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  1. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    Here's a theory. Right now, I am connected to "ON BOARD" video and maybe that is hanging me up. I've tried connecting through the graphics cards but I con't get any output. I may have not found GPU_0 though... What slot would that be on? The x16 PCI slot or the first x1 PCI slot? Thanks, neech
  2. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    UPDATE: I've been running for over 36 hours stable with 13 cards...Still not sure why the UI will not load. Another miner hiccup is that when I go to the ethos link for my worker, it says none of the GPU's are active when I can clearly see that they are. This service must load with or after the UI. neech
  3. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    UPDATE: I installed my new power supplies and I got some promising results: The GUI is still not loading which was disappointing, however, the system is running and mining on all 13 cards. I am not sure if this is a huge problem or not. Does anyone know if there is a log file on ethOS, and how to get it? Thanks, neech
  4. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    Did you start a support ticket with ASRock? I am thinking about doing that... I have two EVGA 1600 WATTS on order. If that doesn't clear up my issues I am going to start a ASRock support ticket. neech
  5. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    Did they all work in windows?
  6. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    Did you try Windows? Just trying to rule out hardware...
  7. 13 GPU Mining Rig - HELP!

    I think power is at the root of my problem. I have three rosewill 1000 glacier semi-module watt power supplies. The trouble is, with the connectors I have to double up on PCI and SATA cables for the GPU and risers. Could this be causing stability issues? I've insulated the motherboard side of the risers with some e-tape - but no improvement. So, I don't think they are shorting out on the motherboard side. I am running out of ideas. Thanks, neech
  8. noob question - zcash wallet

    I just want to be clear, the ethos mining rig and windows desktop are separate computers.
  9. I installed zcash wallet on my windows desktop computer. Can I use the address on this wallet on my ethos mining rig? Or, does ethos have it's own "hot" wallet? Thanks, neech
  10. I have built a new rig for mining crypto-currency and I am having stability issues. Here are my specs: Motherboard: ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ GPUS: 13 RX580 OS: EthOS CPU: Intel i3 Miner: Claymore-Zcash What's currently happening: The OS will only fully boot with 9 cards connected to it. It doesn't matter which of the unconnected cards that I connect as the 10th, the results are the same. When the 10th card is connected, I get output on the screen connected to onboard DVI and the text on the screen says it detected 10 of my RX 580 cards. However, before it goes into the "GUI" the text blinks a few times on the screen and hangs there. Then, the GPU's fire up and start mining. There is still no UI on the screen, but I can SSH into the machine and see that only 9 of the GPU cards are mining. Like I said, no matter what card I put in as the 10th the results are the same. I am thinking this is something in either my BIOS settings that I am missing? This is from the Ethos guide for intel boards with my notes: Upon boot, go into the motherboard bios and set the following options (set as many of these options as you can find): set VTd INTEL VIRTUALIZATION to DISABLE. - DONE. set ONBOARD AUDIO/SOUND (AZALIA) to DISABLE. - DONE. set IEEE1394 to DISABLE. - COULD NOT FIND THIS IN THE BIOS. set PCI-E SUBSYSTEM/LANES to x8/x4/x4 - COULD NOT FIND THIS IN THE BIOS set ONBOARD GRAPHICS to DISABLE. - DONE, HOWEVER, I CAN'T GET ANYTHING OUT OF THE SCREENS WHEN CONNECTED TO GPU CARDS set PCI-E GENERATION to GEN2. - DID THIS BUT THEN SET IT BACK TO AUTO (DIDN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE EITHER WAY) Some of the boots I did previously, the power supply shut down unexpectedly. Could my load be unbalanced? Would that cause stability issues? Thanks in advanced for the help. neech

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