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  1. VINstuff #21 (September 10 - September 16) Dear VINchain community, It’s our favorite time of the week again already, when we get to share our progress with our stellar community. We’ve been focused on the development of our website and the system itself and have exciting updates in the works. Thanks to the support of our community our journey is sure to be successful. Check out our video with today's announcements: https://youtu.be/yJmUx7BVKIE Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinstuff-21-sep-10-sep-16/242
  2. Special announcement - The VINchain block explorer is live on our website! Dear VINchain community, We’re delighted to announce that we’ve launched VINchain Block Explorer and it is currently accessible on our website. We’re constantly working to develop our system and it’s the highlight of our week when we have progress like this to share. Ok so all of this sounds exciting, but what is a block explorer? Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/special-announcement-the-vinchain-block-explorer-is-live-on-our-website/241
  3. VINstuff #20 (September 3 - September 9) Dear VINchain community, We’re excited to share our 20th weekly update and are grateful to have the opportunity to engage with our supportive community. Our partnerships continue to expand while our talented team is hard at work to propel our growth across the United States. We’re committed to our vision of disrupting the automotive industry and each week grow closer to our goal, onward and upward! Check out our video with today's announcements: https://youtu.be/-_380heJnbw Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinstuff-20-september-3-september-9/240
  4. VINchain Partners with TrustedCars FLEX Dear VINchain community, We’re delighted to announce another thrilling partnership with TrustedCars Flex (https://www.trustedcars.com/), continuing our mission to join forces with likeminded companies disrupting the automotive industry. TrustedCars Flex introduces a new paradigm of car usage by offering an all-inclusive weekly payment to access available inventory at participating car dealerships. Sign up on the app, pick your car, drive it for as long as you want or swap it for another at any time—all while avoiding the need for long-term contracts and fixed costs. They utilize Ethereum blockchain to power their token, ensuring payments are secure and verifiable. Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinchain-partners-with-trustedcars-flex/239
  5. Big Day for VINchain - We’ve Joined GAVDA! We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined the Global Alliance for Vehicle Data Access (GAVDA) - https://gavda.org. Consisting of a large group of global stakeholders, GAVDA is united by the common goal of maintaining motor vehicle owners’ control over personal and vehicle-generated data. User control of data is central to our platform and we’re happy to be able to contribute and unify with other thought leaders around our shared vision. Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/big-day-for-vinchain-weve-joined-gavda/238
  6. VINstuff #19 (August 27 - September 2) Dear VINchain community, We’re excited to continue our growth into the fall and hope autumn finds you all well. Even though it seems like our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was just last week, we have months of growth under our belts since. We’re excited to announce another week of development with the end of summer and more opportunities on the horizon and we’re as grateful as ever to have the support of a wonderful community. Check out our video with today's announcements: https://youtu.be/2Ptmq-XEBLE Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinstuff-19-august-27-september-2/237
  7. Meet Our New Partner - UnbiasedAuto! We’re glad to announce a new partnership with UnbiasedAuto personal car buying service (https://www.unbiasedauto.com). They’ve earned a strong reputation for their services by making car buying cheaper and easier than ever. Their success begins with a passionate and talented team working together to deliver their vision. We’re happy to count their specialists among our ranks and look forward to a beneficial partnership. Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/meet-our-new-partner-unbiasedauto/236
  8. VINstuff #18 (August 20 - August 26) Dear VINchain community, With every week that passes we have more exciting developments to share with our incredible community. VINchain is continuing our evolution across all facets of our offerings. We have been attracting new people to our already expansive team of advisors while presenting VINchain’s benefits to dealerships, manufacturers and other potential partners. We’re glad to say that every day our reach grows while making vision becomes more of a reality. Check out our video with today's announcements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3r1uwNVP3U&feature=youtu.be Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinstuff-18-august-20-august-26/235
  9. Interview with Donald Harris - VP of Financial Planning and Analysis, Sonic Automotive. We are happy to present our latest interview with one of our trusted advisers, Donald Harris. Donald is currently the Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Sonic Automotive, a Fortune 500 publicly traded automotive retailer. In this interview Donald explains what he thinks about the VINchain project and what the future might hold for the automotive industry as a whole. He speaks about previous experiences during his career and how he is applying it now to VINchain. We are glad to have Don as a team member and are excited to let you know more about such a great partnership! The video is available right now so check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAMl2pw29Rc
  10. VINstuff #17 (August 13 - August 19) As another week rolls by we have more pleasant updates coming your way. We are hard at work to bring our vision into reality, constantly developing our products and finding new partners to join us on our journey. We love sharing our progress with you and appreciate your being part of our development, as none of this would be possible without you! Check out the video with today's announcements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amrPD0oPsf4&feature=youtu.be Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinstuff-17-august-13-august-19/234
  11. IDAX Trading Winners Announced! Dear VINchain community, Our VIN token trading campaign on IDAX was a resounding success in generating volume and has come to an end. During the event, we offered a staggering 1 million VIN tokens to the top 50 real-name traders with the highest basic trading volume over 15 days. Those qualifying should check personal accounts for your rewards. Keep in mind that in cases in which basic trading volume was not reached 10% of the reward was given. Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/idax-trading-winners-announced/233
  12. VinInspect hosts VINchain certified reports! Dear VINchain community, We’re grateful to count VinInspect as one of our valuable partners and are excited to announce that they’ve successfully implemented our blockchain system. The automotive industry is changing rapidly and is ripe to be disrupted by new technologies like VINchain. VinInspect adopting and demonstrating the power of the VINchain blockchain is an important step in our timeline of expanding in the United States and globally. As we expand our partnerships and they implement our vision, we get closer every day to revolutionizing the automotive industry as a whole. Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vininspect-hosts-vinchain-certified-reports/230
  13. VinInspect Fully Integrated VINchain! Dear VINchain community, We have Amazing news coming your way. We’re overjoyed to present to you our first live and fully integrated partnership! Starting on August 7th Consumers will have the opportunity to request VINchain approved information via our partnering website. (https://www.vininspect.com/en ). You will have the convenience of ordering a vehicle report via VINchain tokens. Each report will have the VINchain blockchain verification guarantee - so you as the consumer can rest assured that it’s worthy of your trust! Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vininspect-fully-integrated-vinchain/229
  14. Help us shape the future of VINchain! Dear VINchain community, As it was mentioned in our white paper we are creating a system where all information about a vehicle will be evaluated according to the rating of importance. That is why we would like to ask you what information you value the most. Your opinion is important to us and that's why we ask you to help us out and fill out a brief survey. This will help us understand what information you value the most when purchasing your car! Start survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z97B5NM This is a 29 question form that will take about 5 minutes to complete. Please rate each question on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is not important and 10 is very important) Thank you all so much for your time, your feedback, and your participation. Your input will help shape our internal system logic, and your contribution will ultimately change the face of the automotive landscape. Let’s create an awesome system, so we can all revolutionize the automotive industry together!
  15. VINstuff #15 (July 30 - August 5) Dear VINchain community, Another week has gone by and it's been 15 weeks today since we have finished our ICO. We can not be happier to share this amazing journey with us! As you all know we are constantly working on the development of the system and hope that you are ready for the project to show its full potential! We are extremely joyful to have such a wonderful and strong community, that are interested in our project and the bright future that stands ahead of us. Thank you so much for being with us from the start and let's reach the moon together! As always please leave your comments down below as we really value the feedback from our community! Check out the video with today's announcements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL3O5_JvEcU Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinstuff-15-july-30-august-5/227

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