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  1. Beacon Deletion

    Me neither. Google translate. :) The translation oddities I found: "lighthouse" is "beacon". "may" or "might" is "can", so "possibly" is better. Using the swap arrows a couple of times helps, but English to Russian seems pretty good. The issue is, @tkachenkoin73's wallet keeps sending beacons several times per day with the wrong keys. * Their wallet is the current version from the website, but I did not find out the platfor nor actual version number. * When they saved off the keys from the debug console, and put them into gridcoin.conf, the wallet would hang on start. * Changing it back allows the wallet to start. PENDING: * I didn't get into whether it crashed, or whether it was trying to rescan the blockchain, or etc. * I had recommended they check walletbackups for a different key in one of their older gridcoin.conf backups, but there was no reply on that question. * I have not yet requested they wipe everything except conf, wallet.dat for a clean resync. * I've not looked into any sort of tracing. I only have about a month of experience with crypto, so it's gotten to the end of my skill/experience to do much else. Their last post says simply: * The problem is not resolved. * They can use google translate to Engilsh if that is needed. * They left the wallet shutdown for a few days, but have restarted. * Their CPID is 07733c4b62bb81984fce796da92f0ad6 * They are asking for what other information to collect to help debug the issue. * The photo shows the constant resend of the beacon from their last start-up.
  2. Beacon Deletion

    Зашифрован ли ваш кошелек? Возможно, это проблема. Эта проблема, возможно, превышает мои навыки. Согласен. Если IFOGGZ имеет время, эта проблема, вероятно, должна вернуться к ним.
  3. Beacon Deletion

    Интернет говорит, что вам нужно сначала удалить маяк. Я не уверен. Вот инструкция: http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/DeleteBeaconInstructions.pdf Скопируйте открытый ключ и закрытый ключ в gridcoin.conf. Правильный ключ иногда существует в walletbackups.
  4. Beacon Deletion

    БЫСТРО! Редактировать сообщение. Удалите свой секретный ключ! Кроме того, английское сообщение решает его. Скопируйте свой секретный ключ из этого маякового статуса в ваш gridcoin.conf.
  5. Beacon Deletion

    Также попробуйте закрыть свой кошелек. Убедитесь, что процесс был убит. Откройте свой кошелек. Продолжают ли маяки? Это похоже на дефект программного обеспечения кошелька. Обновлено ли ваше программное обеспечение?
  6. Starter Coins for Beginners

    I don't have enough data points to confirm the exact nature of the progression. Sometimes it seems linear. I landed a block in 17 days with 500-650 coins (changed 1 week in). Depending on who's mining at any given time, my wallet estimates 11 to 19 days for 850 coins to stake. There's also a random factor involved, beyond the fluctuations from miners and branches. The 17000 and 34000 data points came from other posts about a month ago. The reason a pool is needed is because all crypto currencies get harder to mine as the block chain gets longer. All of the crypto currencies have ballooned in the last 36 months due to increased interest/demand.
  7. Starter Coins for Beginners

    FYI, the 3 starter coins from the newsletter take a few days to show up in your wallet. Like @dcd7 mentioned, it takes more coins to get started solo. * Today, it takes about 17500 coins to stake daily. * example: 35000 will average twice daily. * example: I beaconed 11-14, and staked 12-01 with 500 coins. * getmininginfo will show you estimated days to stake Once you stake, the faucet will work, but is only 0.01 to 0.4 GRC. Your first payout will be mostly Proof-of-Stake. * Mine was 1 from RAC/POW, and 0.0190123 for Staking/POW. Staked coin blocks stop staking for about half a day. * You get payout for all of the blocks staking, not just the one re-issued. * If you split your coins into multiple blocks, then the other blocks keep staking. Your second payout will be POS plus much of your RAC. * RAC is based on the proof of research, magnitude, etc. * RAC is not "yours" until it's paid in a staked block. * RAC expires if not paid in 6 months. * See "list rsa" for your own stats.
  8. Unable to Vote in Poll

    @VASKOR, Same here, but I'm new. The vote error wording is confusing and does not seem accurate. If I understand correctly: * Magnitude polls can only be voted if you staked before the poll begins. * CPID polls can be voted only if you staked before the poll ends. Your GRCTime is the create time of your ID. The CPIDTime is your most recent stake time, or if unstaked, it will match your GRCTime. The timestamp you listed was 1500934128 for both, meaning never staked. Human readable format is Monday, July 24, 2017 10:08:48 PM GMT, the same day as your report. Either you lost your wallet.dat, or were on the wrong system. Since you didn't follow up here, I assume you resolved or gave up. This post is more for people who stumble onto the post through searching (as I did) looking for answers. Here is my reference. 18:24:38  execute staketime [ { "Command" : "staketime" },{ "GRCTime" : 1510682690, "CPIDTime" : 1512125232 } ] 18:30:01  getmininginfo { "blocks" : 1095636, "stakeweight" : { "minimum" : 39983, "maximum" : 39983, "combined" : 39983, "valuesum" : 499.79989000, "legacy" : 499.79989000 }, "netstakeweight" : 16111595.53177118, "staking" : true, "mining-error" : "", "mining-message" : "Stake Weight 39983; ", "time-to-stake_days" : 33.57925926, "expectedtime" : 2901248, "mining-version" : 8, "mining-created" : 0, "mining-accepted" : 0, "mining-kernels-found" : 0, "InterestPending" : 0.35429893, "difficulty" : { "proof-of-work" : 8.23948943, "proof-of-stake" : 1.34372886, "last-search-interval" : 1512174336 }, "pow_reward" : 50.00000000, "errors" : "", "pooledtx" : 0, "stakeinterest" : 0.01500000, "testnet" : false, "PopularNeuralHash" : "", "NeuralPopularity" : -1.00000000, "CPID" : "b67846ea8547cedd2d61ce492fe14102", "RSAWeight" : 0, "Magnitude Unit" : 0.25000000, "BoincRewardPending" : 7.10677083, "MiningProject" : "lhc@home", "MiningInfo 1" : "Boinc Mining", "MiningInfo 2" : "Poll: survey:_current_gridcoin_problems_1092299mag", "MiningInfo 5" : "", "MiningInfo 6" : "", "MiningInfo 7" : "", "MiningInfo 8" : "" } 18:30:32  list rsa [ { "RSA Report" : "1512174385" },{ "CPID" : "b67846ea8547cedd2d61ce492fe14102", "Earliest Payment Time" : "12-01-2017 10:47:12", "Magnitude (Last Superblock)" : 50.00000000, "Research Payments (14 days)" : 1.00000000, "Daily Paid" : 0.07142857, "Expected Earnings (14 days)" : 175.00000000, "Expected Earnings (Daily)" : 12.50000000, "Fulfillment %" : 0.57097179, "CPID Lifetime Interest Paid" : 0.01905583, "CPID Lifetime Research Paid" : 1.00000000, "CPID Lifetime Avg Magnitude" : 49.50495050, "CPID Lifetime Payments Per Day" : 1.72741268, "Last Blockhash Paid" : "f5908cdfb4eda288bf8c975d9cfdc391ecffa2b4dfc4db511c7d82944032c0c2", "Last Block Paid" : 1095093, "Tx Count" : 1 },{ "Magnitude Unit (GRC payment per Magnitude per day)" : 0.25000000 } ] 18:54:10  execute listpolls [ { "Command" : "listpolls" },[{ "Polls" : "Polls Report ", "Poll #1 (01-30-2018 13:40:34 ) - Magnitude+Balance" : "centralized_or_decentralized_exchanges?", "Poll #2 (01-30-2018 13:59:32 ) - Magnitude+Balance" : "should_projects_be_treated_equally?", "Poll #3 (01-30-2018 14:03:32 ) - Magnitude+Balance" : "should_there_be_a_minimum_boinc_requirements_for_whitelist_status?", "Poll #4 (12-23-2017 03:07:24 ) - Magnitude+Balance" : "technology_rebase", "Poll #5 (01-30-2018 13:38:40 ) - Magnitude+Balance" : "what_is_your_favourite_bitshares_interface?", "Poll #6 (01-07-2018 13:07:49 ) - CPID Count" : "survey:_current_gridcoin_problems_1092299cnt", "Poll #7 (01-07-2018 13:07:49 ) - Magnitude" : "survey:_current_gridcoin_problems_1092299mag" }] ] Vote from GUI on poll #7 because CLI voting is a bit much for me right now: [ { "Command":"vote" },{ "Error":"Sorry, When voting in a magnitude poll, your CPID must be older than the poll duration." } ] My vote on the CPID item worked fine, but I did not record the message. I'm GMT-6, if that matters to anyonw.
  9. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Cool, I see your beacon showed up about midnight UTC. Yah, that checklist is mostly for solo, but the missing part was the list of where to get starter coins in the bottom right - the newsletter always works, and the faucets seem to be mostly dry for newbies. For the pool config, their guide is: http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/pool.htm That seemed confusing to me. http://grcpool.com has howto youtube videos on the front page. I'd follow that instead. Unfortunately, research prior to the beacon does not accrue payouts. My address is RztNGBVPq3DQiCmh5waTxivdg6T48fVDXJ but only if you remember and it does not get in the way of your progress. 1 GRC is something like 6 cents after exchange fees and stuff. :p
  10. Starter Coins for Beginners

    According to gridcoinstats 2017-11-28, you had not sent a beacon. https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/cpid/5914660a1766b521b0e171ea1f7ae4fa I thought I read that it auto-sends once you have 1GRC, but I may be mad. I don't have much since I'm new-solo, but I've sent you 1.1. That should be enough to auto-beacon if that works. "execute beaconstatus" should show whether yours went out. If not, "execute advertisebeacon" manually. I don't see anything about a pool on your stats, but I don't know if that would show up anyway.
  11. Starter Coins for Beginners

    I just went through this, so here's what I found, in case it's helpful to you. The gridcoinstats faucet is out of researcher faucet funds. * It won't pay out unless you have staked a block. Free coins will never again be enough to stake. * Today, it takes 17k coins to stake daily. It scales linearly. * Expect 3 coins from newsletter signup, and 10 from benevolent donations * That's 2 years to stake, and 18 months of lost research credit. Most people seem to buy in, or be legacy stakeholders * Some of the builders of GRC were paid in GRC, not cash, and have high balances. * Some of the early adopters got higher payouts due to less competition. * Today, a $50 buy-in will get you staking every month. * This changes over time with GRC to USD, plus GRC circulation. Buying in takes effort. * You have to find an exchange that lets you pay with fiat currency * You have to find another exchange that will convert whatever you bought into gridcoins. * Each step will have fees. Expect 5-10% total by the time you're done. If you want to stay free, then you can join a pool. * You'll get research payouts daily * Work is attributed to the pool's CPID (not yours). * Caveats of pool mining: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@erkan/pool-or-solo-mining * The Pool website: https://www.grcpool.com/ Once you have enough coins to solo stake, you could leave the pool * Better to spawn a new wallet and transfer * Update all of your mining to the new address * Old ID/wallet gets diminishing payouts from pool.
  12. Noob itching to stake

    Yuppers, I found it here: http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/DeleteBeaconInstructions.pdf Talking with devs in another thread, I'm all good. I'm only 657 coins, so I'll only stake maybe every 4-6 weeks. I have a BoincRewardPending, so everything looks good otherwise. Thanks!
  13. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Assuming your CPID beacon is active, and matches all of your projects, I would expect 3 coins to have a payout interval of several months, slow enough that I would worry about the 6-month RAC limit. Payout time is relative to your percentage of coins vs total coins. At 500, my payout is estimated at 36 days. At 650 it's about 34 days. I saw a recent report that 17k was paying out daily. IIRC, the research credit mostly affects the size of your payout, and magnitude no longer counts at all. For that small of an account, you might want to consider joining a pool. Joining a pool would give you small, daily payouts. I think you don't get the 1.5% interest when in a pool though. Something. I forget, but there are minor drawbacks to being in a pool, though at 3 coins (15 cents), it's not much of a cncern.
  14. negative NeuralPopularity???

    Ahh, this helped me too. I have no neural hash, and a -1 popularity. Stake shows 0. I was worried, but I have "staking:true, positive value, expectedtime (20 days), interestpending, pow_reward, and boincrewardpending. So everything is normal. What's thrown me off is the faucet says I have to have staked before it pays, but that means I have to have staked a block myself, not that I have to be staking. Also, the vote system won't let me vote, but I think that also requires me to have staked a block, not just be staking for a week.
  15. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Thanks for the 10 coins. I bought some on an exchange. I have refunded your 10 plus the 0.13100863 you spent to send it to me. I sent it to your Rx* address since that's where most of it came from.

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