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    Hi i'm new at this pool. I'm using my Raspberry pi 3B+, each core of the CPU gives around 0.49 khash/s wich gives in total of 4 cores around 1.95khash/s. I use this command on my terminal to start minning: "./minerd -o stratum+tcp://xpool.net:8830 -u 1G9R4eCc4KDoGBTeieGraWAjmQNgWYNQTZ -p x -a scrypt" As you can see i'm using the port 8830 wich I choose randomly (is it the good one for me ?) and my wallet adress is the adress I get when I instal on my android cellphone the the 'Bitcoin", this app give me and adress and i pasted it in. But when I look on the "Actives miners", I see my adress but there is no payout, (I left it mining for 2h and nothing), no share difficulty and no time shared ... What is wrong with this ? I show you screenshots of what I said so you can see the problem .. PS: I know I can"t make a lot of money but I just want to make something or do something to the community

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