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  1. Either @gofundme must allow ALL legal defense fund campaigns or none at all. Otherwise @gofundme prove to be simple racists. #tcot

  2. Yahoo weather has gone wonky. Not sure how its snowing in DC right now. @capitalweather http://t.co/XIyN8gPmKu

  3. AVOID @CapitalOne Bank. One system doesn't talk with other systems and you'll spend you LIFE on the phone correcting their mistakes.

  4. If you have friends without a twitter account and they want to follow the live chat at 4pm - http://t.co/IgLhaRJXkY #ferringperf

  5. The recital will begin at 4pm Eastern time. Grab your coffee, wine, rootbeer float, bon bons and get ready for a fun afternoon. #ferringperf

  6. RT @blazecoin: Special, for every 25 GHX you buy at GetHashing https://t.co/pBbAyGTMUs I will give you 25,000 Blazecoins. Get free BLZ for …

  7. Are you looking to get into bitcoin mining with a trusted and open group. Proof-of-Everything. GetHashing Batch2 https://t.co/4zzYN5Hnuj

  8. Looks like we (Blazecoin) just won this weeks vote on Cryptopia. I'll let everyone know more information when I get it from that group. Good stuff is in store. If you don't have a Cryptopia account yet, you should look into getting one. https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=wpstudio
  9. We've got a good chance of being added to Cryptopia... but keep voting - https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Home/Voting This will be good for the coin. It includes an integrated exchange, marketplace, block explorer, mining portal and more. If you don't have an account on Cryptopia already, I encourage you to get one.
  10. Everyone above has been gifted their Blazecoin and @xtac4u22... I sent you 4500 BLZ because it was smarter-er
  11. Everyone above has been gifted Blazecoin. I put a little extra in the payout to anyone who was a bit more creative or did a few additional promotional things. Thanks again to everyone.

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