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  1. im with deeponion since two month and have really no bad word for it to say.i could gain my investment up to 250% in less than 2 months. no ICO, thats only one reason why i feel addicted to deeponion.ICO´s and forks are spreading out everywhere at the moment!i think only anonymity coins will be the big players in future,like dash,moner & deeponion!
  2. i love cryptopia a lot,ether delta is also very nice !
  3. lol, ripple will never get to the moon!with this max supply & centrillized system its hopefullly gonna die soon
  4. better go for deeponion! only 20 millin coins will be out there in 19weeks!
  5. better not to buy ripple!its centriliezd sht
  6. im also new in here lets start

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