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  1. zet issue

    Everything is right now
  2. zet issue

    It is "Auto Payout Pending" for more than a day. Still nothing. Edit: Switched to On demand. Now is "Withdrawal Requested". Still waiting.
  3. zet issue

    this is the screenshot https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CaR3uOigYzhu84JurcuNDYX-j3tmdmB3
  4. zet issue

    I think there is a problem with my balance for zetacoin. Until now, once at two days I get automatic payout, 1, and was ok. Now, for about 4 days, nothing happens and the balance is at unconfirmed at 2.07715797. Nothing is confirmed. my username is botescu
  5. SHA-256 or SHA-256 (Low diff)

    Or it means a low diff coin is preffered more? Or is just this: "Low difficulty ports only have a lower starting difficulty" Then the difficulty can increase.
  6. At the dashboard there is an address for (Low diff). What is the recommanded hash rate for Low diff? I choosed low diff. It is better to choose without Low diff?

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