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  1. What i want to know is if the software I'm using doesn't ask for my wallet address of the coin i want to mine and i go and find a pool url that doesnt ask for my wallet address how do the coins i mine go to my wallet
  2. I was using multiminer for windows they don't ask for wallet address and the pools available don't ask either so how do i get the coins? It's a very important topic and there isn't one tutorial on it.please anyone i would appreciate step by step instructions on how to mine and have the coins go to wallet address. Thanks
  3. Hi there I'm new at mining crypto i was using multiminer for a few days and then it hit me how do i get the coins i know the 2 asic miners are working i mean there's not much info about that side of mining the windows app. doesn't ask for a wallet address how do i get paid.This is a very important question but no one talks about it.sorry i would appreciate any help cheeeeers

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