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  1. Hi Vaz I had wondered if that was the case from what else I had read. I just thought it was strange that the transaction were showing and confirmed. Perhaps I was wrong and they weren't both POR but one was proof of steak and the other research. Anyway neither of them are there now! But thanks for your advice. I will just keep running BOINC and sit back and wait. I might looking into buying some coins to get me started as an investment. The original 280 coins I got from mining verium reserve for a short while and exchanging online which seemed to work fine. Thanks for your help so far, im sure ill have more questions in time.
  2. HI all, First Post on here. I have looked through quite a few posts to see if my issue has been discussed before and if there is already a solution out there but although there are some similar issues I couldn't find anything that sounded the same, but sorry if its a stupid question. I have been using Gridcoin and BOINC for over a month now, have a balance of some 280 GRC and a magnitude of 8. I have my wallet on a rPi3 and let it stake 24/7. I noticed on Sunday evening my first stake was showing in the wallet, staking 200 GRC. Also it showed 2 POR incoming transactions, one confirmed, 1 unconfirmed both for one point something coins. I should have taken a screen shot as I was very excited to receive my first payouts! I switched off the screen and left it running. I went back to it last night (Monday) and it wasn't showing as staking anymore and both POR transaction had vanished. It wasn't that they weren't in my balance or that they had transfered in and back out again, but simply that they weren't showing at all, like I had imagined them. I hadn't switched my Pi off, or closed my wallet between the two periods. It was on all the time and everything was on screen just as I had left it. Only I have access to my Pi, it is password protected and the wallet was only unlocked for staking. I had wondered if the wallet was just having an issue as the Pi isnt that powerful, the ram and cpu use is always quite high so I suspended BOINC and exited from the Gridcoin wallet. The reopened the Gridcoin wallet to let it re sync etc, hoping that it was just a glitch but it still didn't shown any of the transactions or stake. I am quite new to this still and I know everything takes time but I thought I was there, I could se my first stake and my first POR rewards but they have since vanished. I am not at the Pi at the moment so cant list ras / cpid's or check the debug at the moment but will gladly list anything that you think will help in answering my question of vanishing transactions and stakes. I look forward to your suggestions / help. Thanks in Advance.

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