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  1. As for user friendliness, an easy move would be to change some of the more intimidating words (beacon, etc.) To make the initial setup easier. I can't find the post, but I remember a new user talking about the confusing vernacular at some point.
  2. Maybe this new developer that Rob is bringing on can help with writing some new features into the coin. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. The thing is is that there is no reason that a "big" business would accept us. We should get more features so we can compete with the likes of Dash, Monero, Bitcoin, etc.
  4. Not 51 percent of all shares, but rather 51 percent of all eligible shares. Those who have not staked within the last 6 months would not be eligible, exchanges and foundation coins would not be eligible. Non participation of eligible votes should be viewed as a veto against the poll. At the moment, polls aren't being discussed or posted outside of the client (not in cct/twitter/reddit/irc) yet are being considered valid with a fraction of the eligible voting weight (in fact 3 participants = a valid poll currently). If 51 percent is too high, would you propose a lower percent? What about setting a certain amount of Gridcoin (ie. 1000 GRC) to be able to vote? This would be similar to Dash's system of only letting Masternodes vote.
  5. What about anonymizing features or coin mixing like Dash(darkcoin). Does the different transaction system that CM mentioned prevent a version of these from being implemented? On a similar note, would basing the communications of the wallet in a TOR-like protocol be a feasible/possible thing to do? I'm really just throwing ideas out there and seeing if you guys like them.
  6. Coinomi can definently help. The problem we're facing is that there's not really a reason to buy Gridcoin; no special features after the mining has been done. I think smart contracts which have been discussed before might help with this. Something like the Lightning Network for Bitcoin, but for Gridcoin could really set us apart.
  7. Hey guys! I feel that where Gridcoin really focuses now is on the mining side. We've done a really good job in the last few months of recruiting new members through ads and whatnot. But where I think the Gridcoin ecosystem is lacking is in the use side. When miners mine their Gridcoins, they either sell immediatly or hold to sell at a better price. They don't often use the coins. Now while we are on several casinos, there is still not much use case for buying things with Gridcoins or the like. I started this thread as a spot for brainstorming ways to increase the use of Gridcoins as a currency. Because if we focus on the future when mining becomes less and less, Gridcoin will become more marginalized. Effects of this over mining can be seen in the further decreasing price of Gridcoins. If not new shops, maybe we can think of new features that give the coin more staying power, smart contracts, etc.. Examples of ideas: New Shops, Stores, etc. New Casinos New Features The key is to get people to use Gridcoin after they mine it instead of just immediately selling it on an Exchange. For example, I have been mining Gridcoin since November 2014 and I always sold it. I would love to be able to spend Gridcoin in more places. Thanks for reading guys!!
  8. So there is a lot of totally unrelated articles on the wiki and it really needs to be cleaned up. There is also a lot of users with the same style of name, so I'm thinking a different captcha needs to be used for the user sign up page.

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