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  1. You can now embed coinhive pool's miner in your site - data-key and data-user specified in links section (they are visible after logging in, because they are different for each user). It works like a standard coinhive embedding, but you receive rewards from my pool.
  2. Tron withdraws now automatical too. Here is tron sending script: https://github.com/sau412/coinhive_pool/blob/master/send_rewards_tron.php It works every 30 minutes.
  3. I did the coinhive pool, where you can mine monero with coinhive (in browser) and receive rewards in altcoins. Main difference between my project and other projects with coinhive are lower payout fees and withdraw amounts. You can claim any amount above payout fee. Sample: for dogecoin payout fee is 1 DOGE. You can mine 1.01 DOGE, and receive 0.01 DOGE. Current altcoin list: banano, bitcoin, burstcoin, digibyte, dogecoin electroneum, gas, byteball, gridcoin, garlicoin, litecoin, nano, reddcoin, tron, stellar, monero, ripple. Currently withdraws takes up to 24 hours, except for burstcoin and gridcoin. They are withdrawing in 30 minutes. I'm working on automatisation. Also I could add any coin you want. But there is some requirements: Coin should have exchange rate somewhere, and bid/ask should not be very different Payout fee should not be very big on exchange Somebody should withdraw that coin at least mounthly Links: Pool itself https://hivepool.arikado.ru/ Github: https://github.com/sau412/coinhive_pool Steemit post with more instructions and details - link
  4. I wrote opensourced gridcoin pool from scratch. Welcome to use it. URL: https://grc.arikado.ru/ Rewards are sent when pool's wallet stakes, usually it takes from 2 to 5 days. Currently PoS coins will be also distributed with DPoR coins. In simple words that means slighly bigger rewards at my expense. Pool changing notice: 1) your rewards on previous pool will be fall, and your rewards on this pool will grow (that takes time) 2) when changing pools you should delete all projects from previous pool, then sync with your next pool Also github: https://github.com/sau412/arikado_gridcoin_pool
  5. Hello, I'm new to BOINC and gridcoin, can you help me with starter coins? S84oWKjbud1vcyft9dy5EAXpLzoNnfnBWY

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