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  1. The only thing that worked for me in the end was to backup my wallet file, wallet backup folder and my config file. Completely uninstall and remove the gridcoin folder. In the configure I then increased the maxconnections=250 and maxoutboundconnections=25. Initially I added all the addnodes but that didn't help as I think a lot of them were on forks so I had lots of connections but all the blocks I got were ophaned. So I just kept gridcoin.us and grcpool.com. Finally I reinstalled gridcoin and copied my wallet, wallet backup and config file back in and started gridcoin and started to let it sync from zero. I then shut it down and deleted everything bar my wallet, wallet backup and config file again and downloaded the snapshot file and put this in my gridcoin folder. Unfortunately the official snapshot didn't work for me, it got stuck at the same block 1150447 so I found a trusted snapshot from another source that was past my problem block at 1151001 and from there I synced back up and all is good. I'm not sure which part of that was the cure but I did all that and it worked. I had previously tried just removing the files and using the snapshot and it didn't work but when I did all the tinkering in that order it works ok.
  2. Hiya I gave that a go at block 1150000 then when I input the reorganize command gridcoin did freezer, but it crashed out. A bad sign I assume. I have reopened and checked the log and it shows failed. "Chain index may be corrupt. Aborting. Please reindex the chain and restart" how would I go about that? This is with a fresh install and the official snapshot.
  3. Hi all I have recently been through all the 3.7.5 issues and installed 3.7.7 and added the new snapshot to try and resync but I'm having a headache. I'm running Ubuntu mate on a raspberry pi 3. Kernel 4.4.38. all including gridcoin and bound are up to date. Yet my gridcoin client has been offline and out of date since 3.7.7 was released. I am stuck at syncing block 1150447. My debug log is full of orphan block, reject too old aversion=8 and check proof of stake failed for block messages. I have tried completely uninstalling gridcoin and deleting the folder. Reinstalling, dropping in my config and wallet files and the snapshot but I still get stuck at 1150. Also tried repair wallet, download blocks and rebuild block chain commands to no avail. In some desperate need of help.
  4. Head up to all and any in the same positions as me. Gridcoin 3.7.7 for arm is up and ready to be installed. You also need to load in a snapshot of the correct block. I have just got it downloaded and upgraded and am letting it sync. Still getting a lot of errors in the debug about orphaned blocks etc and for me the sun is going slow but it hasn't crashed yet so thats a massive leap in the right direction.
  5. Hi Thanks just seen it, I had been keeping an eye on that thread. I will give it a go upgrading and using the snapshot etc and update on here how it all goes. Just tried to run: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gridcoin/gridcoin-stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gridcoinresearch-qt It doesn't install anything as it says the version I have is already the newest? Yet when I go to the launchpad it does show 3.7.7 as available? I did notice that when I run "sudo apt-get update" the PPA for grid coin is listed as looking at "http://ppa.launchpad.net/gridcoin/gridcoin-stable/ubuntu xenial InRelease" not "http://ppa.launchpad.net/gridcoin/gridcoin-stable/ubuntu xenial main" Any thoughts? Just checked the packages waiting to build and the arm version of is still there so I just have to wait just a little longer.
  6. I was just checking my debug log for grid coin and there doesn't appear to be anything recording a crash or shutdown but I am getting a lot of "CheckBlock Failed" and "bad beacon contract found in tx" messages.
  7. Hi I started the next topic "strange behaviour in 3.7.5 wallet under linux" Didn't realise until later that I am having the same / similar issue to what you both are reporting. I can open the grid coin wallet gui and it does sin the block chain although I'm pretty sure I'm on a weak fork then some time later it crashes out. I remote in to my RPI 3 via team viewer so I as yet haven't sat and watched to see how long / when it crashes. But thought Id chime in here in case anyone has a fix. Im assuming at this point with all the chatter that is going on her that the fix may well be wait for 3.7.6 Is it worth a fresh install or trying to revert back to 3.7.4 or something lower?
  8. Hi all I'm running Ubuntu mate on a pi3 with gridcoin staking 24/7. I have been running gridcoin for a few months now and hadn't updated the client from 3.6 something since I first started. I saw that the recent fork or forks required you to be on 3.7 or higher so I updated yesterday by just running the PPA install through terminal. I didn't uninstall the old one or delete anything. Took a wallet and config file backup just in case. I see there are still fork issues so I won't panic that my wallet is in and out of sync and seems to be staking rapidly and just received a 100 grc por payment! My issue now is that my wallet on the main page shows a client message of offline, it correctly lists my RAC and CPID. The debug console also shows all my projects and the correct CPID and reports no problems. The config file hasn't changed and still has my cpid in it. But the new diagnostic window states 'find CPID' and 'verify CPID' as failed? It also shows 'CPID in neural network' as failed and 'TCP port 32749' as failed. I know I'm in the network and I know the port is open. I tried to open it again and it confirmed it was already open. What's up with all the conflicting info, is the diagnostic window incorrect? Or do I indeed have a problem and how can I verify? Should I uninstall and delete the gridcoin folder. Reinstall and copy in my wallet and config file? Or... Stay put and wait? Edit: it also appears my wallet crashes too. Just logged back into my pi and the wallet was closed everything else was running fine so the pi 3 didn't crash or restart just gridcoin wallet shut.
  9. Thanks zedy44. Don't think I can afford at the moment to lay down another 1200 odd grc. I found this guide which has an interesting idea regarding leaving your pc with the wallet mining solo, but switch all other clients to work for the pool. Might try that! Since I use BAM manager for all my clients to avoid cpid problems, is there a way to use that to direct my clients to pool mine rather than setting each client individually? Or is it more faf than it's worth? Thanks again
  10. Hiya all. Just after people thought on this one. I have been running boinc since October last year and have built up a Ballance of just over 850 grc and have a magnitude that wobbles between 8 and 10. The gridcoin wallet shows my likely time to stake varying between 5 and 13 days, it's shown that for the last 2 months yet I haven't staked. How does that Ballance and magnitude sound to everyone else, I know it's not massive but I would have thought I should have staked since I started in October? My problem is i have been waiting to steak in that promising 1-2week timeframe that gridcoin shows but it come and goes with nothing, so do I give up on solo mining and forgo any possible stake and therefore the proof of research payments that I have been building up but not been paid and just switch to pool mining? Any thoughts appreciated.
  11. Hi Vaz I had wondered if that was the case from what else I had read. I just thought it was strange that the transaction were showing and confirmed. Perhaps I was wrong and they weren't both POR but one was proof of steak and the other research. Anyway neither of them are there now! But thanks for your advice. I will just keep running BOINC and sit back and wait. I might looking into buying some coins to get me started as an investment. The original 280 coins I got from mining verium reserve for a short while and exchanging online which seemed to work fine. Thanks for your help so far, im sure ill have more questions in time.
  12. HI all, First Post on here. I have looked through quite a few posts to see if my issue has been discussed before and if there is already a solution out there but although there are some similar issues I couldn't find anything that sounded the same, but sorry if its a stupid question. I have been using Gridcoin and BOINC for over a month now, have a balance of some 280 GRC and a magnitude of 8. I have my wallet on a rPi3 and let it stake 24/7. I noticed on Sunday evening my first stake was showing in the wallet, staking 200 GRC. Also it showed 2 POR incoming transactions, one confirmed, 1 unconfirmed both for one point something coins. I should have taken a screen shot as I was very excited to receive my first payouts! I switched off the screen and left it running. I went back to it last night (Monday) and it wasn't showing as staking anymore and both POR transaction had vanished. It wasn't that they weren't in my balance or that they had transfered in and back out again, but simply that they weren't showing at all, like I had imagined them. I hadn't switched my Pi off, or closed my wallet between the two periods. It was on all the time and everything was on screen just as I had left it. Only I have access to my Pi, it is password protected and the wallet was only unlocked for staking. I had wondered if the wallet was just having an issue as the Pi isnt that powerful, the ram and cpu use is always quite high so I suspended BOINC and exited from the Gridcoin wallet. The reopened the Gridcoin wallet to let it re sync etc, hoping that it was just a glitch but it still didn't shown any of the transactions or stake. I am quite new to this still and I know everything takes time but I thought I was there, I could se my first stake and my first POR rewards but they have since vanished. I am not at the Pi at the moment so cant list ras / cpid's or check the debug at the moment but will gladly list anything that you think will help in answering my question of vanishing transactions and stakes. I look forward to your suggestions / help. Thanks in Advance.

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