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  1. It's really nice to see this thread always being updated. Much appreciated. My wallet hasn't changed since July last year, but I still always check the updates.
  2. It is our priority to provide proper legal documentation for our token purchasers and to uphold our reputation. The recent news over the Chinese Ban on ICO necessitated us to shift focus on revising all of our legal documentations.
  3. We need to skip ahead like 500 years to star trek and get past the next 50 years of DREDD......
  4. The first sync would work, then it would break. Reinstalling BOINC would allow me to sync once then it would break again.
  5. I agree, the time used for sync propagation is crucial. Atm, we do quite some costly computations in block acceptor rules, which further delays propagation on each single hop. Buterins article illustrates good reasons for choosing block intervals.

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