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  1. Buterin Presents Blockchain Scaling Solution That Could Make Exchanges ‘Hack Resistant’ #Blockchain https://t.co/JBRqygbGid

  2. How a Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency startup could create a Wall Street-style financial powerhouse https://t.co/stjF6zDtZm

  3. https://t.co/DHURBzDXkg

  4. Get ‘Em While They’re Cheap? #cryptocurrency #cheapcoins https://t.co/hnB5Cj3iLH

  5. CoinPioneers New Year Giveaway 🎇🎁🎇🎁🎇🎁 2 winners! For each one a cryptocurrency cup and 3D printed cryptocoins How to enter? - Like/Follow us on Facebook or Twitter - Share/Retweet the post - Comment: what do you think will be the best performing coin 2018? GOOD LUCK End 12.01 https://coinpioneer.net/
  6. SegWit2X to return tomorrow #bitcoin #segwit2x https://t.co/cTn3zASKqM

  7. NEO is a cryptocoin that aims to be “Chinas Ethereum” with technological benefits. Visit CoinPioneer for the full Coin description
  8. Dash is a cryptocoin based on Bitcoin-technology that seeks to be the world's most user-friendly cryptocurrency. Visit CoinPioneer for the full coin description.
  9. Do you know some other cryptocoins than Bitcoin and Ethereum? ...no? Then visit our website coinpioneer.net and learn more about cryptocoins. CoinPioneer is an info-platform about cryptocurrencies, which gives every crypto-enthusiast an overview of the variety of cryptocoins. CoinPioneer's goal is to inform people with brief information about the innovations behind Coins.
  10. Why litecoin outperformed the market today Litecoin
  11. But what's behind this new star in the crypto-universe? Got to www.coinpioneer.net and learn more about high potential cryptocoins... or directly to the IOTA description: https://coinpioneer.net/coin-guide/iota-description
  12. Bitcoin Gold is a fork of the most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin and tries to solve the centralization-problem of Bitcoin-mining. Bitcoin Gold Description: Bitcoin is definitely the best-known and most-traded cryptocurrency. But since the fork of bitcoin-cash it is clear that this currency still brings some technological and ethical problems with it. To enable a functional money-transaction in the Bitcoin-network, so called “miners” are used to process all the transaction-data. The “miners” do the compute-intensive process of monitoring and verifying the transfer of Bitcoins between users. For this job, the „miners“ get a little amount of bitcoins. The actual problem is, that big companies with “mining-farms” are behind most of todays "miners". In some way, these big-players centralize the process of transaction-data and the creation of new bitcoins. This fact does not correspond to the philosophy of a decentralized cryptocurrency. To avoid that, bitcoin Gold has split off from Bitcoin. The idea is to give mining back to the users who can start using simpler technology (CPUs and GPUs) to mine. So Bitcoin Gold did a hard-fork and changed the computational-process for miners (Proof-of-Work). Bitcoin Gold is another hard fork that will bring some changes to the ecosystem of Bitcoin and the crypto-world. History: Founded: 2017 by a part of the Bitcoin-Community (brainchild: Jack Liao) - November 2017: Bitcoin Gold splitted-off from Bitcoin, a new blockchain gets created Visit our website to explore the whole world of cryptocoins.
  13. A new star in the cryptouniverse. Check out what´s behind Bitcoin Gold https://t.co/TGguf2dW3c

  14. A new star in the cryptouniverse. Check out what´s behind Bitcoin Gold https://t.co/TGguf2dW3c

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