bookmarks
  2. BMCHAIN presents a decentralized platform for active participants based on blockchain technologies. Each participant of the system can convert the accumulated knowledge and experience into a digital property with the possibility of using it to purchase goods and services in everyday life. An econometric model of the system was developed on the Biznes Molodost audience, the largest business community of Russia and the CIS, which will make it possible to take all the advantages of Blockchain technologies. The implemented functionality will allow thousands of people and entrepreneurs to share their experience, resources, capabilities and knowledge by writing posts, voting and commenting, thus getting a real value expressed in digital tokens of the system, easily convertible into other types of digital property and fiat currencies. Rewards can be received not only by the participants who demonstrate useful activity, but also by those who estimate their contribution. The main idea of the project is to measure, preserve and monetize the value (benefit) that arises in the process of communication between people and is expressed as a change in the reputation coefficient. Keeping the information about communication and monitoring the change in productivity, it is possible to effectively evaluate each participant's potential value for the system and its members, which can be expressed by the reputation coefficient. Reputation is used as the main multiplier determining the size of the reward received by the user from the system and its participants. Biznes Molodost community includes thousands of successful entrepreneurs providing a large number of goods and services which are demanded by real people and can be obtained in exchange for BMT tokens. An additional possibility of the BMCHAIN platform or any business will be the opportunity to create its own Blockchain-application with the necessary logic based on the developed TokenAPI solution without the need to study the technical level of Blockchain. The partner accepting tokens for the payment is offered the automated possibility of conversion of the tokens received into roubles. To accept tokens the system participant must provide users with a list of goods or services including a real discount of at least 50%. The reputation of the partner providing quality products or services in exchange for tokens starts growing along with the bonus tokens credited for the usage of the system and the number of partner's incoming and outgoing transactions. The amount of bonus tokens obtained when making transactions depends on the reputation of the user and the partner. To get more details, please, visit our website. The BMCHAIN project is an integrated system with its own infrastructure, social and economic mechanics, implemented with the help of blockchain technology. The central part of the system is BMCHAIN Core, which implements basic social and economic mechanics, stores information in the blockchain system and interacts with external systems through API. The following BM services will be connected to the platform primarily: BM Educational Platform - the BM software platform, where educational programs are conducted. Each participant has a personal account, through which he or she studies, performs tasks of the training course and analyzes the statistics of the progress. BM Social Platform - the BM social platform developed for the business community, where participants can introduce themselves and their business, communicate with other participants and get new useful business contacts. BM Bullet - a simple and intuitive landing page designer, through which you can create high conversion sites in a couple of clicks. BM Radar - a mobile business contact application that organizes meetings using geolocation. TokenApi - a simple tool for creating your own token on the Ethereum blockchain platform in 3 clicks. More detailed information about the project terms and conditions is available on our website. Digital reputation - the reputation of the BMCHAIN platform participant, expressed in its value for the system and its participants, which can be used to exchange it for services or money. What is the digital reputation of a participant based on Creation of unique useful materials (articles, posts, etc.) on the business topic on the content platform with payment depending on their rating and the author's reputation Implementation of collaborative projects between the participants Business contracts with a positive result (based on Smart Contract) Search and catalog delivery of contractors by the level of their digital reputation not depending on the size of the ad budget and the skill of the marketer Each member of the community is its investor Social activity (likes, comments, etc.) Assessing interacting with each other Payment of goods and services within the business community Purchase of Biznes Molodost products Exchange of contacts Answers to questions Biznes Molodost community includes thousands of successful entrepreneurs providing a large number of goods and services which are demanded by real people and can be obtained in exchange for BMT tokens. Many of these entrepreneurs have already signed the agreement on joining the "Blockchain-based loyalty system" project, which would be one of the applications using the platform's capabilities. Under the agreement the platform provides an opportunity to pay for goods or services using BMT tokens. The value of BMT tokens is likely to multiply with a high probability, since the BM value and its effectiveness have already been proven by numbers and easily verifiable facts. BM brand unites the largest and most active community of entrepreneurs in the CIS consisting of more than 250,000 entrepreneurs, whose total assets exceed $11.4 billion. Currently BM courses are translated into English, Spanish, and Chinese; IT platform has been developed in order to automate the learning process; BM projects are actively developing, constantly expanding, that gives good chances to have the leading positions in the world ranking of business-applied education. The unique experience of mass launch of advanced digital solutions with more than 20 courses launched, which are used on free and paid basis by more than 2 million people. The ability to earn not only on the capitalization growth, but also participating in company’s projects and community development. Only at the first stage of the project implementation more than 100,000 participants were involved. Just during the first year the audience of the project only in Russia will be more than 500,000 people. BM is one of the largest well-structured communities and on this basis it is possible to quickly undertake sufficient research in order to create the most effective communication tasks platform in the world of blockchain. The main BMCHAIN value transfer tool is BMChain Token (BMT) BMT tokens can be easily transferred between all the participants using Ethereum network addresses. Besides, tokens can be transferred into accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges and back. How to get BMT tokens Purchasing BMT tokens on the exchanges (BMT is currently being traded at HitBTC and Etherdelta) Social activity within the BMCHAIN platform (writing articles, actively discussing and evaluating materials, completing assignments) Assisting in the testing, development and promotion of the project (rewards from the bounty fund) Active participation in projects integrated into the BMCHAIN platform Read more information on BMT tokens and the procedure for its obtaining. BMCHAIN Breaking News BMCHAIN has announced the preliminary interface of the future wallet that will include the functions for receiving and transferring BMT tokens BMCHAIN development report: the first mechanics of the future platform Forecast and analytics: why BMT token can become liquid and capitalization may grow? All news Join us

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