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  1. Withdrawals

    There is something wrong with the system. Or it is deleted from Pending because it is below a Threshold (daily) it is not clear it is not ok
  2. Withdrawals

    It was "Withdrawal Requested" , it is "No pending Withdrawals.", nothing else(no taxid, balance: same). Two days, still nothing. There is nothing in getrawmempool
  3. Withdrawals

    If there is an id there are transaction accelerator services. There is no id for the transaction. The previous ids are from the withdrawals "Included in Block". How to know if it is in the not included area. It is not ok. Edit: Still nothing
  4. Withdrawals

    Was set some on-demand cash out for some coins. They are no longer in the withdrawal pending place. There is no taxid and the wallet is synced and still nothing. From here it is unclear if the withdrawals still exist somewhere. possible scenario: The transaction was applied, then the pending entry was removed. On-demand fee is too low and still no miner including them. Maybe tomorrow. "No Pending Withdrawals." it is not ok.
  5. zet issue

    Everything is right now
  6. zet issue

    It is "Auto Payout Pending" for more than a day. Still nothing. Edit: Switched to On demand. Now is "Withdrawal Requested". Still waiting.
  7. zet issue

    this is the screenshot https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CaR3uOigYzhu84JurcuNDYX-j3tmdmB3
  8. zet issue

    I think there is a problem with my balance for zetacoin. Until now, once at two days I get automatic payout, 1, and was ok. Now, for about 4 days, nothing happens and the balance is at unconfirmed at 2.07715797. Nothing is confirmed. my username is botescu
  9. Or it means a low diff coin is preffered more? Or is just this: "Low difficulty ports only have a lower starting difficulty" Then the difficulty can increase.
  10. At the dashboard there is an address for (Low diff). What is the recommanded hash rate for Low diff? I choosed low diff. It is better to choose without Low diff?

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