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  1. Looks like we (Blazecoin) just won this weeks vote on Cryptopia. I'll let everyone know more information when I get it from that group. Good stuff is in store. If you don't have a Cryptopia account yet, you should look into getting one. https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=wpstudio
  2. We've got a good chance of being added to Cryptopia... but keep voting - https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Home/Voting This will be good for the coin. It includes an integrated exchange, marketplace, block explorer, mining portal and more. If you don't have an account on Cryptopia already, I encourage you to get one.
  3. Everyone above has been gifted their Blazecoin and @xtac4u22... I sent you 4500 BLZ because it was smarter-er
  4. Everyone above has been gifted Blazecoin. I put a little extra in the payout to anyone who was a bit more creative or did a few additional promotional things. Thanks again to everyone.
  5. All the above have been paid. If you didn't receive a givewaway for your tweet, you either didn't let me know about your tweet, I couldn't find it, or you used an invalid Blazecoin address. And remember going above and beyond a basic tweet earns more Blazecoin. To a few people I gave over 5,000 BLZ
  6. Everyone above has been paid. Thanks again to everyone.
  7. Resycing Blazecoin daemon to clear a bad transaction that slipped
  8. Not sure what happened. But I went in and restarted the coin daemon. It looks like the coin daemon had crashed.
  9. All above have been paid. I'll soon be closing this promotion and we'll start another soon.
  10. It will take a while for the blockchain to sync (only on block 21,047) But once it syncs Port 3030 - diff 8 (for small hash or CPU) Port 3031 - VarDiff ranging from 32 ~ 512 Port 3032 - Diff 256 Port 3033 - Diff 1024 You won't be able to mine until the blockchain syncs.
  11. Does cloudcoin have a github or other public repo?