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  1. As a crypto software developer, I look at everything from the user perspective. 1. The user needs to be in complete control of funds. Once the coins are on the exchange, it's too late to try to secure them. 2. The user needs a frictionless transaction experience. People are tired of multi-step verification. 3. The user needs a way to share in the profits. There are enough fees being generated to spread the revenue fairly.
  2. The way to avoid this is to only use accountless trading platforms. Not only are they hack proof, you can make money from the fees!
  3. We all know pump and dumps are scams. What are you offering?
  4. Some of the guys who fail just dont know how to run a business. Some dont know how to present a well-crafted brand story. Some cant produce a viable and user-friendly MVP. Those ICOs fail, but they weren't scammers. I explain it in this article. The ICO era is quickly on the way out. (YAY!) But what’s next? The current cryptocurrency landscape is a wasteland of scams, broken promises, and uninformed “investors,” TOTALITY addresses each of…
  5. After conducting 12 months of intense research, my team has fully dissected the crypto space. We estimate 99% of ICOs and crypto-based projects fall into the following categories: Full-blown exit scam. Fake ICO only meant to collect pre-sale contributions. Poorly planned project that has good intentions. Many developers can't create a viable marketing plan. Data mining ruse. These guys simply want to collect as many KYC approved users as possible. They sell your verification info on the dark web. Affinity scam. The newest angle is to create a fake community based on a shared set of values or a "social cause." Legit project that simply can't get any traction. There are not enough investors to support thousands of projects. Some of the honest projects will fall to market conditions. By this time next year, the current ICO era will be completely dead. Those of us with real users, real technology, real products/services, and real infrastructures will be fine. The rest of you guys...I guess time will tell.
  6. The TOTALITY Global Bounty/airdrop platform is LIVE!!

    Free BTC, ETH, and all the top new tokens and coins.

    We even have a permissionless exchange you can use to convert to fiat quickly.


    The Official Gateway into the Post-Internet Era



  7. Bitcoin will be around for a very long time. However, the window of opportunity to make explosive revenues is closing. I'll help you put this in perspective. The top trading platforms, Binance, Cryptopia, Bitfinex, etc. will be dead soon. They keep getting hacked and eventually, will be highly regulated. Crypto traders want a more secure and streamlined experience. Instead of wasting time creating accounts and sending verification pics, they will want frictionless transactions. The solution is called a Permissionless End-point (PEP). If you trade on a PEP, you can buy/sell 300 of the top cryptos without logging into an account. PLUS you can make money from transaction fees and referrals as well. My company (BSM CryptoTech) is leading the new permissionless revolution. Let me know if you want more info.
  8. My name is Chris, but you can Google me under the name "@insidecryptoinfo". I have been a crypto/tech/marketing guy for a few years. I'm currently developing a token community called TOTALITY. I'm also working with several other ICOs. Here is a bit about my qualifications: I have 3 college degrees including an MBA from Morehead St. University. I have over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. I'm an expert on ICO Bench and ICO Bazaar. I have a seasoned Linkedin profile, an active Telegram channel, and a presence on just about every other major platform. I took my FULL SPECTRUM CAPITALIZATION project from a Facebook comment to a million dollar software launch in 7 months. I've developed 2 other crypto trading tools. They are the only bots on EARTH that can (safely) place 100 simultaneous trades. I charge BTC for in-depth work or promotion. But if you simply want to add credibility to your project or need another perspective, I can help. All I ask is a nice bag of your ICO coins and to connect with me on the main ICO websites. By including my bio as an adviser or team member, your project will instantly become more viable. People are becoming more skeptical about ICO scams and projects that have little hope. By adding a solid, ethical, and established member of the crypto-community to your project, you will have an instant advantage.. PM Me and let's get to work!
  9. Decent website. you just need some videos, branding and traffic. Let me know if you want me help.
  10. I'm here and im looking to make some valuable connections.

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