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  1. This is a good coin for a good cause, I hope this one makes it.
  2. SYrjyN5UvPXudUq94qumYE796euV6QF4XW Thanks
  3. any way to solo this with wallet and my antiminer?
  4. We need to start trading this coins it needs to show some movement or the exchanges will drop us..Im buying and selling on swisscex we should all be doing the same to get the coin going.
  5. received my CTM this morning, thanks for all your help Bitsta!!
  6. Transaction id--> b5e043c8fe51bfabcb8c1c72806c812e27b5bcfdaedab16761a971753d1f2494-000 Status: 50 confirmations, broadcast through 3 nodes Date: 2/6/2014 09:27 To: CR6ZE9sVL2V9HHQLDrmou6AUN7kmp2Mqku Debit: -40000.00 CTM Net amount: -40000.00 CTM Transaction ID: b5e043c8fe51bfabcb8c1c72806c812e27b5bcfdaedab16761a971753d1f2494
  7. Yes using I received a reply from Swisscex. "Hi Thanks for your message and your patience. We just updated the CTM wallet 3 hours ago and it seems the issue remains. We are in contact with the developer as we can not spot any problems from our end. Kind regards Samantha Johnson Support www.swisscex.com" Just recived this so you might want to check with them.. Thanks
  8. Are we having issues again, I sent 40k coins to Swisscex 2 hours ago and no coins are showing up.
  9. Are we having issues again, I sent 40k coins to Swisscex 2 hours ago and no coins are showing up.
  10. Still mining haven't stopped .. http://imgur.com/SvSmMyX CR2mF69AcMYUvvuKD94HYmKQxVBMouKdYN

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