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  1. The key to get miners into POP is bitcointalk. And already said, your announce of the coin is still a lot tooooo boring to get people in.
  2. Where are the cool pics from your yesterdays website ? Bitcointalkannouncment is not that what gets miner into this coin. Use you graphic skills and push up this announcemnt to get people into this coin. First steps are made and all arounf the coin looks good. You need more promotion on Bitcointalk. The announcemt was made is simply toooooo boring Also missing information about recalculate diff
  3. Try to mine it but nearly impossible found 1 block. If sombody had more luck with mining pop more easyly i am happy to swap some LPC or ALN against POP my POP wallet - Qg2sCrdcKzi68xzyHHuE9mJQ9a9wm9RmTW
  4. Mining solo impossible at this diif - have 2600kh/s and din not find one block within 2 h need a pool is there already a btctalk thread ? how often does the diff get recalculated and with which algorith ?

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