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  1. What ROI can I expect if I'll mine using Wattum hashpower?
  2. I mine using hashpower from https://wattum.io/, they provides quality mining software and efficient maintenance of its data centers, located at USA and Canada. They are legal and I checked their technical support, they work quickly.
  3. I had experience with several mining services, and all of them have their pros and cons. Genesis mining - new mining farms, large coverage, but they have some problems with withdrawal and support last 6 month. Wattum.io - advanced equipment, daily payments, high ROI, data-centers - USA and Canada, quickly technical support. Hashing24 - newest technologies and large-scale industrial data centers from your laptop or mobile phone, but only one, but they offer only contracts for bitcoin mining, only btc. .
  4. ICO - we have to read white paper and road map
  5. Thank's admins and creators for cool forum!
  6. It's my first time here on this forum. Hope I will be happy to be here and it will be interesting and useful
  7. clearly need to study and consult with specialists and thoroughly study both white paper and the team and the bounty company

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