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  1. Hi Cryptocant, Anyone joining the project will receive due entitlement AND control. There is no catch involved with getting to know the project, our culture is so that everyone who participates should be duly assigned rights. Travelum currently amounts to a business case and a basic outline of functionality. Straight up, I worked the business case since two years ago with the support of two engineers. My achievements are in the field of business, verifiable. The others are both professionals with phenomenal formal qualifications and verifiable experience. That said, we miss the skills to code this thing and that has seen the project stall. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me again. You'll find a young project that needs programmers to become lean. The skill base we do have regards the fields of telecom, payment systems, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, finance (funding), commerce, professional project management. All my best. https://travelum.org/
  2. Seeking interest from the community to participate in Travelum. An early stage project, on Waves. I designed a business model some time ago to disrupt the travel industry & seek to share the concept with likeminded people, who are developers, to bring it to fruition. Aiming to build a grassroots community around it. Several of the crypto ventures in travel seem to try and hold on to the industry its centralization of purchasing power in some way. Who's out there doing the opposite? Wouldn't blockchain better serve to shift the power balance from intermediaries to consumers and origin service or product providers? Thanks guys.

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