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  1. Troptions Product Offering: Financial Wallet TroptionsDigital Wallet converges the Traditional and Cryptocurrency Payments Networks Using Troptions Digital Wallet, customers are able to pay to accomplish the following: 1. Load up to 50 traditional payments cards onto their digital wallet for daily use using the TroptionsSmart Payment Card. 2. Utilize the Troptions Physical Smartcard to execute transactions securely anywhere in the world that Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover is accepted without fear of being hacked. 3. Customers are able to pay either with their Smartphone or with their Troptions Payments Card. 4. Converts up to 5 crypto currency's into cash at any retailer. And we've just got started for more detail on the Troptions smartcard go to www.TroptionsXchange.com
  2. Troptions

    The King of Coins

    The King of Coins
  3. Troptions


    SINGK Technology turning coins in to cash for merchants!
  4. SINGK Technology app, is changing the way Merchants and Crypto Currency holders will do business, SINGK can help Merchants take up to 30 Coins and turn them into fiat in less then 60 sec or put them in the Merchants wallet. This Technology will change the way Crypto Currency is used. SINGK Technology is owned by Strategic Global Investments Incorporated, "A Publicly Traded Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development Corporation". Strategic Global Investment also owns a large holding in "The King Of Coins" Giant Troptions Corp a Crypto Currency company that has purchased over 1.5 billion dollars in assets in the last year using it's coin. For more information on SINGK you can reply to [email protected] for information on Troptions go to www.troptionsXchange.com
  5. Troptions Crypto Currency making history for all Crypto's, putting Crypto currency on the main stage with national exposure at NASCAR. Troptions one of the only coins on the market that has bought over 1.5 billion dollars worth of assets is showing out at NASCAR by sponsoring 2 NASCAR teams and letting the world know Crypto Currency is here to stay!. "This is big for all Crypto Currency's say the Pres of Troptions Bryan Stone, Crypto is here to stay and we can compete with any Sponsor out there! for more informations on Troptions go to: www.TroptionsXchange.com
  6. Troptions


    Troptions #74 Driven by Tim Veins
  7. Troptions

    troptions truck #15

    Daytona race came in 13th
  8. Troptions

    Troptions Truck #15

    Driven by Robby Lyons
  9. Troptions : The King Of Coins" is sponsoring 3 NASCAR times this season as they hit the track in Atlanta, The King Of Coins is one of the only Crypto Currency people are using to buy real assets with even sponsoring NASCAR, say Troptions Pres Bryan Stone. "We are the real deal." Troptions has purchased over 1.5 billion dollars worth of assets using it's Coin and we'er buying more stuff everyday. for more information on Troptions go to: www.TroptionsXchange.com
  10. Troptions The King of Coins once again making history with NASCAR, Troptions the Crypto Currency that you can buy real stuff with has sponsored 4 cars and 2 trucks on the NASCAR circuit this season, going to the mass is what crypto currency's need to do to get the word out says Troptions Pres Bryan Stone and that's what we're doing. For more information on Troptions go to: www.TroptionsXchange.com 

    troptions truck atl.jpg

  11. Troptions "The King Of Coins" hits the Track Friday night at the Daytona 500 and place's 13th in the Camping World truck series. Troptions the first Crypto Currency to sponsor two truck and two cars in the NASCAR series. Troptions has purchased over 1 billion dollars worth of Assets using its coin. To keep up with the Troptions NASCAR team go to www.TroptionsXchange.com


    #troptions #nascar # bloomberg #crypto 

    troptions truck daytona.jpg

  12. Troptions the Crypto Currency that has bought more then 1.5 billion in real assets mores up on the leader board of the top cryptos in the world, This week Troptions Corp took over 4 more hotels in Branson Mo. Troptions Corp is putting a lot of resources in Branson Mo, Branson has over 12.5 million visitors that visit it each year. A beautiful resort town. for more information on Troptions go to: www.TroptionsXchange.com
  13. Troptions is the Crypto Currency you can buy assets with! To date Troptions has bought over 1.5 Billion dollars in assets TROPTIONS is an Xchange system secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. The blockchain provides a peer-to-peer network that timestamps transactions by hashing them into an ongoing chain of hash-based proof-of-work, forming a record that cannot be changed. Like other cryptocurrencies whose worth is determined by free market forces, TROPTIONS can be Xchanged for US dollars through the blockchain. Additionally, TROPTIONS can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or used for purchasing items of value. Unique to TROPTIONS is the ability to trade for items that are exclusively within the Troptions system. Whether it is Real Estate, Mineral rights, Hotel rooms, Businesses, Hotels, Automobiles, Seminars or whatever is currently offered through the TROPTIONS trade system, TROPTIONS holders are able to find opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them. This is a proof-of-utility that makes TROPTIONS a different kind of cryptocurrency. And easy to buy also go to https://localbitcoins.com/…/61…/cash-out-your-bitcoins-other #troptions #troptionsxchange #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #ripple Troptions.io
  14. Troptions


    Troptions "The King Of Coins" Crypto you can use to buy real stuff with. Now Sponsoring NASCAR teams! www.TroptionsXchange.com

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