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  1. Update: 1st video in the TCV developer series now online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRVp93rS6OI
  2. Couple of updates and replies: There are no plans on using that currently. However, as the whole TCV galaxy will be modular, it will use a number of engines. The vast majority of the initial game modes will use the Unreal Engine (UE4) with other engines being brought into the mix later. ZED was dropped because of issues regarding the coin. I should have made sure this information was more publicised and I apologise for that. However, should Zed's status change in the future, it may be considered for support in Monitor with an eye to brining it back into "The Crypto Void". Some choices had to be made which resulted in two coins being removed from the list. This was due to issues cropping up just before project deadlines were being completed. As a result, other plans had to be made with regards to the choice of coins. The new list is available at http://www.1billionhex.net/the-crypto-void Changing the coin list has also required a re-write of some of the back-story and other content so everything still makes sense and fits in with the choice of currencies and their in-character factions. I approached some developers that I know and trust and requested that they launch some new coins which can be used in the game. This was (in part) to avoid future issues and even more content re-writing. They agreed and also were very happy to make use of the coin graphics that I designed for in-game use. These designs are extremely important to the back-story of TCV galaxy and having them used in the "real world" currencies is a nice touch (IMHO). I won't say more than that here to avoid spoilers. ;-) The development of The Crypto Void has been a very long process (even before the decision was made to re-write it with crypto at the core) but up until now there has been no desire to launch any crowd sourcing campaigns, ICO/IPOs or anything else like it. As I've said from the start, it will be released when it's done and not before. First and foremost, the security and reliability must be there and having additional pressure to launch "something" by investors (even if it's not ready) is something I do not want. After saying that, TCV and Monitor are at a point where actual coding and testing is being achieved and public clients should be available during Q1/2 of next year. This does mean that costs are now starting to pile up which must be covered by myself. As a result of this, I can announce that a special music album will be released over the next week or two and available at the major music sites (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc). This special game dev support album is comprised of raw mixes of all five of the initial faction's theme music. More details will be posted at www.1billionhex.net once the distributor and I have completed the required administrative stuff. All net revenues from the sale (and streaming) of this album will be used to help cover future costs of developing both TCV and Monitor. Thanks for everyone's continued interest in this project. Bob.
  3. A new page is up on the website which gives some information about a part of the character creation system. http://www.1billionhex.net/character-insignia-a-brief-overview This is the first of the brief overview pages which should start being added in a timely manner. Regards, Bob.
  4. No need to apologise but it is accepted non-the-less. All you did was ask an honest question. :-) Far too many scams out there in crypto-land so questions like that should be asked.
  5. Sorry about the recent news blackout, everyone! Due to some uncertainties in UK Law regarding crypto currencies and consumer protection laws, I had to slow down the publicity around TCV until it became clear how to achieve legal compliance for this project. That and some other things going on in the background (and personal life) meant I couldn't do very much in the way of updates. There's been some changes in development regarding the engine and some other aspects. All of which (IMHO) will be an improvement. The website that Cassey posted (much obliged to him for doing that, thanks!) is the new home for general information about 1BillionHex and The Crypto Void. There's still a great deal to do and this will be done over the next week or two. One of the biggest changes is the fact that I am splitting the project into two separate systems. "Monitor" is the game launcher and management system and I have been running the pre-alpha version of this on my own LAN. It is currently managing 64 coins/daemons. These are coins I use to mine and trade and Monitor is doing a great job with those. It provides information about each coin and the major exchanges. It alerts me to potential forks and other problems as well as switching my own mining rigs to the best coins. Originally, Monitor would require 1.5 minutes to sweep through all the coins/exchanges/etc to obtain and asses the data, now that has been improved to an average of 18 seconds. It is worth noting that the pre-alpha version of Monitor is written in PHP (with some use of python, perl and BASh script) but this will be re-written in C++ during transition to beta. Monitor will be as much use to non-gamers as those that will play The Crypto Void. However, there will also be some casual games as well as a game character management system included in Monitor. I'll get more up-to-date information added to the website ASAP. As I've said all along... The game will be ready, when it's ready. I have not asked for a single BTC, dollar or pound from anyone. I haven't used any kind of "IPO" and never shall. I am using my real name and my own company to develop this game, engine and system. I would not do that if I were just hoping to artificially inflate the price of some coins, especially when that would also be putting my music publishing side of my company at risk due to any kind of fallout over scams in crypto. Thanks for the interest and I will devote more time in the future to keeping you all informed. Regards, Bob.
  6. For a "fun" coin, this does have some cleaner code than some of the "purely for fast profit" coins out there. It would be nice to see some moves to use this for buying cakes LOL online ;-)
  7. Just a heads-up: The current coinbase maturity on this coin is 600 (six hundred). This means you have to wait for 600 (620 if the standard BTC default extra is applied) confirms before you can spend any newly minted coins. Not a bad thing but if you are mining and wondering why you haven't yet had anything added to your balances, this is the reason. ;-) If you are running a pool, you will probably need to set confirmations to 620 to avoid cronjob and payment errors.
  8. PORTS RPC Port: None Available. P2P Port: None Available. POOLS None Available. No github? Maybe just lack of management and development... No thanks.
  9. Just my opinion but some things to consider: 1. This is not "just another" Pump and Dump coin. Not that I don't engage in short-term trading but the vast majority of coins are designed just for that purpose. 2. All of these coins with (heaven forbid) only 1 transaction confirm... Simply increases the likelihood of exploitation. 3. Not just another "Search and Replace" coin where the devs just replace all instances of "LTC" for their own coin name. 4. Active development. The dev is actively working on (and testing) new ideas to further increase the security of crypto. 5. The very long block confirms on this coin make it a long term coin and should also make it a natural multi-pool unfriendly coin. This should keep the hashrate more reliable. 6. Transaction fees will become a point to consider once the coins are confirmed and ready to be spent. The smaller block size does increase the potential security of the coin but it also means that anyone wishing to have their coins transferred quickly, will need to apply extra fees. This will also benefit miners more as they will receive those fees for creating blocks which are used to confirm the transactions. 7. No untested implementations of new "algos". 8. No claims of a "CPU only" coin, only to find that there was an SGMiner mod available from launch to a select few. 9. No pre-mine, insta-mine, magic blocks, smoke, mirrors or snake oil. From an investment and long term value point of view. A slower but more steady coin that should retain value over a longer period (with some fluctuations depending on user desire in the game). There will be some spikes in value and mining but these will also even out more than other coins. The low coin reward value will (for some) increase demand and value. It all depends on if you wish to purely trade this coin or mine it. I would say mine it now, even if it's on rotation with your other coins. If you are not interested in the game, but are a potential investor, I would strongly suggest that you still follow the development of the game (and virtual galaxy) because the four public coins are going to be intrinsic to the game. The use of these coins and the actual mining of them will change the game itself so will have an impact on the value in the exchanges and everywhere else they are used. I have spent a great deal of time trying to find eight public coins for use in the game... I applied the same kind of due diligence that any registered Charity and broker would have to do (probably more in-depth) and I honestly could not find eight coins out of the mass of "coins" out there... Mostly, the coins were unacceptable due to the use of IRC for peer discovery (I'm still looking for announcement threads that actually explain their coin uses it), potentially exploitable coin stats (such as 1 transaction confirm required) or the devs simply lie. Far too many claim to be Charities, Foundations (in countries where the use of that phrase is legally controlled) and other legally controlled organisations yet do not even have an elected board, a constitution (or other governing document). Far too many devs also lie about how their coin works... claiming such things as a coin can not be stolen or double-spent because it uses "crypto". I did find a few coins that passed the initial inspection but failed when I looked at how the devs presented themselves in public (IRC, etc). The final factor was determining how the devs can react to issues and if they can actually work with service providers to resolve problems quickly and honestly. It was very frustrating to go through all the checks on a coin, be about to declare that another coin was found to be added to the game when, during those final steps in the due diligence process, it was realised that the devs were actually a bunch of monkeys at a chimp's tea party, too busy flinging excrement at each other (and their users) and sticking the teapot spout up their bottoms for giggles. Their loss just as much as mine... Shame... So, I had to reduce the number of public coins to four. the minimum I could adopt and still create the game's back-story and plots. Regards and respect, Bob.
  10. Now that the 4th coin for "1BillionHex - The Crypto Void" has been chosen, work can now progress!
  11. The official game sites have now been registered and holding pages added. Work is moving forward, now the four public coins have been chosen! It also means the official (and complete) title of the game can now be announced :-) The four coins are (in alphabetical order): 1CR (1 Credit): http://www.1creditcoin.org CGA (CryptoGraphic Anomaly): http://cganomaly.com YACC (Yet Another Cyber Coin): http://www.yaccoin.org Zed (Zed Coin): http://www.zedcoins.com Official holding page: http://www.thecryptovoid.com Bob.
  12. Might be a good idea to get an SSL pool up for this coin: :-) https://chg.thedigitalmint.net
  13. I think that URL should be https://www.allcrypt.com/market?id=630 :-)
  14. Some work is going on right now... in-between doing end-of-year accounts/taxes and DPA stuff. One of the biggest hindrances is the lack of a fourth coin right now. The forums are starting to take shape and are open to the public now. https://forum.indieunite.com
  15. You hoping to buy some nice real-estate on a moon or planet in 1BillionHex? ;-) I could see it now... Some Egyptian themed world where you sit on your solid gold throne and Isis and Osiris are peeling your grapes and wafting you with fans... People come and pay homage to you and sprinkle YACC at your feet while the muses play sweet melodies. LOL

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