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  1. Cryptocurrency market is a lot more volatile than the fiat investment market. It’s common to end your day with a lot of money to your name only to wake up and find that your assets aren’t worth half as much anymore. The volatility of the crypto market is something that all investors and traders tread carefully around. But since the market is open round the clock, traders have to be vigilant all the time. This is not possible manually, which is why trading bots are proving so popular in this field. What are Trading Bots Trading bots are software that interacts with the market and makes decisions on your behalf. These bots have their own pre-configured rules according to which they act. You can also set rules for your personal habits and needs. The idea behind using a bot is that even when you are away from your station, your bot can make sound crypto investment decisions on your behalf. Bots use different strategies to help their user get the best possible experience in trading. Using a bot enables you to be at the fore of cryptocurrency trading 24 hours a day. There are a few strategies which bots use to boost the user’s asset values. The first is the arbitrage technique which uses the difference in the price of cryptocurrencies on different exchanges to help the user earn a profit. The bot buys altcoins on one exchange and sells them on the other, giving you a profit based on the difference. The second technique is market making, where the fluctuations in the buy and sell price in an exchange are utilized to make profits by constantly placing buy and sell orders near the limit. Both these strategies can help you make profits, but they aren’t as good as they used to be. The price difference of coins between exchanges used to be profitable for traders in the past, but that’s not the case anymore. The same can be said for market making. So the usefulness of your bot is heavily dependent on the techniques and strategies you use. Keep Reading: https://www.tokens24.com/cryptopedia/trading/all-you-need-know-bitcoin-trading-bots
  2. Coinvest is the first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies. With the Coinvest token COIN, users can invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and index funds through one wallet and account. Executive director and founder of Coinvest, Damon Nam spoke with Jason Manolopoulos from Tokens 24 on an exclusive interview regarding Coinvest and its place in the crypto ecosystem. interview with Damon Nam, Executive Director & Founder at Coinvest, conducted by Jason Manolopoulos: https://www.tokens24.com/exclusive/interview-coinvest-founder-damon-nam
  3. 2018 will surely be the year of uncertainty with a lot of excitement coming along with it. Mining of cryptocurrencies was already the most popular topic among many crypto traders at the beginning of 2017; now, more and more people are flirting with it. As per the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, the demand for mining equipment is also increasing day-by-day. A few years back, becoming a miner was easy; anyone who had access to a powerful computer was able to mine. However, this scenario has been changed drastically because the old method of mining has become ineffective. In the early days of the emergence of bitcoins, mining was possible with a small CPU such as Raspberry Pi; however, with the increase of network and popularity, the mining quickly shifted to the GPU. A single GPU unit is equivalent to 30 CPU’s so it drastically increased the efficiency of mining. Click here if you want to read the full Guide: https://www.tokens24.com/cryptopedia/mining/mine-gpu-2018
  4. South Asia’s publicly listed airline, AirAsia, has intimated that it has plans of launching an ICO as it pushes into financial services. AirAsia is one of the low-cost airlines in South Asia, whose asset base stands at $3 billion. According to the CEO, Tony Fernandes, the Malaysia listed company is considering the ICO as a means of raising funds that would help it launch into the financial services sector. He said this on the sidelines of Money2020 Asia conference, where the issue of cryptocurrencies was intensively discussed and many companies indicated their plans to embrace the blockchain technology as well as regulating the same. Read more here: https://www.tokens24.com/news/airasia-looking-possibilities-offering-ico/
  5. What is Ripple XRP and how you can Acquire it (Beginner's Guide): http://bit.ly/2CDXWoE
  6. Amazing Q&A session by Crypto de' Medici! Loved it! https://www.tokens24.com/exclusive/crypto-de-medici-qa-session/
  7. "Long-term investing when it relates to the stock market usually means years. When we discuss it in terms of cryptocurrency market we think in terms of a couple months to a year due to how fast everything moves. Volatility causes things to move up and down so quickly that strategy cannot be implemented in a timeframe longer than that. This guide will discuss implementing a long-term look at cryptocurrency investing for your cryptocurrency portfolio. Long-term investing is usually advocated due to its many advantages and cryptocurrency is no different." Read the full guide by Tokens24
  8. Check out the latest full report by Tokens24! Crypto Exchanges: Insights Report 2018
  9. Interesting metrics! https://www.tokens24.com/exclusive/december-web-traffic-major-exchanges/
  10. A very good guide for beginners! https://www.tokens24.com/cryptopedia/basics/0x-for-beginners/
  11. "The ban on cryptocurrencies is in fluctuation, and this may vary in the future. This article explains on the position of several governments on the prohibition of virtual currencies with statements from the following countries; United States (SEC, CFTC, IRS,) South Korea, China, and Japan. Each represents a piece of universal contribution in digital currencies, and it is a fact that the change in regulations in most of these countries could alter the market for crypto..." Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/2F7vBsE
  12. The crypto year 2018 in a few words... 2018 : Bitcoin Value Expected To Double
  13. Asset manager Levi Meade, a Lead Investment Analyst at Columbus Capital, says that although Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Ripple are called cryptocurrencies, they are different from one another and not necessarily in competition with one another. Read the full analysis here: http://bit.ly/2D0sjGS

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