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  1. Hi, crypto-guys! Quality and effectively. That's right, the conversation will focus on the channels of promotion in social media and the application integrating them - Socialmedia.market. In the recent past there has been a radical redistribution of advertising traffic. Large brands have moved from centralized advertising campaigns on television to social media, more focused on target groups of consumers. Blogs and YouTube channels with millions of subscribers and views, with the possibility of native advertising are more effective tools for impacts the contact audience. Personality in which a huge number of subscribers receive status - agents of influence. Socialmedia.market - this is the application for them, their subscribers and brands. SocialMedia.Market’s objective is to establish a healthy ecosystem, where: influencers can easily access sponsorship for creating high-quality content, agencies get access to a constant stream of influencers and can concentrate their effort on testing new strategies and strengthening their expertise, advertisers get access to more relevant and efficient ways to engage consumers, consumers, ultimately, gain access to the high-quality content they desire, all token holders, participate in platform development and gaining access to exclusive features and services for using and owning Social Media Token SocialMedia.Market’s platform will create a global marketplace for Advertisers and Influencer Marketing publishers among every major social network, providing convenient and transparent tools for interaction of any party involved. For maintaining commercial relationships between participants, SocialMedia.Market will collect a service fee from every executed contract. The amount of the fee may differ depending on the type of contract and complexity of interaction between parties, but will not exceed 10% of the contract value. The obtained service fee, reduced by operational costs and decentralized Dispute Solution rewards, forms the platform’s net profit. Сonstantly maintaining a decent amount of tokens on balance will decrease the platform’s fee for executing campaigns. TOKEN SALE: PHASE #2 START DATE: 9 February 2018 12:00 PM GMT (1:00 pm CET) END DATE: 16 March 2018 12:00 PM GMT (1:00 pm CET) PRE-SALE: 2-9 February 2018 12:00 PM GMT (1:00 pm CET) Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2500 SMTs Minimum contribution amount: 0,1 ETH / 250 SMTs Maximum contribution amount: 300 ETH Contribution methods: ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETC, NEO, XMR, ZEC Bonuses: Pre-Sale: 20% (min. contribution 25 ETH) Public Sale: Days 1-5: 15%, Days 6-20: 10%, Days 21-35: 5% Referral Program Bonus: Give 3%, Get 5% TOKEN SALE SOFT CAP: 1 600 ETH (5 000 000 SMT) TOKEN SALE HARD CAP: 16 000 ETH (MAX. 58 000 000 SMT) Thus, we see an application integrated with blokchain-technologies. Which will spread in a stable formed brand advertising market and the constantly growing market of cryptocurrency. For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://socialmedia.market/ · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2291309.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SocialMedia.Market.platform · Twitter: https://twitter.com/SocialMedia_io · Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/B3UENkIW3R9A6v_4KnpOZQ · WhitePaper: https://socialmedia.market/assets/pdf/SMM_White-Paper_eng.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 Disclaimer: The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Evaluation expresses my personal opinion and is not recommendation make investment decisions. This analysis is based on open public information and contains conclusions and information relevant to the date of the report.
  2. Hi, crypto-guys! And again I will talk about the market of p2p lending. Meet the project - FintruX and its advantages. The main activity of the platform will be assistance in obtaining unsecured loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. Taking into account risks and offering: The four cascading levels of credit enhancements provide unprecedented risk reduction towards unsecured loans: 1. Over-collateralization acting as additional security; and if it fails to cover all losses arising from the same borrower, 2. Third-party guarantors take care of the overflow losses from the above for the selected loans; and if it still fails, 3. Cross-collateralization pool provides additional insurance; and if it still fails, 4. Five (5)% of all FTX Tokens has been reserved to cover any losses incurred by lenders. Business model FintruX Network is a multi-sided platform and ecosystem that delivers value not just to borrowers and lenders, but also to guarantors and agencies. The lender will deposit funds and choose a credit decision package provided by one of the rated agencies; which include recommended fraud, identity and credit scoring agencies. Borrowers filter criteria based on available funding parameters and are instantly matched to appropriate lenders. Borrowers can be represented by affiliate marketing agency partners. After due diligence, funding is provided and subsequently lenders receive the invested principal and interest upon payments made by the borrowers. With the exception of the collateralization pools and currency being financed, inside the FintruX Network everything is tokenized. Agencies, guarantors, and FintruX Network are all being paid in FTX Token. Rewards and late charges to borrowers are paid in FTX Token as well. FintruX will continuously sell collected tokens back to the participants to finance the operation and provide liquidity. This creates a token economy for the limited supply of FTX Token. FintruX Network collects 10% of each loan as over collateralization and injects that into the respective cross-collateralization pools. Each pool is designated by the same credit decision package and in the same currency. In addition, 5% FTX Token has been reserved to cover credit/default losses as a last resort. In details -Whitepaper. Token sale HARD CAP: (OVERALL CAP) (PRE-SALE) STARTS: 7th of February 2018 17:00 UTC ENDS: 28th of February 2018 17:00 UTC EXCHANGE: Base Price = 1:1500 FTX CURRENCY: ETH BONUSES: 5%, 2.5%, 1.2%, 0.6%, 0% (Diminishing Incentive Bonuses) MIN. TRANSACTION AMOUNT: 0.1 ETH MAX. TRANSACTION AMOUNT: Unlimited Well, in conclusion, I emphasize that the development team has working in the credit market for a long time and it knows all the complexities and problems of the industry, and therefore integration with block technologies and the launch of a working popular version of the platform should cause be fast and successfully. For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://www.fintrux.com/ · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2286042 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fintrux · Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/fintrux · Telegram: https://t.me/debitum · WhitePaper: https://www.fintrux.com/home/doc/whitepaper.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 Disclaimer: The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Evaluation expresses my personal opinion and is not recommendation make investment decisions. This analysis is based on open public information and contains conclusions and information relevant to the date of the report.
  3. Hi, crypto-guys! Today I will tell you about the project, which has already signed 500 thousand people and who already has beta releases of the application. This is a decentralized social network - Sphere. Why Sphere? The concept of the project is based on the fact that many search services or social networks use data about their users to make a profit. But they do not encourage their audience financially for it. Also, the confidentiality of personal data in existing platforms is not implemented in the best way. Help to solve these problems to users and earn on their data. Here are far from all the possibilities of the platform Sphere (Learn More - Whitpaper). Social Activity Token (SAT) TOKEN SAT 20 SAT = $1 USD Pre-ICO. Application The Sphere Marketplace Our networking platform will incorporate vital e-commerce properties. This will make it easy and simple for registered users to create products or advertise services that their friends can see and purchase using their SAT. Take for instance, if you intend advertising your phone for sale, all you need do is take photos of your mobile device and list it with a title, description and a price tag. You can then adjust your privacy settings to limit who will be able to view your posts. Once that is posted, interested users can purchase the advertised products or services by simply clicking on the purchase button. By clicking on “Purchase”, the required worth of that product or service in SAT will be sent to the seller’s wallet immediately and the transaction will be marked as completed. The Sphere Ad Platform Our social ad platform will allow registered users to easily advertise their products by displaying ad pieces in the Sphere news feed. The users will have to pay for the advertising space. The platform will also feature per-click and per-impression functions, the costs of these will be deducted automatically from the sellers’ wallet. Conclusions Shpere creating a decentralized social network, separate from those corporations. You have a say, you get compensated, and above all you take back the power with every click and every social connection. For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://sphere.social/ · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2437581.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SphereSocialNetwork · Twitter: https://twitter.com/SphereOfficial1 · Telegram: https://t.me/sphere_official1 · WhitePaper: https://sphere.social/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Sphere_Whitepaper_v1.7.4.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 Disclaimer: The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Evaluation expresses my personal opinion and is not recommendation make investment decisions. This analysis is based on open public information and contains conclusions and information relevant to the date of the report.
  4. Hi, crypto-guys! Today I will tell you what lies behind the words automated crypto-trading on an example of the project GIMMER. "The market that burns hands" At the moment, there are 1,506 crypto-currencies on the market, its total capitalization is more than 500 billion, and the daily trading volume is 26 billion. One of the dangers of this market is considered to be huge volatility. Not only beginners, but also experienced traders, it is difficult to predict the movements and fluctuations of rates. And global involvement and the presence of participants from all time zones, makes monitor the market 24 hours a day, which is difficult to do. As in any other business, the use of bots can help automate the work and bring benefits. Gimmer offers easy-to-use advanced algorithmic trading bots that require no programming skills, no previous trading experience and no in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Key Features and Benefits Platform for all: The structure of the platform allows you to install bots, not only by market indicators, but also to compile, test and use customized strategies. Also inexperienced users will be able to buy proven strategies from successful traders. Sale and buy will be carried out with the help of tokens Gimmer. • Paying for the rental of crypto-trading, crypto-lending and crypto-arbitrage bots • Customising your trading strategy with additional currency pairs, indicators and safeties • Renting trading strategies from other customers • Earning GMR tokens for creating content in Gimmer’s integrated social network • As a reward for expanding the Gimmer community by inviting friends • As a reward for featuring in the community ‘Best Bot’ leaderboard All this will ensure a constant demand for a token and its good liquidity. More information you can learn from Whitepaper. Token sale Token Sale Dates PRESALE START: 17 January 2018 PRESALE FINISH: 31 January or when the presale cap is reached PUBLIC TOKEN SALE START: 1 February 2018 PUBLIC TOKEN SALE FINISH: 28 February 2018 or when the max cap is reached Token structure MAXIMUM TOKEN SUPPLY: 110,000,000 GMR AVAILABLE IN PRESALE: 15,000,000 GMR AVAILABLE IN PUBLIC TOKEN SALE: 85,000,000 GMR (plus any unsold presale tokens) SOFT CAP: 4,800 ETH HARD CAP: 35,000 ETH ACCEPTED CRYPTO: ETHER (ETH) EXCHANGE RATE: 1 ETH = 2,500 GMR (plus respective bonus) For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://token.gimmer.net/ · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2760414.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gimmerbot/ · Twitter: https://twitter.com/GimmerBot · Telegram: https://t.me/gimmertoken · WhitePaper: https://token.gimmer.net/assets/docs/gimmer-wp-en.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 Disclaimer: The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Evaluation expresses my personal opinion and is not a fact-finding or recommendation to buy, hold or sell certain assets, make investment decisions. I do not accept any responsibility for any consequences, interpretations, conclusions, recommendations and other actions, directly or indirectly related to the assessment. This analysis is based on public information and contains conclusions and information relevant to the date of the report.
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    One of the frequently advertised properties of crypto currency is their anonymity. But business and many industries in which it is planned to use block technology technologies do not require anonymity. In business, for healthy competition, confidentiality of data is sometimes required, but not anonymity. On the contrary, this impedes the adoption of technologies at the state level, and also creates additional risks for organizations working in this field due to lack of information on the origin of funding sources. To help avoid these difficulties, the AML / CTF platform was created by Coinfirm. A digital token (counter) AMLT gives access to the Coinfirm platform for the acquisition of accounting documents and can participate in the AMLT token to expand the community through the presentation of transaction data. The main goal of Coinfirm is to support the creation of a financial ecosystem for all market participants with a transparent reporting history for conducting fair transactions. HOW DOES AMLT WORK? AMLT - AML / CTF requirements matching token • AMLT assists market participants in obtaining information on risks, connected with crypto-currencies. Using AMLT, you will be able to receive reports and to have the advantage of conducting business through crypto-currencies. • AMLT improves compliance with AML / CTF requirements and democratization of global business processes among its participants. • AMLT users will be able to assist in identifying honest and unfriendly market participants who are out of reach the current financial system. This, for its part, helps the system to see unnecessarily excluded individuals and commercial enterprises in countries with high risks or under sanctions. This is the idea democratization of market participants and the community, instead of less effective the sole or centralized control body. So the main advantages: A highly recommended and fully functional platform AMLT allows you to receive services and reports from the AML / CTF platform of Coinfirm for risk assessment and meet the requirements of blocking transactions. A team with an impeccable reputation The Coinfirm team consists of users-pioneers of the crypto-currency market and well-deserved experts from the areas of compliance with AML requirements and fraud investigation from major global companies. To date, the Coinfirm platform, being an acknowledged brand, combines popular crypto-currencies with leaders, customers and partners from the Big Four audit and large financial institutions. Reliable documentation The documentation is compiled not only by the company team and checked by freelance experts, but also is audited from the outside. Audit of the ERC223 token This test and smart contracts will be tested and audited. Expedient and feasible tasks These are the creation of an AML / CTF compliance platform and the introduction of transparency of crypto-currency transactions into the world economy. Security assurance through AML / CTF and KYC control. At least 70% of all available funds are deposited. Compliance with AML / CTF requirements will be based on the transparency of the Coinfirm platform. A reliable measure of protection against espionage. For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://amlt.coinfirm.io/ · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AMLToken/ · Twitter: https://twitter.com/AMLT_Token · Telegram: https://t.me/AMLT_Coinfirm · WhitePaper: https://amlt.coinfirm.io/pdf/white-paper.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
  6. Hi, crypto-guys! Today we are talking about a unique project. Unique because in such an interportation blocking the third generation I have not yet come across. Meet - ArcВlock. Synergy of various blockchain. Much has been said about the benefits that will give us a blockade of technology in many sectors and spheres of life. But we, as simple users, do not see many of the obstacles that arise when implementing in practice. To really solve the tasks that will face applications and platforms created using block technology, these applications need to process huge amounts of data. But with a large volume of the block chain, users begin to experience difficulties (remember how much time and space on the hard disk it takes to download the full version of the ethereum). Accordingly, the same difficulties can begin in customers who will use new platforms created on the basis of old blockchain. Very large databases will be for all projects: enterprises and medical institutions, financial and government agencies. But there is a solution. One of them is provided by the development team ArcBlock. Their platform is designed to develop applications using different types of blockchain libraries and the relationship between them will be implemented through layers. They also provide for the use of databases turned off from the main chains, but providing for their verification and validation for the correct operation of the main chain. Developers can use the best of the various blockchain in applications to satisfy the interests of their users. Off-Chain Logic Because Blocklet is a native microservice, it can access data sources other than the blockchain. For example, it can connect to a database, external restful API, or any other data source. Blocklet can be used to develop any application logic—even logic that’s not related to blockchain. Using Blocklet for standard application development has no overhead. Real-life, decentralized applications often run quite a few logical components off-chain. Blocklet provides a total solution for application development so that engineers won’t need to use different frameworks to handle different parts of their applications. Off-Chain and On-Chain Logic It’s very common for an application’s business logic to need both on-chain and off-chain handling, and to require the respective data to be connected. For example, on-chain code can’t access external data and events, such as time or market. Calling code or data outside of an on-chain smart contract or blockchain breaks the general trust barrier and reduces confidence in the authenticity of transactions. In these cases, an off-chain Blocklet acts as a bridge that connects on-chain and off-chain logic to bring the full business logic together. Asset and Resource Handling Applications usually need to handle resources and assets like photos, videos, music, and documents. Because blockchain isn’t designed to handle large amounts of data, a typical blockchain application handles those resources and assets with off-chain solutions. While there are different ways to accomplish this, the traditional solution involves using a service like AWS S3, or a more decentralized solution like IPFS. Regardless of the approach you take, Blocklet will be able to communicate with your assets and resource storage system. Sometimes assets may need to be mapped with their on-chain token or identifiers, or verified through the records on the blockchain. Blocklet is the perfect location for these kinds of logic. Smart Contracts By communicating with on-chain code securely through the Open Chain Access Protocol, Blocklet enables you to implement high-performance smart contracts while maintaining the trust barrier and verifying the authenticity of transactions. It’s up to the engineer to decide how much logic should run on-chain vs. off-chain. At one extreme, the engineer could simply treat the blockchain as a state machine and put most of the business logic inside the Blocklet. At the other extreme, the engineer might develop a complex, fully on-chain contract where the Blocklet merely serves as a stub for triggering or monitoring activity from the onchain execution. Oracle In Blocklet design, Oracle is simply a type of smart contract that takes external data sources as event triggers. Blocklet makes it easy to implement Oracle by design. Blocklet-based design also compels engineers to consider the division between on-chain and offchain logic during the design and development phases. This improves the efficiency of these phases without compromising security and trust. Business goes into the clouds. More detailed information on the technical component of the project you can read the Whitepaper. The trend of using business and IT structures of cloud solutions has been outlined 5 years ago. Cloud hosting is incredibly fast scalable with a capacity of resources in dozens of physical servers. At a relatively low cost. Today, dozens of companies offer customers to work with them on the models IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). These same advantages can be transferred to the sphere of the blockchain as well - CLOUD NODES While using a group of cloud services as a node may seem like an unusual approach, a physical computer is simply a group of hardware components that work together (CPU, memory, external storage, bus, network interfaces) in one box. Aside from how the components are distributed and communicate with each other, they’re essentially the same. ArcBlock is the first blockchain platform to treat cloud services as nodes, achieving a much higher level of abstraction, enhanced performance, and even better security. We believe this approach will likely become the de facto standard for future blockchain platform design, and we as a pioneer will lead the trend as technology evolves. Although ArcBlock’s preferred node is a cloud node, you can still run ArcBlock in a single traditional node like a server box. In a test or private environment, developers likely run the node locally, or in their test server boxes. Using a cloud node won’t compromise the decentralization and security of the system. In fact, it takes decentralization and security to the next level. The cloud platform’s own security is enforced by cloud service providers. Most likely, the servers and services from a cloud service provider will be more secure and reliable than self-hosting servers, and far more secure and reliable than peer-to-peer connected nodes from homes or mining farms. The decentralization aspect of using a cloud node is even more interesting, since a cloud node is likely a distributed service that runs on multiple servers from multiple availability zones, or even different regions. In the future, cloud nodes could be offered by various providers and cloud computing vendors. Some may even be self-hosted mining service providers. This makes the system much more decentralized indeed. Outcomes. THE ARCBLOCK TOKEN (ABT) The ArcBlock Token (ABT) is native to the ArcBlock platform. To achieve high-performance transactions, we built an optimized blockchain dedicated to ArcBlock’s own token services and the public ledger. The design goal is to achieve >100,000 Tx/s, which is more than adequate for a wide range of applications. In the future this blockchain could be improved for broader purposes. The ARC is designed as a general purpose token that can be used in different scenarios. Within ArcBlock, the ABT’s basic utility value is to pay for the cost of using the ArcBlock system. Like a cloud computing service, the ABT is a utility token for paying the cost associated with using the service. So, let's enumerate the strong qualities of the project: a professional team, powerful partners, a very high-tech and competitive product, consumer-oriented product, a broad and diversified sales market. And remember, in any field, in any industry, in any direction in the industry with an organized approach and professionalism, leading positions and profits are gained by innovators and pioneers. For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://www.arcblock.io · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2699379 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arcblock.io/ · Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArcBlock_io · Telegram: https://www.arcblock.io · WhitePaper: https://www.arcblock.io/file/whitepaper/WhitePaperEnV2_en-US.pdf?v=4 This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
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    BELUGA Pay

    Hi, crypto-guys! What are the prospects for crypto in everyday life? Do we often use them when we go to a store or have lunch at a restaurant? The project in question will help us make crypto closer and more accessible. I will talk about a powerful, multiplatform tool based on blockchain technology and improving the efficiency of your business. The Beluga Pay project aims to make life easier for merchants, but not only for them... The company offers four main products for its users: 01.Beluga Point of Sale A robust mobile app to accept debit, credit and crypto for small businesses. Manage customers and grow with actionable analytics. 02.Beluga Restaurant Edition A tablet app to manage servers, tables, orders and food menu. Streamlined to even print out incoming orders for the kitchen. 03.Beluga Peer 2 Peer An easy to use mobile app to initiate peer 2 peer transfers with friends. Send via credit, debit or crypto and deposit the next day to your bank account. 04.Beluga Payment Data Merchants can purchase data with BBI tokens to see anonymized spending patterns from their ideal look-alike customers. All of the four chosen areas of activity have great market opportunities. Given the fact that the company plans to develop in the European, Asian, African and South American regions. BBI Architecture Blocks BELUGA’s solution is a Hybrid Blockchain model where capabilities are on a BELUGA Private Blockchain BELUGAcore platform along with loyalty and AI environment and the Wallets and Token Balances are kept and transferred between addresses at the Public Blockchain level. BBI’s architecture intends to support hundreds of different cryptocurrencies to add flexibility to cryptocurrency holders. The communication between the private and public blockchain is done through REST, JSON or other APIs. Team: BBI Tokensale Details Phases: Is held by Canadian company Beluga Inc. The IP will be transferred to a not-for-profit Beluga Foundation with a mission to advance tools and services for the unbanked merchants. Beluga Foundation will incorporate as a not-for-profit in Switzerland or Cayman Islands which are known for IP protection, privacy laws and favorable cryptocurrency framework. For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://belugapay.com/tokensale.jsp · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2270648.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/belugapay · Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelugaPay · Telegram: https://t.me/belugapay · WhitePaper: https://belugapay.com/assets/beluga_whitepaper_V9.4.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
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    Hi, crypto-guys! Beautifully and effectively. That's right, the conversation will focus on the channels of promotion in social media and the application integrating them - indaHash. In the recent past there has been a radical redistribution of advertising traffic. Large brands have moved from centralized advertising campaigns on television to social media, more focused on target groups of consumers. Blogs and YouTube channels with millions of subscribers and views, with the possibility of native advertising are more effective tools for impacts the contact audience. Personality in which a huge number of subscribers receive status - agents of influence. IndaHash - this is the application for them, their subscribers and brands. The mission of indaHash is to tokenize the influenza industry and the sphere of brand cooperation with their audience. Our crypto-economic model carries out the exchange of indaHash Coin between three groups: brands, inflenzensers and their audience. Brands use indaHash Coin to conduct marketing campaigns involving influenza. After receiving indaHash Coin, the influxer has the opportunity to exchange them for brand goods and additional discounts for purchases, as well as to get unique access to new products. Influenzers can also create their own tokens and use them to increase the Engagement Rate by using a reward system and gaming. The audience of infusers can use tokens and exchange them for exclusive opportunities, for example, prizes from infusers, personal meetings and social events. ICO is live: 29 November - 6 December 1 ETH = 3 840 IDH 20% bonus 6 December - 13 December 1 ETH = 3 520 IDH 10% bonus 13 December - 20 December 1 ETH = 3 200 IDH 0% bonus Thus, we see an application integrated with blokchain-technologies, released by the company with the experience of more than 1,300 campaign held for the of global brands. Which will spread in a stable formed brand advertising market and the constantly growing market of cryptocurrency. Join! For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://indahash.com · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2285136.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indahash/ · Twitter: https://twitter.com/indaHash · WhitePaper: https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/idh-files/ico-landing/indahash_whitepaper_ico.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
  9. Hi, crypto-guys! Everybody knows about the Internet of things (IoT). Now we will talk about a project that connect between themselves IoT and the blockchain. I just add that there is still an industrial Internet of things and consequently the market for the services of this project is much more than it might seem at first glance. The IoT industry is on the verge of exponential growth. The Hdac platform provides the missing building blocks needed to enable IoT environments to thrive: Authentication - devices can be correctly identified by one other Mapping - once identified, they can connect seamlessly Machine to Machine transaction - devices can then bill each other Hdac will solve these three issues by combining blockchain and IoT, allowing automated, machine-to-machine, ultra-low cost transactions between IoT devices that are authenticated, mapped and verified through the blockchain. In its architecture the Hdac system uses a combination of public and private blockchains, which allows for previously unattainable transaction speeds. The technology will use quantum random number generation to secure these transactions. The Hdac system will ultimately ensure the efficiency and security of exponential growth of the IoT industry. After reading whitepaper, I will note the key features that are laid down by the developers in the project: The tree structure of the block, with the ability to customize and create private chains - fast and more spacious transactions in comparison with the standard blockchain. Enhancing quantum random number security - creates higher reliability. Quantum systems describe the construction of molecular or atomic particles, they can not be calculated. Using the consensus algorithm ePoW - more economical in energy costs and fair in the distribution of rewards. Planned is a policy intended to maintain the intrinsic value of the DAC by reducing its supply. And now a some bit about ICO: Hdac Token Generation Event ends 27 Nov. 09:00 ~ 22 Dec. 23:50 (GMT/UTC+1) Backed by Hyundai BS&C, our new technology allows fast, secure and effective communication between IoT devices. Join! For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://hdac.io/ · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2402330.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hdactech · Twitter: https://twitter.com/hdactech · Telegram: https://t.me/Hdac_TGE · WhitePaper: https://github.com/Hdactech/Hdac/wiki/Hdac-Technical-Whitepaper This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
  10. Hi, crypto-guys! Do you want to know what is in common between the Ethereum and the MiniApps? Now popular main tools for development in business models are: creation of aggregators and marketplaces - for a wider coverage of the consumer market and the ability to provide a greater number of commodity nomenclature. decentralization - to expand the distribution geography, model sustainability and reduce risks. the desire to create a high-tech model-the application of block technologies, artificial intelligence, smart-contract and so on. In his whitepaper MiniApps gives the point about the community and the network effect: The more templates there are the easier it is to create template-based mini-apps; this increases the number of the applications. The more apps and services there are the more users they attract; this increases the value of the network for both users and developers. • the more successful app implementations businesses see the easier it is for developers to sell their apps; • new users discover useful apps via their network buddies; • as predicted by network effect, increase of one group increases the value of the network for all groups that results in more people joining both groups. • as predicted by network effect, growth of number of network participants increases usage of app templates and their value. This attracts new developers to the platform which increases the number of new templates in a positive feedback loop. It is the effect of the growth of successful projects based on the blockchain ethemeum that allowed him for such a short period to create a powerful liquidity and increased the value of the coin itself ethereum. And although the ethereum market is more global, but the use of similar aspects in the MiniApps model, assumes, with the correct implementation, the same success in its target segment. So some information about company and ICO. MiniApps.pro is a new generation AI and blockchain powered chatbot platform. With MiniApps clients can easily construct chatbots/miniApps from the building blocks which we call templates. This allows users with little or no knowledge in programming to create chatbots/miniApps. MiniApps Space MiniApps Space is a perfect ecosystem that we will build during the token sale and then as a part of the project development. It should unite Partners, Clients, Template Developers, and users into a solid community. MiniApps Space main characteristics: - Openness and decentralization based on MiniApps Space internal blockchain; - Protection of rights of community members with the use of MiniApps Space smart contracts; - Usage of semantic modelling language when creating smart contracts. This language is understood by common people, not only by programmers; - Operation of MiniApps Space is independent of any central entity and messenger proprietors. This is achieved by decentralization of the MiniApps core. MiniApps Token (MAT) Ethereum ERC20 compatible token. Each token grants the following rights to its holder: - Right to become a Partner; - Right for Partner discounts; - Right for extra commission from Template sales; - Right to run a referral program. Visual builder with plugins Token Sale Summary Phase 1 Until 19 December 2017 MiniApps Token (MAT)Ethereum ERC20 compatible product token Token ValueTo be converted to KRK coin during Phase 2 with up to 75% bonus Token price1 MAT = 0.01 ETH ExchangesImmediately become available on EtherDelta after token sale Issuing volumeNot more than 20 mln MAT, Tokens not sold during TGE won’t be issued. SoftcapReached Phase 2 2018 Q1 KRK coinEthereum based blockchain. Minable. Coin ValueTokenization for Community Marketing Easy to issue tokens (based on KRK) Easy to understand smart contracts (Semantic smart contracts) Chatbot based Wallet Coin price1KRK = 0.0001ETH, 1MAT = from 100 to 175KRK depending on bonus Optimize your business with chatbots. Join! For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://www.miniapps.pro · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2200295.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokens.miniapps.pro · Twitter: https://twitter.com/miniapps_pro · Telegram: https://t.me/miniapps_pro · WhitePaper: https://tokens.miniapps.pro/wp/WP_MAT_ENG.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
  11. Hi, crypto-guys! Good news for those who are used to using the Internet from their laptop, tablet or smartphone in cafes, banks and shopping centers. Now we have more opportunities for access to the Internet. IUNGO.NETWORK will help us to be online anywhere. They build a decentralized global wi-fi network in which everyone can participate, including you. Business of all sizes, city municipalities and homes can generate additional revenue by providing bandwidth to the Iungo network. Anywhere on the planet cafes, restaurants and retail outlets through to hotels, corporate campuses, public spaces and concert venues can begin sharing effortlessly with the plug and play Iungo solution. Even individuals on the move can earn by providing bandwidth to the IUNGO Network from their mobile phone whether at the airport, beach, or a city park. Behind the scenes a distributed network of service gateways takes care of all payments and administrative aspects. This multitude of interactions creates a competitive, free market, highly liquid token based economy where providers are incentivised to contribute bandwidth at a very low cost and often free of charge. This benefits the contemporary consumer: a modern generation of travelling professionals, tourists, digital nomads and anyone on the move who all expect fast, hassle free, unlimited internet access at a low cost wherever in the world they are. At the moment, the project passes ICO. The model of building a business and determining the value of a token in the future is of interest: BUSINESS MODEL IUNGO will charge a 3% transaction fee from WiFi service providers. Additionally 1% will go to the Service Gateway operator (anyone can operate service gateways). This one percent will be distributed equally between all service gateways in a situation where multiple gateways are involved in the transaction chain. Additionally, 1% may go to local evangelists as a referral bonus. The remaining 95% (or 96% in cases when there is no referrer) of the end user payment will go to the WiFi service provider. Payments for the service will be made with ING coins within the system. Coins will be available on a variety of exchanges. The service gateway will have integrations with major exchanges to get ING coins instantaneously in real time for a seamless user experience. ING coin owners can either use tokens for the service or sell them on Exchanges. Despite the increasing usage of the IUNGO network and increasing numbers of users, the supply and total number ING coins remains limited t, so the value should grow in parallel with the growth in adoption and usage of the network. The Wifi Internet price is not directly related to the ING coin price. The price will vary due to a variety of market specifics and other factors. The ING Token will be used as a medium of exchange between fiat currency and the service provided. Local evangelists, tech support program (Geographically based IUNGO ambassadors affiliate program) will receive 1% of transactions they are involved with. A substantial amount of budget will be allocated for public awareness, consumer marketing and B2B sales and marketing. The HORECA and MICE industries (events, exhibitions) will be a particular area of focus for these campaigns. We are establishing ongoing cooperation with router manufacturers and firmware developers. With a goal of custom hardware creation after the second funding phase. A bounty program will be established with funds for coverage. Initial coverage on demand. Different geographical areas will have regional pricing suggested by the IUNGO service gateway, but each provider will be able to overwrite this price creating marketplace dynamics WiFi providers who choose IUNGO will be provided with industry leading tools to generate metrics for the business owner - retention, returning customers, usage stats, abuse counter measurements (web, https, email), bandwidth limitation. Also to the project in the role of advisers joined DYLAN SHARKEY (Senior Advisor at IUNGO. Former Head of Sales Solutions at Linkedin – the largest global business oriented social network.) and ROBERTAS VISINSKIS (Blockchain advisor at IUNGO. Founder of Mysterium Networks, a decentralized VPN powered by blockchain.) You can also always be part of this interesting and large-scale project. For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://iungo.network/ · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2196784.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IUNGOnetwork/ · Twitter: https://twitter.com/iungonetwork · Telegram: https://t.me/IUNGO · WhitePaper: https://iungo.network/docs/iungo-network-whitepaper.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
  12. Hi, crypto-guys! I like various projects on the blockchain, using artificial intelligence and chat bots. Because they can make our life easier, better and save us time and money. The conversation will be about the project - Tigereum. Overview Over the next two years, everyone will be sending money by instant message. Social media companies are working around the clock on this paradigm shift. Crypto is being left behind on these smaller social payments. Sending crypto from digital wallets is difficult for small amounts. Enter the Tiger. Tigereum will enable everyone to securely and easily send small amounts of crypto to friends and family by instant message. The Problem A revolution is occurring in the way we send money. Social media giants like Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype are investing in solutions to send money by instant message. Crypto should be at the forefront of this new wave but instead it is lagging behind. Digital wallets will not be able to compete with instant messaging for smaller money transfers. The Solution Tigereum will develop an AI chatbot to enable the crypto community to securely and easily send small amounts of crypto to friends and family by instant message. Tigereum will adopt the key principles of the crypto world: security, anonymity, decentralization and encryption. Building our solution around AI chatbots makes Tigereum flexible, globally scalable, independent of any particular instant messaging platform, and quick to market. From the description, I realized that the end product of developers should be a multi-platform chat bot with artificial intelligence and the ability to send instant messages cryptocurrency. Not bad! Tigereum’s AI Chatbot Tigereum will not only enable crypto to be messaged, it will also provide the crypto community with the best customer experience for sending crypto. Tigereum will deliver conversation-style messaging of crypto using the newest AI tools available for chatbots. Tigereum won’t ask you to clunk through your digital wallet to send crypto or fill out web forms, or take QR scans or paste long crypto addresses. Tigereum’s AI chatbot solution will enable crypto holders to securely message crypto: • anonymously, or with disclosed identities • on any device - mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop - on the go, in the office, at home, in an airport lounge, or on the beach within the instant message platforms you use to communicate with your friends • without passwords, usernames, QR scans, new software or new apps • fully secured by encrypted identity tokens • using any cryptocurrency • across borders • in your preferred language. Messaging Tigereum Tokens Tigereum will develop the mechanisms to securely message crypto seamlessly and cost-effectively without compromising anonymity and the blockchain’s integrity. We anticipate that these mechanisms may require Tigereum to hold a treasury float to manage the exchange between crypto and fiat currencies. This treasury float, if required, will not be created until Tigereum is ready to go to market as it is not required during the development phase, and we need to get the model right first. Token Swap Introduction Tigereum will make forty million (40,000,000) Tigereum Tokens available to swap for ETH. Key Dates The Token Swap opens at 09:00 GMT on Friday 8 December 2017 and closes at 23:00 GMT on Monday 18 December 2017. Token Swap Price The Token Swap Price is 1 ETH for 1000 Tigereum Tokens. First Day Bonus When the Token Swap opens on Friday 8 December 2017 there will be a 33% bonus. Your 1 ETH can be swapped for 1,333 Tigereum Tokens (giving you 333 bonus Tigereum Tokens). This 33% bonus applies only from 09:00 GMT to 23:00 GMT on the first day - Friday 8 December. Public Exchanges On Monday 18 December 2017, Tigereum Tokens will be listed on EtherDelta. We will list promptly on other public exchanges such as Coss.io after this initial listing. I want to draw investors' attention to the point in white paper: BuyBack & Burn Tigereum will allocate corporate profits to buying back Tigereum Tokens. Participation in the buyback program is optional. Tigereum Token holders who participate will receive their buyback in the form of ETH swap. Priority will be given to PreSwap participants in the first buyback program. Tigereum expects to burn buyback tokens. Our buyback & burn program will allow the net asset value of a Tigereum Token to increase, giving all token holders a fair way to gain value in their Tigereum Tokens over the long-term. Moving money around is a big, global market. Servicing a share of that market for the crypto community could become a significant business. That’s what the founders of Paypal discovered for fiat currencies over the last ten years, and what you are about to discover for crypto currencies over the next ten years. Join! For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://www.tigereum.io/ · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2331649.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tigereumtokens/ · Twitter: https://twitter.com/tigereumtokens · WhitePaper: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/970dc6_2c6e379920be4d38afb324a8aa076df4.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
  13. There are rumors that for the addition of words, a specialist in blockchain technologies in a resume can raise the salary of an employee by 25%. Today there is a sharp increase in demand for professionals in the field of the crypto industry. The wave of technological start-ups and their accompanying ICO caused an inflow of capital into the industry, and also created a huge number of jobs. Required professionals in the field of marketing, programming, application developers and smart contracts and much much more. But there is a dilemma. Where to get the necessary staff if the industry is young, and in educational institutions do not train specialized specialists on these topics? I'll give you one of the answers... On the blockhain for the blockchain. BitDegree is world’s first blockchain-powered, smart-incentives based online education platform which will revolutionize global education and tech recruiting. The main purpose of the BitDegree platform is to let Students acquire skills that are currently required by the labor market. The way to do it is not to ask business what skills they need in the far future (3-5 years), but to respond to explicitly expressed skilled labor demand quickly. BitDegree will directly align the incentives of students and anyone who wants them to become knowledge workers in digital economy - like current or potential employers, digital service providers and sponsors. Smart-incentive is a smart contract on Ethereum network ensuring the exchange of tokens between a sponsor (the Incentive Creator) and a student (the Incentive Taker), who is committing to study a specific subject in order to receive tokens (the Incentive). The BitDegree platform will offer students online courses with a clear and transparent blockchain-based reward system and achievement tracking. Our use case for blockchain is not sensitive to prolonged waiting periods before transactions are committed, thus, overall platform overhead (as in expenses) of using Ethereum network for transactional and immutable data storage needs, will be low. To make the learning process as exciting as playing Minecraft we will use Octalysis framework of gamification design. Building quality, interactive, and engaging learning experience is essential to every successful education platform. There are attempts to solve the problem: i.e. Coursera and CodeCademy. Despite the fact that these frontrunners face abysmal course completion results, similar to the entire MOOCs industry – just 5%, these two companies together are worth more than $1 billion today. Our proposed 5 incentive alignment approach has not been attempted on any of educational platforms of which we are aware. A merit-based reward, currently practiced on existing platforms, does not provide the income needed to support a student while studying. BitDegree: it is all about education. We are proposing a digital incentivized studying platform as a new tool to grow the global tech talent pool. Companies in need oftech talent will provide financial incentives to students willing to participate in training courses and to develop their skills. Companies seeking to get people familiar with newly introduced technology or services, will provide financial incentives to students willing to spend time to learn and to try the company’s offerings. By providing incentives, any company explicitly signals the demand for certain qualifications, or informs about knowledge and skills needed to effectively use newly introduced technology/products/services. Smart-incentive is an Ethereum blockchain based smart-contract ensuring exchange of value (tokens) between the incentive creator (sponsor) and the incentive taker (student). Incentive taker is committing to perform study effort in order to receive the incentive (tokens). The underwriter of this smart-incentive is the BitDegree platform, which will provide the proof of study effort verification. Any company (like a potential employer or a technology/service provider), government institution, (like a school, job centers or prisons) and even ordinary citizens can become an incentive creator. Smart-incentives will be created by Incentive Creators who will provide sponsorship amount and define maximum number of applicants, date and time of when students can begin enrollment to course, when enrollment becomes unavailable, and how long the incentives are left available to enrolled students. The Incentive Creator will be able to set prerequisites for candidates, availability and intensity of incentives for selected regions or even specific areas e.g. Tampa, Florida, US. Incentive Takers will be able to lookup what kind of Study courses are available to them in their locality with respect to their track records of achievements. All student engagement with smart-incentive will leave tamper proof trail in the blockchain. The smart contract will provide assurance of incentive payment. The use of Token enables us to serve the economic incentives to any student in the world, which is not possible with flat money due to high transaction costs. Also, the platform developers emphasized that their platform will carry out the proof of study efforts., especially study effort enablers (Course authors and mentors), and also clearly classifies the types of smart incentives with the possibility of merging in chain. Roadmap and a Bold vision for the BitDegree platform We practice agile development and therefore carefully plan for the immediate goals and draw general plans for the future according to the vision that we want to achieve. We share the motto of Jeff Bezos – “We are stubborn on vision but flexible on details”. We see at least 3 essential stages of platform development. We have clear plans for v1, however, what will happen in v2 and v3 will depend on the lessons learned in v1. We follow core guiding principles for the platform design: 1. decentralization, 2. transparency, 3. inclusion, 4. sustainability, 5. growth, 6. disruption. We will use these principles when deciding on the strategic direction of the platform and new functionalities. Bitdegree platform benefits Also, the founders identify the main advantages of their product in relation to competitors in the market. People behind BitDegree The team is comprised of multi-skilled professionals that have worked with each other in various capacities and became friends. This joins the project that everyone in the team is highly passionate about. This is the time when everyone dreams big and goes big. Most of the team has already worked together scaling solutions that reached millions of users and stumbled upon the need to educate them, whereas some others have worked on the educational initiatives experience, which can be directly applied to BitDegree. Andrius Putna, CEO, co-founder 11 years in software engineering. Blockchain advocate. Person behind the success of 000webhost - world’s first and biggest free cloud hosting platform designed for learning, testing and experimenting. Hostinger product architect Danielius Stasiulis, CBO, co-founder Head of Startup Division at Civitta (7 years) - the leading management consulting firm in Eastern Europe. Advised 300+ startups and worked with many startup programs, including Berkeley Skydeck in Silicon Valley. He focuses on ICO and blockchain-based business models. Ervinas Rimdeika, CLO, co-founder Ervinas is a FinTech fan and has extensive practice in related fields of corporate, intellectual property and business transaction law questions as well. He worked not only at a few well-known law firms, but also at one of the largest company’s group in Lithuania and Baltic States. In previous years Ervinas Rimdeika was a member of one of the top raising Baltics FinTech startups and reached impressive results, where Lithuanian Supreme Court changed case-law and formed new interpretation rules on financial lease and other matters. Clients and colleagues especially value Ervinas Rimdeika for deep 34 legal knowledge, critical and strategic thinking, in-depth analysis of the problems as well as rational approach. Rio Asatiani, CMO, co-founder With more than 14 years of experience in effective customer acquisition, working with new brands and startup launches, Rio is a growth-hacking guru & Google Certified Partner who led 000webhost and Hostinger to an international success in more than 40 countries by attracting 29+ millions of new users. He joined the BitDegree project having a strong vision in innovative acquisition channels and solid experience in growth-hacking. Rio ensures the success of BitDegree on an international level. Darius Rugevičius, Partner in Prime Block Capital Investment Fund Darius is experienced in building successful technology based businesses, having sold two of his previous start-ups inthepast 4 years alone. Usinghis skills toimplement effectivemarketing strategies, propel execution, and meet deadlines, he has assisted companies operating in the blockchain, fintech, robotics and biotech sectors. In the past year Darius has worked with numerous blockchain projects, helping them to develop successful strategies, networking, and outcomes. Advisors Jeff Burton, Serial Entrepreneur, co-founder of Electronic Arts Global technology executive, keynote speaker, and a Silicon Valley veteran, Jeff was a founding team member of Electronic Arts, where he oversaw the global expansion of its operations. Jeff has high-level connections in Silicon Valley and around the world that he is using to help startups like BitDegree. Jeff developed U C Berkeley’s Skydeck startup accelerator and is currently involved in helping startups around the world to grow and scale into the Silicon Valley. Jeff is an experienced, dedicated contributor who believes in BitDegree and wants to help. Roberto Santana, Product and Strategy Advisor, Former Senior Manager at Coursera Entrepreneur and Former Product Management Growth Lead at Coursera. Roberto played a role in helping Coursera scale to a global level and acquire over 27 million learners worldwide. Roberto is Stanford MBA with 3 engineering degrees in computer science and design. His exceptional engineering and technical knowledge has led him to scale several startups by managing the project and business development, including San Francisco-based Zendesk, where he helped grow number of paying customers by 60%. Prior to his work in the Valley, Roberto was a Senior Engineer with Shell, where he led cross-functional team responsible for the delivery of products that accounted for $400M in refinery revenues. Maurice De Hond, Steve JobsSchool Founder, Personalized Learning Advisor A successful entrepreneur and founder of Steve JobsSchool - a modern elementary school concept designed to see each child as an individual and nurture him based on his strengths and interests. This learning model quickly became successful and is already adopted in more than 35 schools in the Netherlands. Being the pioneer of innovative learning ensures the implementation of modern educational solutions on the Bitdegree platform on the long term that will establish a solid foundation for IT passionate people to reach their full potential. James K. Scarborough, Stanford University PhD., Gamification Advisor Currently a candidate for PhD. at Stanford University, James main focus is to deeply engage players for the purpose of increasing workplace, classroom, and similar forms of individual and teambased productivity. He is currently involved in projects assessing the effects of real social interaction in virtual spaces concerning primarily energy efficiency behaviors, gender and culture specific responses, and the physiological impact of social interactions in goal-oriented game environments. Having a profound experience in gamification and working with companies that created such games as Tetris, Civilization, Falcon Flight Simulator, led him to joining the BitDegree team and assures a deeply engaging environment of the platform on the long term. Arnas Stuopelis, COO, co-founder Arnas is the CEO of Hostinger. Prior to taking the role of the CEO, for 6 years Arnas was responsible for business development at Hostinger. He successfully expanded Hostinger on a global level as well as played an important role when creating one of the most successful web hosting brands in Indonesia - Niagahoster.co.id. With his profound entrepreneurship skills and a solid experience in business development, Arnas knows how to scale a project to global success. Ričardas Pocius, Technical advisor Ricardas is a passionate distributed systems engineer who enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with others. Determined to keep magic out of the systems. Organizer of Erlang workshop/ meetup in Vilnius,LT. And now we turn to the description ICO. TOKEN TYPE Utility TOKEN SYMBOL BDG EXCHANGE RATE 1 ETH = 10,000 BDG* MAXIMUM GOAL ~30,000 ETH* TOKENS IN TOTAL 660 million ACCEPTED CURRENCIES ETH (all other - via Tokenlot) * may change due to exchange rate changes. Education expands the boundaries of your opportunities. Join! For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://www.bitdegree.org/en/token#top · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2214321.0 · Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/bitdegree.org/ · Twitter:https://twitter.com/bitdegree_org · Telegram: https://t.me/bitdegree · WhitePaper: https://www.bitdegree.org/white-paper.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
  14. Hi, crypto-guys! All statements by critics that bitcoin is a bubble, crumble. one of the confirmation of this project Globitex. Its chairman is Jon Matonis - Monetary Economist. Founding Director at Bitcoin Foundation. CEO of Hushmail. Startup Team at RSA's VeriSign. Chief Currency Dealer at VISA. For many, distrust of bitcoin was caused by the fact that it does not have any real value. But Globitex is designed to bring bitcoin to commodity markets and make it a settlement facility on its stock exchange platform. For this, a four-stage plan was developed. Bitcoin Spot Exchange Globitex is an institutional grade Bitcoin exchange, with unrivalled API capabilities for direct market access. The project has received over EUR 1,000,000 in venture capital funding with the aim of building a Bitcoin exchange that reflected the team’s vision of how an exchange should work in terms of connectivity, matching, settlement and reporting. Today you can trade Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash against Euros on the Globitex exchange. GBX token sale is organised in order to scale the existing Globitex exchange infrastructure to the necessary industrial trading level, with a capacity to accommodate standardised money markets and commodities listings. The token sale is interned for the business development goals divided into three parts, enabling the team to use the proceeds in order to achieve the goals set forth. Spot FX and REPO This will involve business development efforts for establishing additional banking relationships with bank partners around the globe and across the currency spectrum. This will also involve the undertaking of a thorough security and business evaluation, including development of extensions for the payment system based on the highest security standards before adding other cryptocurrencies as trading instruments on Globitex. By allowing Globitex clients to lend to each other with REPO, or standardised maturities repurchase agreement based instruments, Globitex clients will be able to use the borrowed funds for leveraging their trading; the loans will be made available as collateralised debt instruments, which can also be used for purposes outside of the exchange. This, in turn, will create a money market for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and thereby establish market based interest rates. Globitex will expand its core system level functionality to implement FX margin trading based on the peer-to-peer lending principle. Furthermore, to allow currency REPO instruments, a new risk module will also need to be implemented. Globitex will introduce commodities trading in bitcoin, starting with deliverable spot gold. Gold is an obvious choice to begin with, as Bitcoin itself is dubbed “digi- tal gold”. Globitex will develop order book and distribution channels for gold bought on Globitex against bitcoin. Scale spot FX, where Bitcoin can be traded vs. major fiat and other cryptocurrencies Implement FX margin trading ability - REPO List precious metals spot contracts Money Markets and Derivatives Aggregate the leading interest rate markets for Bitcoin margin lending, including the one developed by Globitex at stage I, in order to form a tradable interest rate product. Name it “BIBOR” (Bitcoin Inter-Broker Offered Rate) and offer BIBOR futures trading, thereby setting the standard reference rate for the Bitcoin economy capital markets. Furthermore, expanding to money markets in other cryptocurrencies based on market appetite. At this stage, business development and various partnerships will have positioned Globitex to reference the existing USD based markets. By using traditional futures markets pricing in commodities, we shall begin using Bitcoin at the scale needed for global trade by synthetically forming derivative instruments in commodities, paired with FX market developed in Stage I. These instruments will be listed in standardised maturities and settled in Bitcoin. We will begin by implementing precious metals cash settled futures trading and follow up with other commodities. By further developing IT infrastructure and risk management, the Globitex exchange will be able to accommodate options listings in commodities, FX and money markets thereby linking Bitcoin to global trade at all levels of derivatives. Create cryptocurrency-to-fiat and cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency based futures, swaps and options to be used as financial instruments for hedging, investing and speculating purposes. Develop Bitcoin money markets - BIBOR List cash settled commodity futures and options List cryptocurrency futures, swaps and options Deliverable Commodity Derivatives Aggregate various groups of commodities, listed in the previous stage, as cash settled futures, such as energy, grains, industrial metals, precious metals, softs, livestock, into a Bitcoin priced index. Such index would reflect Globitex and other exchange listed commodities value in Bitcoin. The index would have a specific weight for each commodity group. The index would first serve the purpose of a reference price, and may later form the bases for a tradable index futures product. Name the index Globitex Commodity index “GCOM” and prepare to offer GCOM futures trading. The previously established Bitcoin settled derivatives need to be made deliverable physically in kind. Futures will become available for physical delivery. Starting with a precious metals spot market and integrating in existing precious metals distribution channels, we shall allow a standard commodity kind to be delivered and deliverable in exchange as a collateral in some pre-agreed form. Globitex will work on specific form for certificates of ownership - warehouse receipts in the form of tokens, which may be tracked and verified on a public blockchain. For commodities such as non-perishable energy products or industrial metals, which can be stored in warehouses for long time periods, we shall rely on the existing warehouse infrastructure, be it the established warehouses used by existing exchanges or other private warehouses complying with the common delivery standards, to allow other liquid derivative instruments to be physically deliverable. Similarly for consumables, we shall partner with existing wholesalers offering FOB (free on board) or CIF (cost insurance freight) commodities for purchase with Bitcoin and delivery in kind at designated ports and warehouses. List Bitcoin priced Globitex commodity index - GCOM Enable precious metals futures contracts to be physically deliverable Further develop warehousing infrastructure and expand spot commodities All that we have been dreaming about for so long is attracting the money supply from the largest financial institutions, creating a commodity base,financial instruments using bitcoin as metrics and unit of account. And directly about the sale of the token that will be used in this system. GBX Token Specs: The time of globalization, the time to join! For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://www.globitexico.com/ · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2257519.0 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/globitex/ · Twitter: https://twitter.com/globitex_ · Telegram: https://t.me/globitex · WhitePaper: https://www.globitexico.com/wp.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.
  15. Hi, crypto-guys! Today we have a lesson on how to make the right investments. What makes an investment venture company successful? In other words, we are talking about an investment strategy. So, let's begin: Where to invest, where not to invest. Pulsar invests in companies that leverage the power of data to create new market­leading platforms, tools, and analytics that are inherently disruptive and have network effect. We source the deal­flow from our acceleration program and partners network. The goal for our acceleration program participants is to access the global market, raise funding, and find a strategic partners within 180 days program. We focus on the companies that are in need of early stage funding. As a classic venture fund we provide 157% annual return on average to our investors. We anticipate generating up to 920% return on investment over the life of the fund from our investments and exits from more than 50 portfolio companies. Thanks to our advisors and business analysts who follow the global market trends and innovation, we are able to predict which startups from Eastern Europe will have the highest potential of growth in the next 3­5 years and choose to work with them. Diversification Pulsar’s planned investment strategy will allocate funds between Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, IT, Hardware and Advanced Materials in a total of up to 30 investments. We plan on the following investment allocation schedule: Reducing risks and accelerating the growth of portfolio companies. ACCELERATION PROGRAM. Our key asset in sourcing early stage deal flow and developing our portfolio companies into successful companies is our own International Acceleration program. The program is bridging innovation, expertise, advisors and venture capital in global markets. The program provides, top notch companies from Eastern Europe, seed funding and extensive support with business development from industry experts, mentors, advisors and investors. Pulsar’s acceleration program not only targets new entrants into the market, but it serves as a development tool for our own portfolio companies. We put a great deal of thought and strategy into a multifaceted program that not only uses the classical “bootcamp” approach to acceleration but also our “individual” approach to each company. The individual approach is used as a development tool for companies and the acceleration program is adapted towards the specific needs of each company. Where to take your profits. Exits ­ Sale of Portfolio Companies Over the years Pulsar built a very strong network of M&A partners globally (strategic corporations and enterprises) who are looking for new technologies and talent to expand their corporate offerings. Pulsar is working closely with the innovation teams and corporate development to learn about their needs and gaps, sources the right investments in startups that will be a fit to be acquired in a short term. Insider knowledge and strong relationships allow Pulsar to strategically invest and exit earlier than other VCs. Some of our notable past exits: As you managed to notice all these components are present at the company PULSAR VENTURE CAPITAL LIMITED. So you can participate in the ICO started November 13, 2017 at 0:13 AM PT. PULSAR TOKEN CROWDSALE The Fund - Pulsar Venture Capital Limited, a limited company organized under the laws of Isle of Man Tokens Issued - Pulsar Tokens (“Pulsars”) will be offered for sale; issued on Ethereum blockchain ICO Cap - $30,000,000US Duration of ICO - Thirty days after the start of the ICO Minimum Contribution - 0.1 ETH or its equivalent in other means Preliminary token price for ICO - 1 Pulsar = $1.00US Bonus Staging - Bonuses will decrease progressively from 15% to 0%, as follows: 15% - Week 1 10% - Week 2 5% - Week 3 3% - Week 4 Token Proceeds Allocation - $1,750,000 will be distributed to the previous investors/team members for their 50% share in the existing 29 portfolio companies. The remaining proceeds from the Pulsars will be allocated as follows: 80% - Portfolio investments 15% - Operational expenses, including management fees 5% - ICO-related expenses, including bounty payments Token Buyback - Within sixty days of each disposition of a Portfolio investment or receipt of any dividend distribution from a Portfolio investment that is an existing Portfolio Company, (the “Existing Portfolio Proceeds”), the Fund will apply 50% of the Existing Portfolio Proceeds to the buyback of Pulsars at the then current market price and distribute the other 50% of the Existing Portfolio Proceeds to the previous investors. Within sixty days of each disposition of a Portfolio investment or receipt of any dividend distribution from a Portfolio investment that is not an existing Portfolio Company, (the “New Portfolio Proceeds”), the Fund will first apply 75% of the New Portfolio Proceeds to the buyback of the Pulsars at the then current market price and retain 25% as its success fee (“Success Fee”). Clawback - In the event that upon termination of the life of the Fund, the aggregate Success Fee exceeds 25% of the net profit of the Fund, the Fund will apply the excess Success Fee to the buyback of the Pulsars. Invest competently, together with a team of professionals from PULSAR VENTURE CAPITAL LIMITED. For more information, please visit Link: · Web-site: https://pulsarico.com/index.html · ANN bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2258328 · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pulsarventurecapital/ · Twitter: https://twitter.com/pulsarvc · Telegram: https://t.me/pulsarvc · WhitePaper: https://pulsarico.com/assets/pdf/PulsarWhitePaper.pdf This article was created by Tktktk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1119627 The article is published for participation in the marketing program. Investments in the crypto currency are high-risk. Never buy cryptocurrency for the amount you are not ready to lose.

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