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  1. The crypto year 2018 in a few words... 2018 : Bitcoin Value Expected To Double
  2. Asset manager Levi Meade, a Lead Investment Analyst at Columbus Capital, says that although Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Ripple are called cryptocurrencies, they are different from one another and not necessarily in competition with one another. Read the full analysis here: http://bit.ly/2D0sjGS
  3. Interesting article published by Tokens24 on 13/01/2018 Capitalization of Cryptocurrency Hits Record High Setting a New All-Time Record
  4. ASIC mining Hardware comparison: https://www.tokens24.com/cryptopedia/mining-hardware-comparison/
  5. Why is Ripple So Different to Bitcoin?

    Read These 5 Key Differences Between Ripple and Bitcoin
  6. Top Cryptos in 2018

    Zcoin, Ripple, Cardano, 0x and Litecoin. Cardano and 0x are so undervalued at the moment! https://www.tokens24.com/coin/
  7. "There are two common types of ASIC miners, those that can mine SHA based coins like the Antminer S9 and those that mine Scrypt hashing algorithm based coins (see Antminer L3+)..." Read more here: ASIC Miners and Hashing Algorithms (SHA-256, Scrypt, X11) Check also for mining hardware reviews provided by Tokens24!
  8. Here are the main differences between Bitcoin and Litecoin
  9. Cardano ADA Investment

    I am a little worried about the stability of ADA lately.. We need to go over $1.00 in January! Best choice at the moment? Hold until the end of Jan and then reconsider.. https://www.tokens24.com/coin/cardano/
  10. Ripple can rise significantly in the near future. This coin is getting stronger every day and people love it. My guess is that it will double up by the end of January
  11. Monaco (MCO)

    Hey guys, What is your opinion about Monaco (MCO)? I've spent a great amount of my budget when the price was $16.00 and I think i should sell when the price goes up to $20.00 - $21.00 Price is about $19.00 at the moment What do you think? Thanks!
  12. How mining REALLY works ?

    Hey, Some basic ideas must be completely clear before someone starts mining. I found this simple mining guide for beginners. I hope it helps!
  13. ETH Mining Noob Questions

    To all newcomers and potential miners, here is an easy guide for Mining Start digging! :D
  14. A beginner’s guide to Ethereum

    Check out more info on Ethereum Smart Contracts here: https://www.tokens24.com/wiki/ethereum-smart-contracts-work/

    All you need is a Paper Wallet. At least in the beginning! I just don't trust online wallets! The choice is yours 🤔

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