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  1. Any poets here??? Write a poem and win the giveaway.. Click the image to find more details.
  2. Big risk big rewards!! How many of you dare to make a bet like this?? Cashing out almost 6 lakhs by betting 32000 rupees.. Congrats n493
  3. Congrats juliane96 for cashing out 0.27 btc (around 2.3 lakhs) in a single bit.. Keep winning.. What about you guys??? Share your biggest win on Primedice so far...
  4. What do you think of Bitcoin?? Now markets are crashing so you can buy in the dips.. why don't you buy some and double it on Primedice?? Try your luck...
  5. बधाई rollinglo!!! 3x में 0.3 बी टी सी जीत लिया है आप
  6. aaj ka dho highroller bets aap logon ke saath share karna chahtha hun.. Badhaai intactrone aur JamaicanMon (We want to share today's two of our Highroller bets.. Congrats !! intactrone and JamaicanMon )
  7. 8BTC profit!!! Viniwoller pichale din join kardiya hai.. aur uska profit dhekhlijiye...
  8. PrimeDice पर खेलते समय आपकी स्ट्रेटेजी क्या है? मार्टिंगेल करेगा या सब पैसा एक शर्त मैं दांव लगायेगा ??
  9. बधाई plswin12343 दो बार 0.4 btc जीत लिया है आप ...
  10. Naya giveaway forum main post kiya hai... Jaldi try karlo... aage padne keliye image pe click karlo..
  11. Confused by the term "Provably Fair" Checkout the short video.. Primedice 100% Provably fair. https://player.vimeo.com/video/233932734
  12. Who doesn't love free Bitcoin??? We just wanted to know, how much have you made from pay per post? See what our members say.. https://forum.primedice.com/topic/29800-how-much-have-you-made-from-pay-per-post/
  13. Already participating in our new Giveaway ?? Not yet?? :o :o So do not waste time and run to put the name of your Primedice account and a small message saying how you knew our site .. it's easy and fast !! :D To participate, just click on the photo below :-*

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